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The ; is the 29th letter of the Greco-Roman alphabet, followed closely by = and proceeding ! (a.k.a. WTF). It is a commonly known fact in the Falkland and Phoenix Islands that ; is the most awesome letter ever. The Falklanders have a saying, "; is sooooo much cooler than it's brother :, who is three years younger and is simply a second child, a punctuation".


For many years, ; was not officially recognized as a letter outside of the Falklands and the Phoenixs. Everybody else considered it a form of punctuation. It wasn't until the invention of the Typewriter and the QWERTY alphabet that it could finally grow up to be a real boy and become a letter (after all those years of aspiration) when, six days after the keyboard was introduced, some guy stood up in a newly-formed typing pool and was like, "Holy shit! Why the fuck is the semicolon on the home row?". This quote instantly became famous, and ; was officially announced by the Council of Trent (1886 meeting) as one of the 30 letters of the alphabet.

In popular culture[edit]

  • ; is used in many books, plays, newspaper articles, and term papers.
  • Jews have adopted ; as an honorary Rabbi in some portions of the Ukraine.
  • Have you noticed that songs never use ;? There is a reason. Superstition.
  • In Ernest Hemingway's The Old Man and the Sea ; is found in the shark as both it and the fish decompose along the side of the old man's boat.