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French Captured Acadia
Acadian.gif this space on hire
Flag Coat of Arms
Motto: "Parlez-Vous Français? "
Anthem: "Oui Oui"
Capital Nouveau Cannes
Largest city Louisbourg
Official language(s) Germantic-French
Government Mixed (Corruption)
President Pauline de LaToilette
National hero(es) Jeanne LaPoutine
 of Independence
March 19, 1731
-From France

July 23, 1803
- From Monarchy
Currency The Acadian Franc
Religion Catholicism
Major exports Flags of the Provinces

Acadia is a country north of America. They are a mostly peaceful nation that has a rich history that the French envy. Since the beginning of Acadia, the nation has been mostly prosperous, but there are some black spots on their record.

Acadian Language[edit]

The Official Acadian language is Germantic-French. The Language changed in 1916 when the Germans controlled Acadia. An example of Germantic-French is: "Der Acadians gouverne die Welt!" (The Acadians rule the World!)


18th Century[edit]

Acadia was made by French outcasts in the 18th Century AD. The first city was dubbed Nouveau Orleans, but this name was already taken by America, so they settled with Nouveau Cannes. They were a prosperous nation from the beginning and they were well liked by all, 'sept the English. They were jealous that there New World colony, New England, wasn't as good as Acadia. So they went to Acadia and tried to bargain with the Acadian Queen, Jeanne DeBois. The New English Emissaries thought that they did well at bargaining with the Acadians, but in reality they went into a temper tantrum on the floor screaming "I want it! I want it!". After the English got word that the Acadians didn't agree with there terms, so they sent soldiers to Acadia and tried to take it over. The English were winning, but at 13:00pm the English set down there muskets and took out tea bags and cups. The Acadians were confused about this and quickly retaliated and killed the whole lot of them.

19th Century[edit]

After the Massacre of St. Croix in 1793, The Acadian country-side was war torn. Most of the century was Acadia being remade. The American Revolution and the French Revolution affected Acadian's Queen Jeanne DeBois. Before she died in 1803, She ordered that all peasants who speak against her would be thrown in jail. The law was put into effect as "The DeBois Law". Ironically, she died one day later. After she died, the law was repealed and the Monarchy was replaced with a President. The First President, President Jerome LaPointe of the Liberal Party, Made huge reforms in Acadia. He got rid of the old laws set down by the French and replaced by laws made by the Americans to the south. The relations with the USA was a shaky one. The Canadians to the west were getting upset with the Acadians for two reasons. One was that the Acadians were more prosperous then they were (even when Acadia was being rebuild, the Acadians were more advanced then they were), and the second was that Acadia's Canadian Bacon was better then there's. The Canadians Attacked Quebec in 1852. Although Quebec isn't part of Acadia, Quebec was a French colony, like Acadia was. The Acadians went to Quebec and helped defend the Quebecians. The final year of the Canadio-Quebec war, 1861, Union soldiers from America swept into Quebec and helped Quebec and Acadian troops defend Quebec's last fort, Quebec City. The glorious victory was a moral boost for Quebec and Acadia and they beat back the Canadians from Quebec. In 1896, Acadia was now recognized by the rest of the world as a Country.

20th Century[edit]

The 20th Century is were Acadia was involved in world politics. When World War 1 started, Acadia was neutral for the first year only. Acadia was allied with the Allies, but the Germans invaded Acadia in 1915. The Germans first conquered Nouveau Scotia and Nord Nouveau Scotia. In 1916 the whole country was under German control. America was getting uneasy about this development to its north and placed a trade embargo with German Acadia. There were many revolts in German Acadia because the national food, Canadian Bacon, was outlawed. When America joined the Allies in 1917, The first order was to return Acadia to, well, the Acadians. The plan worked and Acadia was returned to the President, President Marc DeSois. Acadia was bankruped and the country was in ruins. The "New Deal", as President DeSois put it, was made to rebuild Acadia. At the beginning of WWII, Acadia stayed well away from the war. DeSois said in a press conference that "Acadia is still affected by the Great War and can not join this European war.". Acadia was pressured by France and England to join, but DeSois stayed neutral. In 1942 America joined after the Pearl Harbor attack and pressured DeSois. DeSois gave in. In 1943, Acadian and Canadian troops went into Caen and made a diversion for the Omaha Beach assult. After the war, Acadia stayed out of world politics.

21st Century[edit]

In 2001, Acadia joined world politics one again and joined America and other nations on the War on Terror. Acadia sent troops in both the Afganistan war and the Iraq war. France was angry at Acadia for doing so, but President John DuSud reminded that Acadia isn't part of France anymore. France backed away. In 2005, Acadia joined America one again in the War on Terra.