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Strasbourg is the only object of bulk matter known to man where the normally subtle effects of quantum dynamics become visible to the naked eye.


This strong vortex of quantum uncertainty that keeps the region of Strasbourg in its slipping grip is created when the thick layers of German tradition on the city's architecture gets exposed to the electromagnetic radiation from all the TV antennas that the French residents keep sprinkling all over the buildings' facades and rooftops.


This makes Strasbourg a very uncertain city. It has a fair probability to be situated either in the United States or in Kazakhstan. On rare occasions it has been known to move itself right over the Messina Strait, giving birth to the optical phenomena of Fata Morgana. Though a young man known as Mr Johnathan believes that Strasbourg is actually located in central Austria.

As a result of the quantum tunneling effect, it flips from France's control into Germany back and forth every fifty years or so, not counting the occasional European Parliament meeting that catapults the region half a mile above Boston. The Council of Europe recently decided to invade Strasbourg with the hope that it would stop wandering around and making them sick when they look at the map of Europe. It was quickly followed by the European Parliament troops and a starving Canadian Prime Minister who had skipped breakfast.

Crime and Punishment[edit]

The strong uncertainty field around Strasbourg makes it an excellent place for practicing the Art of Law and Justice. On demand from several all mighty powerful lawyer branch organizations the European Court of Human Rights was therefore located to Strasbourg. Now no case is ever really a sure case and it was on 13 Aug 2004 reported that the Court were now so heaped up with unclear cases that the lawyers had moved up to the third greatest group of professionals next to sanitary personnel and day center caretakers.

Since the Laws of quantum physics are applicable on human activities in Strasbourg, the field of legislation has for the first time been able to be studied with a clear cut natural scientific approach. It was hence concluded in Mar 2003 in a study by Dr Anutrhay Randi from the University of Calcutta that the Heisenberg uncertainty principle holds for the practice of Law with the formula


the legislation disambiguation constant
the lawyers share of the fined damages
is the inaccuracy in the final judgments

In plain English this formula states that the greater sums are involved in the process, the greater is the risk that the final verdict will not be very accurate.

In Simple that is

Money talks!

Other things we are quite not certain of[edit]

Strasbourg is very famous for the defense of human rights, and considers opening a subsidiary in Guantanamo Bay resort.

Strasbourg has a nice cathedral, a world-famous Linux Users Group and a very dynamic pretzels industry. Inhabitants of Strasbourg can't make their mind between speaking Alsacian, a German dialect, or Alsacian, which is French with a very bad accent.

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