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“Leave him! He's MY prey!”

~ Bitch the World Sekai Saionji's rage on her rival in love, Kotonoha Katsura

“Katsura-san, you busty FOOOOOOLLL!!!”

~ Sekai Saionji's utter at the sec she was uninstalled from the certain 2-Dimensional universe where the story took stage, by Kotonoha Katsura

“Poor lass, holding a knife to fight a M-61 Vulcan-wielding opponent...”

~ Someone's sympathism to Sekai Saionji, by the event "The Bloody Conclusion"

School Days (a.k.a. School Death or SchuleTage) is a hentai series consisted by games (for PC & Playstation 2), anime, comic, novel, etc. Released by Overflow, a company located on an array of miserable isles floating on somewhere in northwestern corner of Pacific Ocean. Most of the audience just thought the entire series is a fictional work, actually, it is telling a ture story not happened in the universe we are living in, but in another parallel multiverse called 2-Dimensional universe, or a story based on that ture story. However the publisher made many, many many bad modification to the original plot, for more earning, seriously twisted the idea the author originally wanted to tell you.

Brief Introduction[edit]

Makoto Ito, a handsome boy studying in a senior high school, in a country also called Japan, on a planet also called Earth, in a certain 2-Dimensional universe. One day, he encountered two humanoid androphagous demons with appearances of pretty and sweet girls, Kotonoha Katsura and Sekai Saionji, who were planing to COOK and EAT him, then his life was totally changed, to a direction he didn't want at all...

Primary Characters[edit]

Makoto Ito

The protagonist and the primary author of the original plot, also a holder of the Protagonist's might. Generally, the story of "School Days" is his autobiography about being embraced by a couple of humanoid demons with cute girls' appearances in high school campus, who were attempting to feast on his flesh, and his actions to save himself from this nightmare. More detailed information is presented in Main Article: Makoto Ito (Protagonist of School Days).

However after the release of this subreptitious series, Makoto was widely (especially in Allied Countries like United States, Euro Union, Japan) considered as a womanizer who was also a hungry sex predator would do any girls(or guys) so long as he could convince them to throw themselves at him first. He also misapprehensively witnessed using a lot of tissues for hithero unknown reasons (yeah, right! As if!) before the two demon girls decided to make him theirs in order to harvest him. Or was it the other way 'round? It is said Sekai Saionji may eventually gets him with a particle dagger to see if her demonic seeding had been planted yet, then Kotonoha Katsura takes his head on a romantic cruise to Iran. (2nd earths bein sur)

Kotonoha Katsura

Humanoid androphagous demon No. 1, a holder of the Protagonist's might, and sources are surmising she is the counterpart of Karl Friedrich Gauss in our 3-Dimensional universe. She first saw Makoto Ito on a train, attracted by his handsome figure then determined to COOK and EAT him. So she camouflaged herself into a Highschool girl, infiltrated Makoto's school and studied in the same grade with him.

Kotonoha's physical shape is a sweet and slender girl, with haunch-length dark-purple straight hair and a pair of colossal-sized boobs, enable her to "sink" at least 80% of the boys who run into her. Kotonoha's exterior nature is shy, quiet and philobiblic, always with a book in hand. That "book" was actually a tutorial titled "How to cook handsome boys more delicious and efficient". Despite her constant endeavor on studying cook, Kotonoha's culinary arts still need to be improved, since Makoto had proofed her homemade lunch is more poisonous than real poison.

Don't be deceived by her delicate and touching appearance! Kotonoha is not only a humanoid androphagous demon, but also a dangerous combatant, proficient at martial art and various weapons, including dozuki (some sort of Japanese blade used to disassemble tanks like a lightsaber), Zankantou (a colossal blade used to dismantle battleships, first used by Zengar Zombolt), samurai blades, chainsaw, M-61 Vulcan Gatling-gun, etc. Her ultimate strike skill is called "The end of the world", but so far, no one can confirm the existence of that kind of strike, or no one can be lucky enough to survive from Kotonoha's ultimate strike and give any detailed reports or description to Uncyclopedia or Wikipedia. During the battle of destiny "The Bloody Conclusion", Kotonoha uninstalled her rival in love, Sekai Saionji, from the 2-Dimensional universe of School Days by her exclusive "The end of the world" (another version says that Kotonoha just used a M-61 Vulcan instead of her ultimate strike, erased Sekai Saionji).

It is rumored that Kotonoha was once a senior officer of the Brotherhood of NOD (abbr. NOD)'s Black Hand Units due to her black uniform and hidden blood-like behavior, and The Dark Overlord Kane used Kotonoha's extremely seducive figure as a drumbeating to summon new recruits (primarily males, of course). Kotonoha is also rumored to be a very good Lesbian friend to Kane's right hand: Qartar Killian. Perhaps this is reason why Killian rebels against Kane. So, the Global Defense Initiative (abbr.GDI) counter this problem by hire the Higurashi's Sonozaki twins (Mion and Shion) who also has an extremely seductive figure as well as Kotonoha's to summon the men to recruit for the GDI.

Sekai Saionji

Humanoid androphagous demon No. 2, informal English name "The World of Western Garden Temple", a holder of the Protagonist's might. She happened to meet Makoto Ito and targeted him immediately before Kotonoha did, and also camouflaged into a student and lurked in the classroom where Makoto was attending, in order to approach and hunt him.

Sekai's physical shape is a pretty girl with shoulder-length dark-brown straight hair. Compare with Kotonoha, Sekai is more outgoing and talkative, and much more specialize in culinary arts (at least you won't be poisoned to death by her homemade lunch). Sekai might be a good girlfriend to you from a certain point of view, but don't forget--she is still an androphagous demon! Her primary weapon is a energy particle dagger used to cut through armour plates, ultimate strike skill is called "Wagako e". During the event "The Bloody Conclusion", Sekai was eventually deleted by Kotonoha. But recently, someone says in fact there was no such a "The Bloody Conclusion" thing, Sekai Saionji was just cooked by Kotonoha and was transformed into pasta with tomato sauce at a midnight...

It is rumored that Sekai is also the queen of the Zerg who act as the Kerrigan's shadow. But there are either no Terran or Protoss reports support this theory. But she has the one Zergling Pets named "Makoto".

It is also rumored Sekai, like Kotonoha, was once a senior officer of NOD. Because she can use some mind-jammer technology (or devices) to distract targets before attack. Besides, she seems know the law of Directional Armour very well and utilizes it in Hit-and-Run operations.

Setsuna Kiyoura

An iceberg beauty, Sekai's half sister and loyal friend for life, who is also a outstanding assistant. With her intelligence and selflessness, Sekai gained the preponderance during the competition against Kotonoha for the monopolization of Makoto, and kept this ascendent for a very long time. In fact, Setsuna fell into an unilateral love to Makoto at the beginning of the story. But between the ture feeling of herself and the loyalty to friend, Setsuna chose the latter resolutely. Finally, had enough of this kind of pain, Setsuna went to France with her family, left her first pure love behind. Salute to Setsuna! Salute to this noble girl.

General outline[edit]

On the train Makoto Ito noticed a beautiful girl, Kotonoha Katsura, who was reading a book on her seat. Since Makoto is a holder of the Protagonist's might, he identified she is actually a humanoid androphagous demon. "My Lord God! Why you create those evil stuff just cute as angels?" Asking this question, Makoto fixed his sight on her, when he realized the girl had been awarded and targeted on him, everything was too late. Worse, Makoto found that demon had camouflaged herself into a Highschool girl, attending the same campus and grade as he did, and the girl who sat right to him, Sekai Saionji, was also a humanoid androphagous demon wanted to chew and swallow him! Well, that were when and where the protagonist's nightmare began.

Makoto tried to seek help from remaining classmates, but Kotonoha and Sekai are so cute, so nobody believed they are actually demons of some sort. In the meantime, having no idea their true identites and intrigues had been detected, the two girls got allied and were planning to "treat" the target together, wear down his guard, until the perfect time to feast, then share the booty equally.

There was no way to find any external help, Makoto's only choice was save himself from this crisis, alone. After acknowledged the girls' plan and unstableness of their alliance, Makoto figured out a countermeasure. He began to develop lover and restricted sextual relationships with both Kotonoha and Sekai, in order to make mischief between them, then broke their bargain, then make them fight against each other, eventually destroy each other, then he can get out from this mess! Makoto's countermeasure was very successful, too successful, even beyond his expectation--Kotonoha and Sekai really fell in love with him soon, they were no longer after his flesh, but--his BODY and SOUL! To win the exclusive love and occupancy of Makoto, there were more and more conflicts between the Kotonoha and Sekai. Finally, their strife became an universe-shocking event--The Bloody Conclusion (see below).

Remarkable Events[edit]

  • Event: The Bloody Conclusion (鮮血之結末)

Kotonoha was once the preponderant one in the beginning of the contest for Makoto's adscription. But soon, with the assistance from Setsuna, Sekai grabbed this advantage to her side, and kept it for a long time. However, after Setsuna's sudden leave, Kotonoha launched a successful retaliation and turned the situation back. Knowing she was losing in this prolonged match, Sekai suggested that they can be decided by a swift duel. Kotonoha agreed since they both confident at their own combat abilities. So they scheduled the date of "Final Fight" on that Dec. 24th, the winner will spend a happy Christmas and the time afterward with Makoto, the loser just withdraw herself--if she's still exist.

The battle began as scheduled, both Kotonoha and Sekai unleashed their most fierce weapons and attacks to each other. Since they both fought for their first love with maximum strength and both went berserk, the battle was prolonged to almost three days. After the three-day-long frenzied battle, Kotonoha, who was completely controlled by The Dark Side of the Force, unraveled her ultimate strike skill "The end of the world", deleted Sekai in a split second. Then the entire event is recorded as "The Bloody Conclusion".

Someone says driven by that mindless insanity, the innocent spectator, Makoto, was vaporized by Kotonoha as well, but Kotonoha's vaporizing on Makoto is still need to be proofed. Someone other says Kotonoha didn't use "The end of the world" but a M-61 Vulcan. It also need to be proofed.

Belkan Fleet: "We don't accept Japanese currency, but human flesh." Kotonoha: "Okay, you can take his body." Makoto: "WHAAAAATTTTT!! How can you..." Kotonoha:"Easy, Makoto-kun. I'll give you a brand-new one later." (In Soviet Russia, nice boat watches YOU!)

Belkan War Version: This event happened during the Belkan War in 1995 when Japan was liberated by the Allies and Kotonoha is desperately fled away from Japan to avoid war crime execution due to the fact that her family was the ones who build weapons for the Belkans, the V2. So she needed a boat/ship or whatever that can cross water. One day, she found an ads that one Belkan warship is desperately wants Human meat. So, she cut off Makoto's head and give his body to that ship so she could find a free ticket to Belka (Hooray free VIP ticket baby), and planning to reconstruct his body by the most-advanced bio-engineering tech after arrive at her destination. Unluckily the war was over. Instead, she met Kane, who also has the most-advanced bio-engineering tech as well as the Belkans. The fleet also had been wiped out by the Galm Squadron (1xADFX-01 Morgan, piloted by Setsuna and 1xF-16), with an assistance of Mobius Squadron (8xF-22 Raptors and 8xRM-01 Rafale) and Ragiz Squadrons (4xBlack F-14s). She used her callsign Galm 1 to avoid being onslaught by the brainwashed otakus.

Sovjet Domination Version: This event happened during the siege of the Russian Forces over the US during the second great war. Several Dreadnought Ships (see picture), Apocalypse Tanks, Kirovs and other units of the Sovjet Union marched over Mexico and Canada as well as the Atlantic and Pacific to take over the fucking USA. Yuri and Kotonoha planned this since she was taken away and Yuri disclaimed, she is his long-lost daughter. After accepting the blood DNA test as positive, she learned several psychic abilities from her father and took over several serene special mission. Rumour say she was one of the Psi Commados used to take over New York. Later she took over General Vladimir to destroy Seattle with a nuclear weapon. After killing General Carville with her mind control over a FBI agent who turned around to become a Crazy Ivan, she gained the last piece of respect from her father Yuri. The last thing left to world domination was the death of Premier Romanov, which she killed with supreme nightmares via mind control, so he killed himself in his hospital bed with a shotgun. Yuri noticed her lack of efficiency, as she liked rather to torture than to kill people with her mind, so he send an overtaken Chrono Legion after her. This was a big mistake, as she was not erased, but merely landed in the alternative timeline, in which the Sovjets got help from the future. She took over Einsteins Time Machine and set course to the year 2030, to meet Kane again, who she supposed to be the leader of the Sovjet Union after the war was won (see RA1 about this). It turned out that Kane became the leader of a terrorist group, the brotherhood of Nod, but he did not take over the Sowjets yet. After recognizing her as his old friends daughter, he welcomed her and brought her into the Inner Circle, his most loyal Generals. Later, when the Scrin attacked, Kotonoha used her supreme mind abilities to destroy the whole invasion accept one tower, which was a present for Kane.

Makoto's protest Version: Makoto saw the prior 11 episodes of the released edition of the 12-episode anime "School Days" on TV. And seriously shocked and upset by those bad modification to his original plot that the publisher made without inform him. In the anime of the released edition, Makoto was twistedly described as a weirdo full-loaded with unnatural strong concupiscence, thinks and does nothing else but pushing over girls around him on the ground/floor/desk/bed then having sex with them every single day. Having expected what would happen in the final episode, Makoto submitted a harsh protest to the TV station, demanded the cessation of broadcast. So the scheduled episode 12 was replaced by the program "enjoy yourself", with a boat/ship with flag of France. Makoto himself was pleased to see this and left a comment: "It's really a nice boat." That was the reason why this event is recorded as "Nice boat". But soon, under the pressure from those brainwashed otakus, the entire 12 episodes were re-broadcast.

An artist's illustration about Event Nice Boat (Makoto's protest Version). What Sekai saying is: "Why I always get my butt kicked like this?!"

In the final episode, Makoto chose Kotonoha to be his empress. Sekai, who thought the result was unfair and extremely envied Makoto and Kotonoha became a happy couple, employed a suicide attack and vaporized Makoto by her ultimate strike skill in the second afternoon. First, Sekai used her mobile-phone-shaped mind-jammer eqiupment, distracted Makoto's attention, successfully wore his guard down, then suddenly unleashed her exclusive "Wagako e" and made a direct hit. After comfirmed the target had been completely wrecked, she ran away in Reverse Mode. Sekai herself was brutally anatomized by Kotonoha a few hours later.

The flag of Kotonoha's family's private navy.

Total Annihilation Version: After moved to France, Setsuna worked as a guide on a passenger boat. Although she had withdrawed herself from that mess before Kotonoha could discover she was actually the counsellor behind Sekai, but it didn't mean Kotonoha (and her powerful family) would let her go after Sekai's deletion. One day, Setsuna's passenger boat unexpectedly encountered a Bismarck-Class ultra-battery with the flag of Kotonoha's family's private navy, off the western coast of Peninsula Jutland. After a wave of tonadic artillery bombardment, Setsuna was reduced to ash and dust along with her boat.

Kotonoha's Private Mobile Suit Apocalypse Gundam ZGMF-I102, designed by herself. The origin of the serial number? Well, "I" stands for the estimated cup-size of Kotonoha's breast, and "102" is the real circumference of her bosom, both Uncyclopedia and Wikipedia approved this.

Gundam Seed Destiny Version: After moved to France, Setsuna was planned to meet the Chairman at the ZAFT base in France, so she could have the best and the lastest mobile suit, the Legend Gundam, because her previous MS was screw up by Makoto Ito's Destroy Gundam. Even she forget the mess before Kotonoha could discover the truth that she is the counsellor behind Sekai. So Kotonoha and her powerful family plan to capture or destroy the Base Messiah. One day, Setsuna's Minerva battleship unexpectedly encounter Kotonoha's Arch Angel-Class battleship and her own customized black Strike Freedom Gundam Known as the Apocalypse Gundam serial number ZGMF-I102, off the Setsuna's Base Messiah. Unlike the Original Strike Freedom Gundam the Apocalypse Gundam ZGMF-I102 is a specific model focused on melee combat than the firepower. Being outnumbered and overpowered by Kotonoha, Setsuna's forces were anahilated.

  • Event: Kotonoha's Waffles
  • Event: Sekai's Waffles

What hell happened afterward[edit]

Another friendly advise: It's unwise to mess up with Kotonoha. Since...well, you know.
And as well as Kokoro. No matter they utilize "Doomsday Strike" or not.

Someone says that Kotonoha joined the NOD's Black Hand Units again during the 3rd Tiberium Wars. Someone other says that she cut Makoto's head and sailed away from Japan to Belka to meet Kane but unluckily that the Belkan war was over before she could reach there. It is also rumored that she is supposed to be Gundam Seed's Kira "Zeus" Yamato replacement candidate in case he's dead so she can take over the Freedom Gundam.

Kotonoha become the Dark Lord of the Sith after turning Sekai into the Nice Food. She is also trained by Emperor Palpatine (a.k.a. Darth Sidious) and Darth Vader (a.k.a. Anakin Skywalker). Although her Force is still one far behind the Elfen Lied's Darth Lucy (Only Yoda could beat her due to the fact that Yoda is not a human) and Higurashi's Darth Rena and the other Hinamizawa warriors, however she makes up for it with her fighting skills. So Kotonoha is considered as one of the most dangerous Dark Lady of the Sith that the Galaxy of Star Wars has ever met, codenamed "Azrael Seraph Darth Kay". None of the Jedi has really ever defeated her. During the training Kotonoha meliorated her "The end of the world" into a far more powerful form "Doomsday Strike", it only can be activated after combine energies from herself and her younger sister Kokoro Katsura.

The Zeon's Zabi Family from the Universe of Gundam finds a good reason to invade the Earth by accusing that the Earthnoids screw up the Kotonoha's mind.

CHAR! Aznable from the same universe also finds a good reason to kill the Sabi family by accusing them that Makoto was once a Zeon junior officer.

30 years later during the Gundam Seed Destiny, the Chairman and Asuka find a good reason to invade the Earth. But in reality, he wants both Kotonoha's and Sekai's DNA to fufil his evil Destiny Plan. However the Plan was interrupted by Kira "Zeus" Yamato and Lacus Clyne who is also in search for the DNA as well.

Makoto, who was considered dead for a long time, somehow was still alive and loose in fact. To keep away from Kotonoha's pursuit, he anonymously hid and worked in the company Overflow, recorded everything happened during the days in high school and wroted them in an autobiography titled "School Days". He submitted this autobiography to company and hoping it can help people to realize the ture dark and evil essence of girls. Unexpectedly, the greedy and crafty Overflow, desiring more benefits, unilaterally removed and modified contents which were considered shocking and inacceptable to those brainwashed otakus, say it with more accuracy, all the contents about Kotonoha and Sekai were demons who wanted to devour Makoto were removed, replaced with large amount of sexual depiction. So the entire original plot was changed to describe high school life of an algolagnia named Makoto Ito. In reality, Makoto had no feelings to girls (including Kotonoha & Sekai), all he had done were just for saving himself from being eaten by them. But the gullible public, misguided by released "School Days", began to vituperate Makoto with harsh adjectives such as "bastard", "scum", even maliciously codenamed him as "(human flesh) bulldozer", "Self-propelled (positron) artillery", etc. Worse, Kotonoha acknowledged Makoto's hideout from the credits roll of "School Days" and came to capture him, vowed he is only hers. Makoto was forced to flee away, and began to experience a queasy life of being chased by infatuated Kotonoha, but that's another story.

Spin-off game[edit]

The band of sisters (demons) in Summer Days. God speed to you Makoto, be safe with the FORCE and keep away from BEING EATEN.

On the day June 23th 2006, in our universe, Overflow released a hentai Spin-off game of School Days titled Summer Days. It is telling a real story happened in summer, in a country also called Japan, on a planet also called Earth, but in another different parallel multiverse, and all the characters presented in Summer Days are the counterparts of those in the Universe of School Days.

To say the difference between School Days and Summer Days, First, of course, the two stories happened in two different universes, Second, in Summer Days poor protagonist Makoto Ito was forced to face not only a couple of humanoid androphagous demons with appearances of pretty and sweet girls, but a platoon of them! Including Kotonoha Katsura and Sekai Saionji! Man, we can assure he would get chewed up for sure this time.

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