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Not to be confused with the German poem "Elfenlied", which has nothing to do with horned homicidal girls.
Elfen Lied
Elfen Lied manga volume 1.jpg
One of the evil Diclonius girls
(Erufen Rīto)
Genre Blood, Gore, Pornography, Tragedy
Author Lynn Okamoto
Publisher Icons-flag-jp.png Shueisha
Demographic Seinen
TV anime
Director Mamoru Kanbe
Studio Icons-flag-jp.png ARMS

Elfen Lied (エルフェンリート Erufen Rīto) is a Japanese manga/anime about the utter evilness of anime chicks with cat-ear-like protrusions on their heads. Especially if they're suffering from dissociative personality disorder and one of their personalities says "Nyu" all the time. Elfen Lied details the tragic story of Nyu/Lucy/Kaede who kills people on a daily basis, despite her desire to live a 'normal' human life. It is a tale of murder, decapitation, dismemberment, disembowelment, mutilation, torture, sadism, rape, incest, accidental pervertedness and some love too, occasionally.

Elfen Lied kiss.gif
After traumatizing Kohta, Nyu/Lucy/Kaede finally gets to kiss him. Too bad she disappears a few moments later.
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Just listening to the opening theme will turn you into a psycho bitch.


Nyu/Lucy/Kaede escapes from an experimental facility, ripping apart a couple people in the process. She sustains a head injury, which conveniently causes her to develop a secondary, child-like personality. She's found by Kohta, a boy whose father and sister she killed in a distant past, and Yuka, Kohta's cousin. Later on, she meets a couple people who want to capture her, which she concisely pwns. At the end of the anime, she meets a Diclonius girl which is able to overpower her. She gets pretty beaten up, but survives, kisses Kohta, kills a couple soldiers and disappears. The manga goes on for much longer and actually lets the main villain do something other than sit around and threaten people.




She kills people.


He doesn't get killed because Nyu/Lucy/Kaede loves him.


She's Kohta's cousin who wants to have an incestuous relationship with him.


She gets thrown around a lot.

Efle lied.gif


She pisses off Nyu/Lucy/Kaede and is swiftly dismembered as a consequence.


She's a friend of Yuka who sings opera and is so shy that even her bladder is nervous. In the anime, she was turned into a music box, so she's not very well known.



In the anime, he gets himself killed by holding an exploding girl in his arms. In the manga, he develops a relationship with Nana, who previously considered him to be her "Papa". He's also the only person allowed to slap Nyu/Lucy/Kaede.


He gets maimed by Nyu/Lucy/Kaede after pissing her off.

Nyu/Lucy/Kaede: That's for looking at my vagina, creep!


She explodes.

Director Kakuzawa

Some crazy dude who deluded himself into thinking his birth defect meant that he was an Übermensch. He also raped Nyu/Lucy/Kaede's mom.

Director Kakuzawa: I've got a gun!

Professor Kakuzawa

He tries to rape Nyu/Lucy/Kaede and is consequently beheaded.

Other characters

Bando's partner

A hole suddenly appears in his torso. Nyu/Lucy/Kaede then cuts off his head.

Children who killed Kaede's puppy

They killed Kaede's puppy and explode into splashes of blood a few moments later.

Elfen lied24.gif
Nyu/Lucy/Kaede: I just discovered the ability to turn people into splashes of blood and I can't wait to try it out!

Kaede's puppy

Human children kill it.


Nyu/Lucy/Kaede cuts her in half when she tries to warn Kohta about Nyu/Lucy/Kaede's murderous tendencies.

ElfenLied Kanae.gif
Nyu/Lucy/Kaede: Now Kohta will surely love me.


She was annoying Nyu/Lucy/Kaede while the latter was escaping the facility. She is concisely decapitated.

Kohta's dad

Nyu/Lucy/Kaede killed him out of boredom.


She falsely claims to be Mariko's mother, but when Mariko tells her "No, you're not!" her abdomen suddenly explodes.

Saito explosion.gif
Mariko: I hate liars!


Mayu's dog which miraculously stays alive throughout the series.

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