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Ryou Bakura is a fictional character and the main antagonist in the popular anime series Yu-Gi-Oh!. He is also one of the greatest villains in the history of anime. He can easily be recognized with his ridiculous white hair, and British accent. He uses corny dialogues to show how "evil" he is and wastes the entire show to reveal that he is a black monster who apparently has a dragon sticking out where something else should be.

Role in Manga/Anime[edit]

Bakura's bling.

Introduced as a new exchange student early on in the series, Bakura quickly befriends Yugi Mutou. However, Bakura possesses the Millennium Ring,which for some unknown reason, is not even a ring, more like a circle with spikes growing out of it. Unknown to Bakura, is that it houses an evil spirit that wastes many episodes trying to steal Yugi's Millennium Puzzle, but is more successful in stealing the Millennium Eye, by ripping it out of Maximillion Pegasus's skull. He keeps a low profile for the rest of the first season.

In the Battle City arc, he teams up with the love of his life Marik Ishtar to help steal Yugi's puzzle. They plan on entering the tournament and defeating him in the finals. The plan goes perfect until Marik turns into a crazy psycho and banishes him to the shadow realm. Bakura laughs and tells Pschyo Marik that he is the darkness, making no connection whatsoever with the episodes plot. After that, he is not seen of, nor heard of for a very long time.

In the last season arc, since all the other villains quit, he is promoted to the position of main villain. It is also discovered in this final season, that Bakura was just a giant demon with a dragon like penis. Instead of defeating Yugi the traditional way, you know, with children's playing cards, Bakura has some fun and invites Yugi to play some over-dramatic RPG. It involves them dressing up and roaming the streets of ancient Egypt. The results were disastrous. The citizens of Egypt, particularly those of Kul Elna, mistook it for a anime cosplaying convention.

Early life[edit]

Bakura stalked Yugi's group for five episodes (episodes three through eight) so he can potentially be a main character. When he introduced himself to them, music from "The Omen" plays, foreshadowing the Yami Bakura personality. Yami Bakura takes over and duels Yami, to which he loses. Bakura joins the crew with Yami Bakura taking over at various times. Bakura's parents wanted a girl, so like any good parents they decided to raise him as a girl named Florence which would later on cause him server mental scarring). His father had been a Drunken English man and one night went berzerk. In her fear of this his mother found a teapot and figured that she could somehow use it as a weapon. Obviously this retarded plan doesn't work so he ends up taking the teapot and using his Ancient Egyptian eye beams to instantly boil the tea so he can pour it on her, which he does. He then goes over to his son and for no apparent reason (other than being drunk says "Why So British?" which somehow causes his son to spontaneously develop a British accent. Later, his father feels guilty about this and so on a trip to egypt while he was looking to purchase some blue hair dye, he buys his son a evil possessed ring (just like any loving father would do).

Ancient Bakura's family was murdered in the Egyptian City of Kul Elna. It was done on the order of Hitler, who mistook his family for Jews. Bakura, however, was told by Zorc, that the Egyptian Royal Family was behind the massacre at Kul Elna. He started hating the Pharaoh (Akunumkanon) and wanted him to pay for his crimes. Yami Bakura didn't know that the Pharaoh didn't order the destruction of his village. When Akunumkanon died, Yami Bakura was angry because he wasn't the cause of death. His hate transferred to Atem, and when he found out what the bodies of his loved ones were used for, he went after the Items. First it was to lay his village to rest, then it was to destroy Atem, and then it was for power. Zork came along before the last one and offered Yami Bakura power to defeat the Pharaoh in exchange for his service, or something along those lines.

Differences in the Manga and Anime[edit]

After reading the anime and the manga, one can conclude that there are many differences between his two alter egos. This confused many readers/viewers. Especially in the last story arc, when there were like five of these guys running around. Even the fan girls couldn't keep up with it. And to top things off, he gets this smexy new Egyptian avatar. In the manga he loves RPGs, in the anime he's just British. In the manga he is very sadistic and cruel, while in the anime he's just British. In the manga he is very manipulative, in the anime he's just British. In the manga he is very evil, but in the anime he's just British.

Character Voicing, Appearance[edit]

Playgirl centerfold.

In the Duelist Kingdom arc, he wears a totally British sweater. Later on his out fit includes an unbuttoned sky blue collared short sleeved shirt over a blue and white horizontally striped t-shirt. His white hair is pointed downwards in various directions and trails just past his shoulders. He wears the Millennium Ring on a thin rope or cord around his neck. His talks in a British accent, winning the hearts of many fangirls. These mannerisms, have also, however, led to many accusing him of being gay. Bakura's response to these claims is that he is just British, not gay. Ryo has quite a shy personality, so the "I'm not good with girls" thing doesn't necessarily make him homosexual or asexual. Just...shy. And he has a feminine appearance, but he's an anime character, and that's quite typical of anime boys. In the millennium world arc Bakura possesses a unique scar over his right eye, with two horizontal marks underneath it. The mark seems to be inflicted by some sort of blade, though who inflicted it, when, and why is never revealed in canon. Perhaps it was ancient Pscho Marik. Nonetheless, Bakura is still able to see out of that eye. The fangirls went crazy when Bakura agreed to pose nude for Playgirl.


Bakura uses an Occult Deck for the initial part of the show, using monsters that reflect his views on the supernatural. He uses a bunch of annoying and often, weak, normal monsters, and the only strategy is to lose a bunch of life points, and scare the shit out of your opponent. His favorite card is Change of Heart, a Spell Card that ironically, caused his defeat in his first duel. His Battle City deck helped him beat some sociopath kid in some cemetary. The signature card of this deck is Dark Necrofear, a powerful fiend monster. Once destroyed, Bakura can play Dark Sanctuary, a card that fills the arena with eyes and mouths. When all else fails, Bakura is known to use other things than the cards in his deck. Bakura is known to possess the skill of fighting with ancient Egyptian laser beams; the only other person to know this is a guy named Maximillion Pegasus. Pegasus, already weakened from his duel with Yugi, lost the laser battle, and Bakura tore the Millennium Eye from its socket and took it for his own, before handing the eye over to Kaiba and making the the whole thing rather pointless. He later uses a deck based upon some giant snake thing: Yes, we all have times in our lives when, out of desperation, we command giant snake things to battle people.

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