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Excel Saga

Excel Saga is the coolest, most action-packed anime ever. It gets down every cliché of anime and mangles it hard and dry real good, with some lesbianism to boot. It also categorically makes fun of everything that exists through the use of superior spreadsheets.


Excel l[edit]

The main character. She talks really fast and kicks everyone's asses in her awesome powered armor suit that she wears in every episode.


This is Excel's buddy and even supposed girlfriend (they're both bi, just so you know). in the manga, there are often hints that they are lesbians, but they are quite subtle so it takes a dirty mind to pick out those bits. Sometimes, Excel undresses Hyatt with force to get her into her own armor suit, except not for the most part. Because Excel gets to have all the fun and Hyatt apparently doesn't do crap, except for dying repeatedly and come back to life. She has an unlimited store of blood in her body which she can release at will, she once flooded the world with her blood for 150 days out of sorrow because Alucard didn't reply to her fan mail. Christians then decided that it must have been an act of God because they didn't want to admit that someone with boobies could wipe out 9/10's of the planet. More info on her will be disclosed later.

Il Palazzo[edit]

Excel's slave driver at Across who tries to boss her around every day, he's got cat eyes and pointlessly small lenses in his glasses.


A dead Mexican immigrant worker. Or maybe he's Spanish. Or something. He dies about 5 seconds after he's introduced and then dies again 5,000 times before the series ends. Basically, he falls in love with a floating circle with arms before totally getting his ass kicked by a guy who can't decide on his accent. Pedro is shoved into pudding and thrown into the ocean, where he dies for the billionth time. Then he gets a second chance at life because he drank eggs and ran a little bit. Something like that would have made Ghost Whisperer much more interesting. But I digress. He gets his ass kicked again and makes a Dragon Ball reference to save his wife/blue circle.

Watanabe, Iwata, Sumiyoshi, Matsuya[edit]

4 really annoying people that cosplay and provide pointless comic relief. Watanabe is always pissed, Iwata is an idiot, Sumiyoshi is mute and smart, Matsuya hates them all.


A robot with boobs. She's pretty obviously a robot, but Iwata falls in love with her anyway for some reason. There are about 100,000 clones of her that are all exactly the same. So she's pretty generic.


Her name is the same, but while Ropponmatsu1 is funny, Ropponmatsu2 is just annoying. Everyone hates her. She is a one-of-a-kind, though. Oh, yeah, and she's a lesbian. And a robot. Are you freaked out yet?


Otherwise known as Kabapoop, he swears to protect this city. He even tries to save the city by shooting at falling debris, screaming for it to drop. If he wasn't an idiot, he would see that the same thing would happen if it dropped. His mustache is fake.


Every anime needs a child molester, and that's Shiogi for you. He's a child molester pedobear rapist. He made all the Ropponmatsus and videotapes Hyatt's butt for fun.




Mouse-ish aliens that look so cute until they get injured.


Dog (that is obviously a cat) who serves as an emergency food source for ACROSS.

I Elgala[edit]

Who the hell is she anyway? Self-narrating noob from the manga.


The afro warrior who happens to be the director. you have gotta see the awesome part where he has two M-60's and he totally poons the guys who opened Setsuko. oops, plot spoilzorr.

Details of Excel's Powered Armor Suit (Hardsuit)[edit]

The most loved aspect of the series is Excel's snazzy armored hardsuit. Now, this is no total cliché generic Samus Aran-type crap or anything like that. Her hardsuit was so popular that everyone around has made replicas of it all over the place, and that almost every girl around is cosplaying in it. It even has all the powers contained in it, so that if unoriginality strikes again, anyone can spring into action with the armor to stop it. This also inspired lots of other spin-offs such as "PowerPoint Saga" and "Word Saga". But the women portrayed in them just couldn't match the awesomeness of Excel, and then those series were canceled. One day, Excel got pregnant and gave birth to Samus. Believe it or not, all these hardsuit techniques were handed down to her by Excel.