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The Guardians wearing their dorky capes.

Shugo Chara is a japanese anime about children wanting to find their "would-be-if-I-wasn't-such-a-wimp-to-show-my-true-self"s. The story centers Amu Emomori, a fifth grader who wants to become a sissy cheerleader, instead of being the most popular girl in the school. Emos like her who can't accept they have to go on with life lay eggs if they're unsatisfied with who they are, and the eggs soon hatch into little chibi people who seem to change their personality with a so-called "personality switch, from emo to happy". If they cooperate with the eggs well, they have a stupid ability to henshin with the eggs.

Character Personalities[edit]

  • AMU EMOMORI is the luckiest girl in the world, but is emo and cuts herself. (Lucky points: Is the most popular girl in the school, is part of the popular student council, has three eggy-thingies, even her family admires her, five boys have crushes on her, she met so many celebrities and is even FRIENDS with them.) Yet she still wants change. What an Emo. She than is a single mother of three eggs. Though she only wanted to become a sissy, the eggs made her good at sports, art and cooking. WTF?! also, she is the "Joker" of the student council ("Guardians"), and is the only one decent enough to know the capes the Guardians wear are dorky.
  • TADASE GAYBOY is the "King" of the Guardians. So, what, is he the Vice President or something? He is popular among guys that look like girls, for they are all gay, like himself. His dream is to take over the world so men all around the world will be all over him. He also has a crush on Amu, so he is bisexual. He also has a thing for Kuukai and Nadeshiko/Nagihiko. He is a weak little runt who cries over everything. Someone destroy this worthless twat now and do us all a favour.
  • KUUKAI SOCCER-MOM is the first "Jack" of the Guardians. His real name is Jack, so it makes total sense. His dream is to become a soccer mom and to be popular among the ladies. The first dream came true (Yes, he became a MOM.), but his second dream never came true, even though it looks like it. He actually bribed women to pretend to like him. But these women turned out to be men in drag.
  • YAYA BABESAHOT is the "Ace" of the Guardians. That had to mean she, like, totally always aced tests. Boy, is that a bunch of crap. Her dream was originally to become a hot babe, but the spirits understood wrong and gave her an egg that made her act like a baby. Often throws her food at people and sicks everywhere. Someone lock her up, quick.
  • NADESHIKO/NAGIHIKO 'NOTHERGAYDUDE is yet another gay guy in the Shugo Chara story. He was born as a boy (Nagihiko), but decided to dress like a girl (Nadeshiko). He fooled many with his costume, but Tadase saw through him, being gay himself. So Nagihiko gave up and dressed back to normal. As a girl, he was the first "Queen" in the Guardians, knowing that he looks like a girly girl. As a boy, he was the third "Jack", because he was a jackass at the time. His dream is to become a Supervillian-Athlete-HipHopDancer. Since that was so much, he got two eggs.
  • RIMA NOTFUNNY is the second "Queen" of the Guardians, who has many slaves. She wanted to be the Joker of them though, because her dream is to become "funny", which she is NOT. She's so un-funny that her surname had to be "Notfunny". She follows this lame gag called "Balabalance", where men in swinsuits move in the most embarrasing pose possible, shouting out "BALABALANCE!", an even more embarrasing act.
  • KAIRI SAMUWANNA is the second "Jack" of the Guardians, and a Samurai wannabe. He has a crush on Amu because she's hot in her transformation with one of her eggs. Also, Kairi is a nerd. We don't care about nerds.
  • UTAU INCEST PEDOPHILE is Ikuto's sister, and is in love with him. That makes her incest. Pervert. She is also a slag who sleeps with any Tom, Dick or Harry to get money for booze and fags. She sings so bad she got booted off of X EGG Factor even before the live shows.


  • Amu's eggs are Ran, a hyper idiot who makes Amu good at sports, Suu, a clumsy annoying idiot who makes Amu good at cooking and Miki, a silent emo (also secretly a slut who has crushes on Kiseki, Daichi AND Yoru. Slag.) who makes Amu good at art. Did she ever wish for that?!
  • Tadase's egg is Kiseki (who definetly ISN'T a miracle), a conceited freak who thinks he has what it takes to take over the world.
  • Yaya's egg is a total failure, Pepe (short for Peepee). She did not make Yaya hotter whatsoever. Instead of making her a hot babe, she made her a baby.
  • Nadeshiko's egg is Temari, the new Grim Reaper, 'cause she has an awesome sythe. Nagihiko's egg is stupid, so let's just skip him.
  • Rima's egg, KusuKusu (nickname for KissuMyAssu) isn't funny and never will be. Let's move on, now...
  • Kairi's egg is also a geeky samurai wannabe. He thinks he's soooo cool. He's not. TRUST ME.
  • Ikuto's egg's name is Yoru, who wants to make Ikuto "free". Uhm, right. So, running around, as a man-slut, hitting on little girls and playing the violin carelessly isn't FREE.


The Guardians, who all COINCIDENTALLY have eggs, fight against a company called Easter, a music company that is run by hopping bunnies that produce Easter eggs. Oh yeah, they also produce the music of Utau and and Hokago Tea Time.

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