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One of the greatest Italian superheroes since Mario and Tony Soprano.

One Punch Man is an animated sitcom inspired by Italian propaganda from the Second World War. The original work, Beat-Em-Up Benito!, was a political comic which cast Italian Prime Minister Benito Mussolini as a superhero that defended the Italian Empire from foreign threats. While the initial work has subsequently fallen into unpopularity, One Punch Man is seen by many as a direct sequel to the original pro-Fascist work and has managed to enjoy its own rise to popularity in more recent times.


The story of One Punch Man is set in an alternate timeline in which the Axis Powers emerged victorious after World War II. In this timeline, the world is largely peaceful and happily living in a fascist paradise. The main character, One-Punch-Manny, is an Italian man whose baldness and heroic appearance were likely inspired directly by Benito Mussolini. Genos, an Aryan cyborg who is dedicated to the principle of genetic purity, lives with Manny. Together, Genos and One-Punch-Manny work to defend the Italian homeland from unwholesome foreign monsters created by evil American scientists bent on spreading the vile forces capitalism and democracy.

One-Punch-Manny valiantly defeats an evil American science Experiment.

However, defending the Italian homeland is not easy. One-Punch-Manny gets his name from his complete lack of strength; one punch is all it takes to defeat Manny. Even with a German Super-Soldier at his back, Manny still has a long way to go before he is able to take on even the most rag-tag American foe. Like most Italians during the Second World War, Manny goes throughout the show coping with the emotional and psychological toll of knowing that his Aryan companion is far stronger, better-looking, and more interesting of a character. Throughout the duration of the show, Manny, is never quite as powerful as his German ally. Many fans think that this is an allusion to how hard the Italian military sucked during the second World War II.


One Punch Man is a critically-acclaimed work which has been praised by both Italian Nationalists and hopeless weebs alike. Due to the historical illiteracy of most Americans, the show has also become wildly popular in the United States, where most of the population has been unable to pick up on the show's anti-American and pro-fascist undertones.