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“The only honest problem it has is a lack of me.”

~ Oscar Wilde

“This is even better when you've huffed a kitten or two beforehand!”

~ Mark Twain

Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go! Follows the adventures of Chiro, a 13 year old boy and his group of robotically altered monkeys. Heavily inspired by Japanese sentai shows such as Power Rangers, Dexter's Laboratory, and Robot Chicken. It takes place mostly in the city of Sugarush, a single giant city that manages to take up a large portion of its planet, most of which is mysteriously inhospitable. Many Robotmonkeyologists believe this is because the land outside of Sugarush is white, and thus blindingly bright in the daytime. Sugarush is notable in that it has no military or police force, opting instead to be defended from near daily monster attacks by a fourteen year old boy and five monkeys. The show is known for belonging to Disney's child Jetix. SRMTHFG! Became the strange, rejected child that Disney completely forgot about and ignored. Unfortunately Nickelodeon couldn't even pick it up. Eventually Disney immediately dropped Season 5 of the show and left it on a cliffhanger ending which was one of the biggest and most careless mistakes in cartoon history, leaving many fans in the cult following enraged and confused. In their defense they screamed and whined. They even went to such lengths like making countless fanfictions and Mary Sue-like characters.


  • Cheerio/Chiro - Leader of the Monkey a giant robot that contained five robotic monkeys, and a lever. Chiro became their hostage (though everyone in Sugarush thinks he is the leader). His attacks are lightning based, including the Lightning Kick, which causes Chiro to be struck by lightning. However, he has a bad tendency to be shocked. He is secretly a gaiafag. If the show was more realistic he'd be dead already. Why is he the Chosen One? And why, out of everyone, did they choose a human child he is forced to deal with great amounts of stress and trauma? I guess because it's a cartoon. One of the funniest theories is that the fans believe that Chiro could be Skeleton King's son.
  • Antauri - Yoda's distant relative, and Chiro's well-meaning but bumbling sidekick. Antauri was once the black monkey. In the second season, however, he was destroyed by Tangerine (but technically it was Tangerine’s clone that resembles a burnt out angry chicken nugget) later making him silver and fully robotic after a short legal battle with the NAACP, Antauri was brought back by the Alchemist's Deus-Ex Machine of course. Antauri serves mostly as the comic relief of the group, and is only rarely caught being serious. He believes he has telepathic abilities, a belief disproven during his brief job as a mall psychic. It was also found out that he is a strict soy-terian and a hippie that works at Soy What? though it doesn't get customers. A theory is that Antauri might be blind.
    • Weapons: Ghost Claws, presumably ripped off of an actual ghost.
  • Nova - The first female to join the group, and also the most insane. Nova is the yellow monkey, and arguably the strongest physical fighter. This trait is likely derived from her tendency toward lighting herself on fire, punching walls, leaping in front of lasers, and other masochistic activities. Many episodes have pointed toward a possible love interest in The Skeleton King. She whines for no reason in battle.
    • Weapons: Larger versions of her fists. She got kinda gyp'd.
  • Dead Guitar Brand - Bill Nye the Science guy is the blue monkey, and science expert of the group. Gibson is best known for using superfluous vocabulary regarding a variety of subject matter with the intentions of making himself seem erudite, and tends to launch into lectures on matters entirely unrelated to whatever the team happens to be doing. He has a scanner which, by use of a few seconds of input, is able to determine anything, including viscosity, matter ratios, distance, time and how many licks it takes to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop. For some reason, man kind has wondered, why He's always been looking for signs of ponies...
    • Weapons: Drills, which also function as lasers, fire extinguishers, freeze rays, and PEZ dispensers.
  • Sparky - The red monkey and the stupidest. Serves mainly as a pilot, and occasionally as Nova's punching bag. It is currently believed that he was mistakenly placed in a washing machine with a lot of bleach, which explains his pink color. He used to be red. He tends to die every episode, then inexplicably comes back to life. He speaks quietly, as if his voice is muffled. He apparently has had many cases of brain damage and cannot see in color. He also can't really pilot and his victories are just flunks! He is known as the cutest robot monkey in the world. He is very loved by the crazy fangirls...:O
    • Weapons: Magnets. Magnets that shoot lightning.
  • Otter - The green monkey, and classically anime-inspired bishounen. Be careful, he's unbearably cute as f**k. Otto is the seemingly innocent member of the group. It is only until you dig deeper into his mind that the psychosis becomes apparent. He has a penchant for naming his attacks with words such as: Doom, Destructo, Razor, and similarly destructive words. One can only guess at the darkness in this rage-filled soul. He's pretty much Wander from Wander Over Yonder before Wander even existed. Don't let his looks fool you, this muffin knows much, VERY MUCH.
    • Weapons: Saws. Evil saws.
  • Jinmay - Chiro's girlfriend, Jinmay admired Chiro a lot and she was totally in love as we can see in the episode "Chiro´s Girl". However, unbeknownst to anyone else (and not revealed until episode 438), she has a horrible addiction to Kitten Huffing.
    • Weapon(s): Ponytails that can shoot a variety of lethal objects (lasers, missiles, cool whip, your mom, etc.)


  • Emperor CarcAss - Following his failed career in the post Star Wars movie industry, Darth Vader began to frequent many local nightclubs. In 1986, he met a fellow villain down on his luck after his show ran its course. On the 5th of August, Darth Vader and Skeletor were married, and had their first child, Skeleton King, within the following year. Skeleton King takes after both parents quite a bit, displaying the rather Skeletal features of his mother, and his father's penchant for turning out to be related to major characters, and turning to the Dark Side. Skeleton King has displayed astounding proficiency in hacking the servers, allowing him access to the God-Mode cheat, as well as All Attacks Maxed. He was once the renowned Alchemist, Edward Elric. Skeleton King also has a son called The Circulatory System King. He could be one of the most evil villains of all time.
  • Milk King - This crazy cyborg from a dimension of brits tried to build a palace of milk cartons in space and tried to use the red monkey as his serveant. Unfortunately for him, the monkey team tore his palace apart and squeezed him til he died.
  • Tangerine - Once the orange monkey, Mandarin missed out on the cryofreeze of the others, due to the time he staged a short but eventful coup against Sugarush, resulting in his being imprisoned for several years. He escaped eventually, and sped right into the fallen rockstar lifestyle, heavily overdosing on steroids, followed by extensive plastic surgery designed to make him look dead. During one particular 'roid rage in Season 2, he attacked Antauri with a Limit Break, doing 999 damage and KO'ing him. He is currently back in jail, sentenced to serve a life sentence in Azkaban for minor misconduct, 1 count of murder, and 3 counts of public nudity, in spite of the fact that monkeys do not wear clothes. He soon escaped but soon fell in his own mutated acid like pee and became burnt. He now thinks himself as Darth Vader but he later decides to be Darth Hideous. He owns a pink Chihuahua called Sock who rides on his shoulder like Pikachu.
  • Mr. Cheepers - The true villain of the show. He is a large penguin doll who warped the mind of a geek and soon spread to the other citizens of Sugarush, making them all his slaves. In Season 13.37, episode 666, he molests Skeleton King with a Shun Goku Satsu and takes over as the true villain. But, he is soon defeated in episode 678 by Chiro's ultimate attack, AAAAAAAAA!
  • That Annoying Witch Whose Name You Can’t Spell Correctly/Valeena is the Skull Sorceress. If you thought that Tangerine was the most angry character then think again. She is one insane and obsessive b***h. She was once known as Cher, but was bitten by Spider-man and became a woman with evil powers. She was kicked in the face many times by Chiro and fell into a vat of radioactive slime. She was thought to be dead, but still exists, as Barbra Streisand.
  • Barbra Streisand: See 'Valeena' above for her story. After Valeena fell in to the vat of radioactive slime, she returns 487 episodes later for her revenge. She used a really big microphone to sing to the entire city of Shugarush, and everyone's ears started to explode. The monkey team armed themselves with earmuffs and blasted Barbara away with a missile. The following episode involved the monkey team picking up pieces of her.
  • Dark One Snek is the evil snake that lies in the core of Shugarush that can fly and shoot purple water. After the Skeleton King accidentally tripped in to the dark one's egg, the dark one ate him and absorbed enough nutrients to break free. He then decided to build up his strength by destroying planets, but the monkey team decided to stop him cause they couldn't find anything good on TV. Eventually they caught up to him and the snake put up a fight. The monkey team's robot couldn't destroy him with powerful power primate attacks, so they decided to fire a few missiles at it and see what it could do. Believe it or not it was a critical hit with 1293649125 damage that destroyed the snake.
  • George W. Bush A major villain in episode 777. He is the president, nothing more, nothing less.
  • Megatron An evil robot who wanted to replace humans with robots. He used his secret weapon known as The Nemesis to capture humans and turn them into robots. But the monkey team decided to stop him cause all the humans were turned into robots. The monkey team's robot destroyed him with it's monkey jizz missile and Megatron jizzed himself and was destroyed.

Episode Synopsises[edit]

  • Chiro's Wooh-mon Chiro and Sprx are cleaning the robot with electric toothbrushes when Chiro sees Jinmay and gets distracted and sticks his brush in his eye, causing a critical hit for 123 damage. Chiro first thinks that Jinmay is a boy and called Jimmy, and begins to question his gender. Eventually, Jinmay's pet Sock Monkey steals the robot's secrets, like photos of it in dresses. Jinmay finds out that Skeleton King built her from old Furbies and made her work for him. The Sock monkey controls Jinmay and makes her become big and attack the HyperForce. Sock Monkey floats in a Death Star over the fight. Eventually, Nova shoots herself at the Death Star, making it explode and burninating the Sock Monkey's eye. She then fall on Sprx, killing him. Afterwards, Jinmay manages to convince Chiro that she is a girl, and Chiro is a boy. Then, she flies off to join a Disco club as the DJ.
  • Scary Waters There is a very hot day in Sugarush, and the ice fairies are melting. This is making the water go very high up. Chiro and Sprx turn out to be afraid of water, but the Robot has to go underwater, first to save some people, then to stop the city sinking. There are only a few pillars holding it up, which are made of cardboard. A mutant snail has been eating this. The team fights it and makes a volcano erupt to destroy it. Chiro overcomes his fear of water, and Sprx would have too if he wasn't caught in the volcano blast. The Ice Fairies unmelt and grant Chiro a pet trouser snake.
  • The Reeeeally big rock A gigantic rock is somehow moving towards Shuggazoom, and the evil mermaids that inhabit the rock used their twisted magic to turn it alive to scare spaceships. The monkey team heads up to blast the rock but they get eaten. The monkey team spends the next 20 minutes of this episode discussing different plans on how to get out, and they decide to launch the electrical defense grid up, which upsets the rock's tummy and makes it explode, sending the monkey team out to safety.
  • The Planet of Garbage After the red monkey goes missing the monkey team locates him in a gigantic belt made of the milk cartons that Shugarush inhabitants threw in instead of paying heavy recycle bills. A crazy cyborg from a dimension of brits takes loads of milk cartons and makes them in to a space palace shaped like a triangle, with the red monkey as his serveant. The monkey team tears the palace apart with their robot, grabs the hovering figure of the missing monkey and squeezes the Milk King till he dies.
  • The huge hole in the ground The team are fighting some formless and in the end get covered in goo. Chiro isn't happy because he didn't get to fight any, so angry he runs off. He then finds out about an elevator which is sucking up the people of Sugarush and dropping them in a huge pit in the middle of nowhere. He then gets sucked up himself, and the others soon follow trying to rescue him, because they'd lost their game of checkers and were too lazy to look for it. They find out soon after it's the Skeleton King causing it all with his mutant elevator. They then fight it, only Chiro trips over onto Sprx and kills him. Then, he trips over Sprx's body again, only to fly into the monster and kills it. In the end everbody has a big party, and they all are saved from the pit.
  • Megatron The team are sleeping when they here a noise. Sprx-77 looks out and sees a giant robot named Megatron. The monkey team combine their vehicles into their robot and fight Megatron. Megatron shoots a missile at the robot but the robot dodges it. The robot tries blast Megatron but it's no use. Megatron thrashes the robot up and down. The robot fires it's Jizz missile and Megatron and the robot both jizz to death and kill each other.


  • Sprx and Nova - This pairing is known for being notoriously unpopular in the fandom, and with good reason. It just doesn't have any evidence to back it up. What makes the pairing even stranger in that it's cross-breed. I mean, everybody know about how in the season 56 finale, Sprx armor gets cracked and it is revealed that he is really a chocobo. See, Edward Elric accidentally threw one of the monkeys into the blender along with the banana it was holding, so he had to get creative about what to do with the red parts he had for it with only a day or so before he was gonna mutate into a bad guy. It was either use his pet chocobo or go monkey hunting and not have time for his smoothie. He made the only choice he could. I mean, dude, you can't let yourself leave the good world without have one last banana chocolate smoothie! It even had peanuts in it! Soon after they found out the truth about Sprx, Tidus showed up and killed him for the EXP (OMIGOSH I SAID A SPOILER SORREEE!). He got a lot too. Sprx must have been a pretty high level. Anyways, those Novrx shippers are totally disconnected with reality and are in total denial if they're not. The craziest ones are even disconnected with their fellow Novrx shippers and call the shipping Spova instead. Man, what a messed up subfandom those guys are.
  • Cloggy Colon Creature and Nova - The only truly canon pairing in the entire show. CCC turned into a cantelope in a recent episode after touching Bob the Tomato, causing Nova to admit she loved him . Unfortunately, the surprise was ruined for most of the people in the US because they all looked at spoilers from Ginovia, who got the episodes before they did. Since they were already being bad little spoiler friends, they told them to keep us updated on new episodes as the came. They've been informed the couple is getting married a few episodes down the way and then will have Cloggy Jr. (OH NOES I SAID SPOILERS AGAIN! I'M SOOOO STUPIIIID!)
  • Chiro and Jinmay - The lovely pairing of the show. Chiro falls for a new girl, Jinmay, not knowing that she's a robot under the Skeleton King's control, but even Jinmay doesn't know it. Jinmay's monkey companion, Sakko, who was secretly a spy for the Skeleton King, took her to the Skeleton King's lair and then constructed her to be evil. Then it's a showdown between the monkey team and an evil robot Jinmay, under the control of Sakko. Jinmay must remember the good memories with Chiro to get back control of herself, and then stop the evil Skeleton King. What a love!