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“I would question her intelligence, but her physical appearance is getting in the way.”

~ Oscar Wilde on Misa Amane

Misa Amane, also known as the Second Kira, is a character in the anime/manga series Death Note. She is a bitch that lusts for Light Yagami, even though he has no interest in her at all. Light uses Misa until the very end of series, where she decides that she hates him and kills him with a spork.

Short overview[edit]

Misa Stalks and Finds Light. Misa asks to be Raped by Light in Her sleep. Misa Wonders if He's Homo. (You already know that.) Misa Kills for Light and Becomes an alcoholic. Misa dies for Light. (Or because she couldn't understand how to turn-on Her Television and becomes depressed. (So many Damn Buttons for a Girl to understand.)

Regular overview[edit]

Misa was raised in some part of Japan that isn't Tokyo, with her loving mother and caring father. On a random day, some guy killed Misa's parents right in front of her, causing her to develop a thing for murderers. When she tried to have the killer arrested, he was released because of a lack of evidence. Misa somehow became a model, and went on with her life until she heard that the killer had been murdered by an unknown entity. She then decided to find this person, to thank him for avenging her parents. When she hears that "Kira" (the Japanese pronunciation of "killer", because the Japanese can't say the letter L) is in the Kanto region of Japan, she immediately goes to Tokyo, because Tokyo is one of the seven prefectures in the Kanto region.

Once there, she has a friend help her make tapes to send to the police as a joke. In these tapes, she claims to be the real Kira, and kills several honest news reporters to prove it. A member of the Japanese Task Force goes down to the Sakura TV station in order to stop the broadcast. When he gets there, Misa kills him immediately, but no one gives a shit. After this, another member of the task force drives a bus into Sakura TV's station and demands the tapes from the sleazy director-guy. Misa doesn't kill him, and he goes back to the task force with the tapes. Using these tapes, a panda disguised as a detective and a crazy guy with a God complex make a fake tape in response. In this tape, they claim to be the REAL real Kira, and demand that the impostor reply. Misa, being unintelligent and emotional, complies and gives away a lot of secret information and also a diary. L somehow doesn't notice that there's a code in the diary entries, despite being the three greatest detectives in the world, and overlooks it while Light decides to follow the diary's instructions and go to some place on some date. When he does, Misa is there, but he doesn't notice, just like for the rest of the series. Misa discovers that he's Kira by using her Sharingan, which allows her to see people's phone numbers (or maybe it was their credit card information, but no one cares). She then goes home, and looks up stuff about Light on her computer. Using this powerful weapon, she is able to find out his home address, which she goes to almost immediately. Thank you, Internet, for making it so damn easy to stalk people.