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“If you sing the OP, then you will go boom. *sings music* WTF BOOM! ”

~ ♥♪☺ Ojamajo Doremi Fan! ☺♥♪ on Lucky Star.
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Synopsis Bogala[edit]

Lucky Star (also known as Raki Suta by those crazy Japanese people who can't write in English, because they are, well, Japanese, even thought the Roman alphabet kicks buttocks) is an overrated anime that most anime fans have been smacking their dicks pledging their allegiance to since its debut in April 2007 (note that most of these fans are white otakus who collectively weigh more than the entire Halo 3 fanbase). This anime is about a group of morons and mongooses and lions and tigers and snakes oh my! and their never ending retarded adventures in school while they always fail at passing high school. The main character is a 6 year old brat named Konata Izumi, who has a hopeless addiction to anime titles such as Haruhi, online games like World of Warcraft, and activities such as as raping Kagami Hiragii. The series begins with the over nine thousand main characters attending their twenty second year of High School. The main characters worth a damn or 12 are Konata Izumi, Kagami Hiiragi, Tsukasa Hiiragi, and Miyuki Takara. As the series progresses, you will notice the many pointless references to many other anime titles and Japanese culture.

Main Characters[edit]

Characters from left to right : Tsukasa, Konata, Kagami, Miyuki
Konata eats her favorite food, the Crunchy chocolate custard filled bee hive.
Kagamin shooting anime fire (shown as a red paper fan) at Konata, typical of her serial killer like short temper
This is Lucky Star's characters real figure

Konata Izumi is a blue haired girl who is believed to be a Grade A Otaku and Pedobear's sex slave. She seems to be made of the deadly chemical otaku. her friends are afraid of her because she has strange sexual fantasies about ass raping them, many times comparing their high school life to a dating sim. She is a lesbo and loves Miyuki's boobs. She has been known to work at a cosplay café in Akihabara, where she dresses up as Haruhi Suzumiya, a girl from the anime "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya" in accordance with the requirments of Haruhiism. She lives with her dad, who buys her dating sim games. It is also believed that her father may be sexually attracted to his own daughter, however, this is the subject of not much debate. She is extremely skilled at the roundhouse kick She plays a level 9005 Tank in the popular online game World of Warcraft.

Konata seen at work in Akihabara with other mutant cosplay freaks
This is what happens when Konata gets horny and has played too many dating sims. Gettin' lucky because the show is Lucky Star!.

Kagami Hiiragi is the older fraternal twin sister of Tsukasa. Kagami has long, purple hair. She has a brutally short temper and is often seen screaming at and criticizing Konata. Typical of her aggressive behavior, she plays side scrolling shooting games like All your base. She's a bit egoistical and this is often shown during social interactions where she becomes embarrassed because someone mentions her peculiar interest in steak knives, and other assorted sharp objects. She also is fucking horrible at cooking, and is generally crappy at many useful tasks. She is Konata's girlfriend, but she wants to keep it a secret to her friends although they already know, Konata takes advantage of this and gropes Miyuki everytime she can.

After the show ended, her life unfortunately went into a steep decline from which she never fully recovered. She was arrested after a drunken fight with Sakura, and after release, short on money, took up prostitution and dealing crack, heroin, and cough syrup. She was then arrested again but bailed out by Konata. After a brief detox stint in the Betty Ford Clinic, she was released to begin filming the OAV. But the other cast members claimed to notice signs that she had relapsed, and she began searching the backstreets of San Francisco for new fixes. On November 9, 2008, she was shot in a drug deal gone wrong in Chinatown and died shortly afterward. She was 23. She will be missed.

Tsukasa Hiiragi is Kagami's airhead sister, and is a typical idiot. She fails at thinking, and never remembers anything important. She often is known to wash her cell phone with her clothes. She is also very obnoxious, for example, she text messages Kagami, who is taking a dump in the very next room, over and over and over and over and over and over and over again. Her favorite dish is the "Family bowl", which involves something along the lines of putting mayonnaise on eggs. She calls this the family bowl because mayonnaise is made from eggs, which is retarded. She also is a knockoff of a popular character from another anime, and while walking around Akihabara, is often mistaken by Otaku for this character.

Miyuki Takara has long pink hair, wears strange thick glasses, and has a Microdrive with all of Wikipedia loaded onto it implanted into her brain. Some also believe she has Wi-Fi antennas hidden in her hair. Often called "Miwiki", she knows everything about anything. Despite her limitless knowledge, she is far too afraid of the dentist to have her teeth taken care of. In her early days, before the Microdive implant, she tried to become supersmart by reading at night in the dark, when she was supposed to be sleeping. This damaged her sight, and she can no longer function without her glasses. The Microdrive implant left a scar the shape of a lightning bolt on her forehead, which can easily be compared to the scar on Harry Fucker or Soren. She is often the victim of Konata's sexual mischief due to her vulnerable look and lolicon blush. Konata compares her to a cow because she has somewhat larger than average body size. She is Harry Potter and Artemis Fowl's #1 enemy because of her intelligence and mastery of magic and Dark Arts. She once engaged in a melee with them and killed them.

Other Characters[edit]

Sojiro Izumi is Konata's dad. He was classified by the FDA as a tentacle monster, and was eaten by a Grue in Episode 23.

Nanako Kuroi is a terrible person who eats the flesh of off her students nipples and at night, if her computer does not work for online gaming, she'll will hunt down orphan kitten's (Who are also blind and deaf) And fest on there delicious furry flesh. she is also a lesbo for that police girl. Not the one on Hellsing Because she's forever alone and nobody likes her.

Yutaka Kobayakawa is Konata's loli cousin. She is very short, is afraid that she will never grow tits or get bigger, and is very weak when it comes to Fucking class. She carries on a lesbian relationship with Minami, while Minami terrified, tries to escape from Yutakas grasp. . She moved into Konata's house hoping to live a better life but realized that she made a horrible mistake because Sojiro rapes her in her sleep. The habit ended when Sojiro was eaten by a Grue and Yutaka can now live a happy life daydreaming about Minami.

Minami Iwasaki is the typical socially ackward character. She is physically fit, tall, strong, fast, has short hair, and little emotions. She fears that she will accidentally kill Yutaka when they play dodgeball. She is the class nurse officer, probably so that she can see other people's boobs and compare them to her own. She has a large dog named Cherry. Minami is Miyuki's neighbor. She is often seen massaging her boobs.

Ayano Minegishi is a very friendly girl, however she has a massive forehead. She is a typical "Feminine" type character, and is very skilled at cooking, especially cookies. She is the only Lucky Star girl skilled enough in life to reel in a boyfriend... or maybe the only one who wants one? In episode 27 (This episode wasn't aired on television so we'll never see it.), Misao pissed Ayano by accident when she had butt sex with Ayano's boyfriend. So Ayano unleashed her power of turning into a grue and ate Misao and her own boyfriend by accident. Misao was then replaced with her twin sister named Obama in the OVA who was locked into a basement to be sexually assassinated by Misao after school but was then set free when Kagami was searching for Misao's panties and stumbled upon her and then had butt sex with her dad.

Misao Kusakabe is the childhood friend of Minami and is a smelly, lazy moron. She plays video games often, but still fails miserably at them. She despises doing anything productive. She has surprisingly tanned skin for being a werewolf, with ginormous fangs sticking out of her mouth at all times.

Patricia Martin is an exchange student from the United States. Typical of the stereotype of Caucasians in Japan, she has blond hair, big breasts and is somewhat dumb. She is a cosplay freak at the same Cafe that Konata works at. Because she is American, she occasionally spouts some ingrish and is a weeaboo who thinks all Japanese are gods who like cosplay and yaoi. Also, she is the series' most annoying character, aside from Konata.

Hiyori Tamura is a truly peculiar girl. She enjoys drawing porn and is often seen sheltering her left hand, which is her fucking hand, (and a sentient being bent on world domination) from damage. She gets intensely aggressive to the point of stabbing when people invade her sketchbook. She has perversely horrifying daydreams, night dreams, and fantasies about Yutaka's and Minami's ackward friend relationship, which Yutaka insists upon while Minami is afraid of Yutaka, and often draws them in her sketches.

Scary Pink Haired Girl drunkenly glaring at Minoru.

That scary pink haired girl at the end of the show She is scary. It is unknown what she truly is (though there is some evidence that she may be a grue [1]). She is often seen mentally and verbally abusing Minoru, her assistant. She is also known as Haruko Haruhara from FLCL but after FLCL, she plays in lucky star. For some reason, she looks five and chain smokes. Her Sexuality is debatable But she is probobly a type or reverse [lolicon] as she says "I'm really popular with the [pedophiles pedophile]

Minoru Shiraishi sometimes appears in the animation, most notably at the end, while being dick fucked by the Crazy Pink Haired Girl. She once sent him on a hike to the top of Mount Fuji to get her some genuine Fuji Water. He came back a few weeks later with a fierce beard, and a bottle full of battery acid. He then told her to drink it. He is also the only one capable of using the YAAAAAIIII!!!!! beam.

Madonna who, for some unknown reason, appeared because she made the song "Lucky Star", which has no obvious connection with the anime at all, clearly she is an mental chick, with no dreams...

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