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~ Oscar Wilde on LOL


From the Dutch word Lølen, the term LOL (pronounced as one word, with a long "o", as in "Dude, I was lolling so hard that I fell over.") is commonly used throughout the internet as a means to show empathy, standing for 'Lots of love'. It can also mean 'I have nothing better to say'. LOL is not to be confused with lol, which is just a man with his arms raised.


<jameskf> My Mum just died :(
<DriverMan> LOL
<karg> LOL, that's so sad.
<qfeen> LOL :(
<drunk> LOL
<cranyon666> Thats *really* sad LOL
<eggmaster> I feel your loss
<eggmaster> LoL
<fust0r> LoL, Hope it wasn't a long and painful death 
<jameskf> Thanks Guys your the best intarweb pals i got!
<drunk> We're always here for you, LOL.                                        

Ninja Power Example

<Naruto> LOL, Who would LOL at a funeral?
<Narrator> LOL
<Shino> LOL
<Naruto> LOL?
<Shino> LOL SRSLY be careful LOL. You're on your own now LOL.
<Naruto> Ok I will try not to LOL at the funeral. 
<Shino> LOL, we don't want him to lose out on his inheritance LOL or we fail the mission LOL. 
<everyone at the funeral except Naruto> LOL! 
<Naruto> Can I please LOL now? 

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