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Whoops! Maybe you were looking for Boyfriend?

A girlfriend is something that you will never have, unless you are a girl yourself, in which case you can get one easily. If you are a girl, and want a hetero-partner, then a Boyfriend is for you (it should be noted that these are far easier to find than girlfriends). If you're a male and think you have a girlfriend, there is a 3% chance that you are correct. If you're a girl and think you have a boyfriend, there is a 97% chance that you are correct.

Girlfriends are semi-mythical breasts beasts, and they are reputed to bring great joy to their captors by means of sex and blowjobs. They are highly addictive, and like all drugs are extremely expensive. They are quite unusual in that they can bleed for a week and not die. Much like Superman. Scientists estimate that 20% are girls and as much as 55% of girlfriends are women, the remaining 25% being composed of felons, mothers, hands, and Klingons. However, when handling girlfriends, one must follow a few simple rules (such as not trusting her with a wallet full of money or leaving them alone with any male friends). Women or sometimes girlfriends job is to constanly be in the kitchen to make their man/boyfriend/husband sandwhiches all day ever day, and if they say no they have the right to be beaten. But unfortunately people like YOU rarely come across them whereas people like me swim in them. As entertaining as I'm sure that may sound to you, let it be known that nothing will ever hurt quite as much as several hundred angry women attacking at the same time for the act of piling them up horizontally and kicking at them repeatedly to try and stay "afloat".

Gin & other alcohols[edit]

Do not bring your girlfriend into contact with gin & other alcohol. Doing so her will cause her personality to multiply (though this effect may occur naturally, this causes the effect to occur more strongly and more often). While this is occasionally a good thing, more likely scenarios involve tears, bitter recriminations, jealousy and expulsion from your abode. It really isn't worth the gamble.

My girlfriend acts rather festive at Christmastime



Do not expose your girlfriend to bright light. The glare from something as innocent as a computer monitor is likely to drive a girlfriend away to go have sex. Particular care must be taken when playing Computer simulations dating Game. The bright strobing effects of the "fireworks", your high-pitched squeals of excitement and pleasure and interest in something that is not your girlfriend can only result in one thing (blissful, uninterrupted gaming nirvana, but no girlfriend you idiot).

Food and water[edit]

Do not feed your girlfriend after midnight. Doing so may cause the girlfriend to transform into a wife. Wives are a larger, scarier form of girlfriend. They will hurt you without even thinking about it. They are generally considered to be a bad thing.

You must water a girlfriend at least twice a day if you want her to live. However, this is not recommended. A living girlfriend is akin to a dead you. She says she is the beating of your heart when really she is the eater of your soul. It is best just to let her dry out, wither, get fat, and lose her will to live. When this happens, you can either dump her or chop her head off, but beware: Her head will regenerate and two heads will grow from the neck stump if you do not thrust a fiery torch into her stump within 30 seconds of chopping the head off.

Save the water to throw on the big breasted, brainless girl in the white t-shirt on the corner. She loves that. Especially in winter. she then inturn becomes your slave and will even call you her god and kill her entire family for you.

Imaginary girlfriends[edit]

If you don't have a girlfriend, you will either end up looking like this or editing Uncyclopedia (or, in fact probably both)

As girlfriends are hard to come by, particularly to readers of uncyclopedia, many resort to imaginary girlfriends or "porn".

The Girlfriend Gene[edit]

Most girlfriends don't look exactly like this.

The so called "girlfriend" gene enables one to bond socially, emotionally, and possibly sexually with a member of the opposite sex. The presence of this gene is the only biological method known to modern science for determining whether or not an individual is in fact a "true nerd," as it is known that nerds are the only people who know how to treat a woman right. It is fact that this gene is submissivedominant, but there is a sizeable portion of the population who lack the gene. This group is comprised primarily of jocks, stupid people, and people who beat me up in high school, who are likely one and the same. In fact, there are current theories that it is in fact one person being such a thorough dick that it causes hallucinations, resulting in the multitude of idiot bully jocks that you see around you. Regardless of how many members there are in this group, Scientists believe these personality archetypes will eventually go extinct due to the effects of recessive genes, and in some cases, horribly atrophied and non-functioning genitalia.

She's Cheating On You[edit]

I have something to tell you. I've been doing her behind your back. I taught her that thing she does that you like. Come on, you know what I'm talking about. Sorry but this was the best way we could think of telling you. Please, put that shotgun down. You must've seen this coming, right? I mean why'd you think she suddenly had to go somewhere so abruptly when she was making that video? Did you think she had a banjo recital? You're a dumbass. No, no, I was kidding. I don't think you're a dumbass. I think you're the brightest person I've come across in a long time. Now just put the shotgun down and we can have a nice little chat.

Similar to the section on Gin above, tequila can cause changes in behavior in girlfriends. Activities such as stripping, exotic dancing, One-night stands, and sex with multiple people are common after consumption of as little as 8 oz of tequila.

An important note to remember: If you find your girlfriend is cheating on you, don't do a thing! How many prospective girlfriends have been thrown away after all the work, just because she/he is seeing another man? As long as she is seeing you, pretend that you trust her completely. Seriously. Your mom/girlfriend will keep doing you after she tucks you in/school.

Controlling Your Girlfriend[edit]

Here is an example of a remote control for a girlfriend.

The mystical ability to control women and in particular Girlfriends has not been witnessed or wielded by Modern Man. This has resulted in Man being helpless (read Useless) in recent times; and the lack of revenue from common hos has almost destroyed the once-revered Pimp Network of Doncaster.

This fabled piece of technology was used by businessmen and Kings to control 'er indoors until Bodicea, Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth took it in turns to disguise themselves as Oliver Cromwell and beat up Charles I and wee on his throne. Having stolen this said item, it was discovered it could also be used to control Transvestites and some Southern Men, after which it was stolen back and presumed destroyed.

DISCLAIMER: This device may backfire if used incorrectly! Could result in loss of wallet; house; testicles; death; or worse, enslavement to original target.

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