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The lunch period
"Hmmm...Beats me!"

Periods are an elaborate hoax created by feminists to justify their refusal to have sex with their partners, when in fact they are cheating on them.


Hillary Clinton inventing the period

Periods were invented by Hillary Clinton to slack off from duties and completely disregard responsibilities. If anyone wanted her to do something, all she had to say was "I don't feel like it, I'm on my period!" She could also get away with the noticeable hostility by saying that periods made her uncontrollably angry.

By utilizing the period Hilary evaded all responsibility or even common decency for the sake of her apathy for everyone else around her, as the habit began to become routine (on an almost monthly basis, but she could just say she was on her period whenever she wanted, no one would know.) she began to frequently incorporate new ideas, such as frequent migraines, inability to achieve any height of sexual arousal or pleasure, and the ability to treat everyone like dirt.

Sudden popularity[edit]

Women everywhere learned of the amazing powers of being an asshole one afternoon in 1997, when Bill Clinton was making an important speech and Hillary staggered in and began demanding that Bill vacuum the carpet or she'd kill herself.

She killed herself.


In the year 2001, scientists discovered that periods were complete bullshit with an experiment. The experiment was simple: observe someone "suffering" from a period for 48 hours behind a two-way mirror.

The results: Periods are bullshit, the minute any straight male leaves the room, the subjects return to normal as though their symptoms were suddenly cured. Then, when someone knocks strongly on the door they lie on the floor and roll around and turn into whiny little bitches. The trend continued all day and night for two days, thus it was proven to be fake.

Status of periods today[edit]

Men understand that periods are just a woman's excuse for being a lazy bitch, but no one has the balls to confront a woman about it yet. Until then, the economy will suffer, people will keep dying, and women will continue to get a free ride on the period train.

How to know if someone is on a period[edit]

Evidence of a period on the rare feminine urinal in its usual habitat.

Its very difficult to know exactly when someone is on her period. They hide it very well since they received good training for it. This is very difficult for a man to know unless she tells you that herself. Here is what you need:

  • You need to be close to that person at least 9 hours per day / 6 days per week and for a whole year.
  • You will need to have a friendly / professional relationship with that person.

You know she is on her period when:

  • She is more calm than usual.
  • She is more emotional than usual.
  • She has sudden burst of emotions, like the need to have fun or the need to have a puppy or the need to cry. Note that these signs also applies to a pregnant person.
  • She will makes very low tone sounds, like as if something is penetrating her. This also means that her period is painful.
  • She will not move much and would not do actions that requires much physical movements.
  • Drinks warm water. Girls who have painful periods drink warm water because it helps.

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