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A sock fetish occurs when an individual has a sexual attraction to socks. The individual may only be attracted to certain kinds of socks, or perhaps socks with shoes, or some other thing such as that.

Socks in action! How hot!


A nerd trying to get into that girl's socks

The history of the sock fetish is sketchy at best. However, we do know how the modern day sock fetish started. One day, a nerd was sitting at a milk bar, when he suddenly saw a girl wearing socks sitting across the room. Knowing that he could never get a girl that hot he changed strategies. Rather than try to get into her panties he decided to focus on her socks instead.

The experiment was a success. Later the nerd went on to invent the internet, and he told everyone in the world about the amazing sexual adventures you can have with socks.

Word spread quickly, and soon the sock fetish was everywhere. They even dedicated it's own section in Hot Topic to it. Eventually everyone knew what the sock fetish was. Montana the place where the sock fetish was originally discovered became the sock fetish state of the world, and God I love it!

Types of sock fetishes[edit]

A example of a normal person someone with a sock fetish would want to sex up

Original sock fetish[edit]

The typical sock fetish. This is the most common type of sock fetish and the first one discovered. The details of this particular sock fetish usually involve: A girl, between 14 and 35 years of age wearing white socks. Sometimes undressing, other times wearing tight clothes. Sometimes merely the sight of socks is enough to turn on someone suffering from a sock fetish. In extreme cases, the sight of socks could kill anyone with a sock fetish, from a massive orgasm overload.

The white socks can, but don't have to be dirty. The socks can but don't have to be chewed, sucked on, licked, smelled, or fondled. On occasion, shoes can be worn with the socks, though this is not necessary.

It is possible for two people to have sex while wearing socks, but it is not recommended as it is very dangerous. An example of the dangers is this: Two people are having sex while wearing socks, suddenly one of the socks goes flying off, curls itself around the people's necks, then strangles them to death.

An anime girl wearing a sock

Anime sock fetish[edit]

An anime sock fetish is when people find pictures of anime girls (usually lolicon) wearing socks. Once the desired picture has been located, jacking off may occur.

As with all hentai there are multiple kinds of pictures with socks, only half of them furry related. Finding the right picture can be a chore. This is what Google was created for. To find a hentai sock fetish picture type in "hot sexy mind fuck socks penis prick dick girl boobs porn hentai anime saucy pancakes nipples" into the search engine.[1] Half of everything you will find should be porn, the other half will be pancakes.

Caution should be taken when pleasuring ones self to picture of anime girls wearing socks. It is easy to over do it. If one has over done it, get a fire extinguisher and for the love of porn please, oh, please put your penis out before nothing is left but a crispy finger shaped twig of ash.

A girl with EVIL NASTY black socks on

Black sock fetish[edit]

A black sock fetish is much like a normal sock fetish, but there are a few key differences. The most noticeable difference is that the socks are black. You can pretty much do all the same things as you can with a normal sock fetish. The only real difference is the socks are black.

Some of the black socks may be warmer than the white socks, though that's entirely speculation. We are certain, however, that anyone with a black sock fetish is even more perverted than their white sock fetish counterpart. Because, let's face it, black socks are just icky.

A recent law has been passed in Colorado which states, "anyone caught wearing black socks will be shot and killed. Then their body will be beaten up, like, really, really bad. And also, they'll get peed on." The law further states that the socks will be given to witches to use in their satanic rituals.

A black girl wearing socks (thank God they aren't black)

Black girl sock fetish[edit]

Black girl sock fetish, is a fetish which involves someone being attracted to a black girl in socks. But not a afro girl wearing black socks... cause that's just wrong. Everyone loves a black girl in socks, even the KKK, unless the girl is wearing socks that are black. They just hate that.

There have been a number of famous black women who wore socks. I don't know who. But I'm sure they exist.

Afro girls never wear socks. So be prepared for frustration when browsing the internet to find a way to satisfy your sick, sick fetish. The fact that there is a picture here of one wearing socks, just proves that paradoxes do exist.


Ankle/trainer sock fetish[edit]

This fetish is common in younger men. As the socks are smaller they are much cuter and for youngsters between the age of 8 and 14, cute is sexy. As pre-pubescent guys usually have smaller penises, these socks are perfect to fit around them.

They are usually better patterned, in light colours and dirty.

Two girlies with toe socks *giggles*

Toe sock fetish[edit]

Everyone knows toes are the sexiest part of the foot. Therefore, toe socks are the sexiest kinds of sock fetishes.

There are multiple things you can do with toe socks. You can play this little piggy with them. You can put your fingers between the toes and pretend you're holding hands... with a foot. You can put the toes in your mouth and suck on them (which will probably involve taking off the sock, which sort of defeats the purpose). You can stick your dick stick between her toes and rock her sock.

A study has shown that girls who wear toe socks are the most ticklish girls of all. So the next time you get into a fight with one, just push her down, and tickle her feet. NOTE: When you push her down, make sure you push her onto a couch or a other soft surface, otherwise, the girl will most likely die.

Ew! A leg warmer! Bleh!

Leg warmer fetish[edit]

Leg warmers aren't socks. They're like the drunken uncle of socks. They shouldn't even be in this list. However they are, so we might as well talk about them.

Leg warmers are good for nothing bastards. They spend all day sucking your life force away like a parasite, while they "claim" to keep you warm. Which they don't even do, I might add. They don't keep you warm, they just make your legs sweaty, that's all.

Thank God we can only see his ass

Gay sock fetish[edit]

There are people with a gay sock fetish out there. Not that there's anything wrong with that. I like gay men as much as the next guy. (Well, not in a gay way or anything, y'know.) That's why I've dedicated a section to this particular fetish.

Gay sock fetishes are the male equivalent to the normal sock fetish.

Men only wear white socks. Unless they're trying to attract children. That is the only time men are allowed to wear socks other than white. It is also not appropriate for men to wear no socks at all, because that defeats the purpose of the sock fetish. Also, it's queer. Though if it wasn't that would defeat the gay part, so either way, a purpose is defeated.

OMG! Two different flavors of socks! So sexy!

Mismatched sock fetish[edit]

Some like 'em hot, some like 'em cold, some only like to fock, mis-matched socks. Another type of fetish that doesn't get too much attention is the mismatched sock fetish.

To people with a mismatch sock fetish it's like doing two different people at the same time. On one foot, it's like a innocent librarian, on the other foot, it's like a sexy, naughty nurse. It's like a threesome, you, left foot, right foot, and a whole lot of love.

For an added thrill, dip one foot into chocolate, and dip the other in peanut butter. You don't have to lick it off, though that is sort of the point. It will make the feet look and smell different, and increase the differences in personalities even more so.

A sock puppet, sex it at your own risk

Sock puppet fetish[edit]

For some people, socks on people just aren't all that sexy. That's why they invented the sock puppet fetish. The sock puppet fetish originally began when someone was watching Sesame Street and thought, "that Grover is pretty hot!" From there the people began making their own muppets sock puppets.

Creating your own sock buddy sock puppet, is not that hard. All you need is a sock, a sultry, sexy, silky soft sock. Glue some little googly eyes on it. Maybe draw on a smile. Now you have your sock puppet.

What most people with sock puppet fetishes do is set their sock puppet on their boom stick, and let the sock puppet jump up and down on it, until they feel satisfied. This is perhaps one of the most disgusting perversions out there the way God intended man and sock puppet to love and live together.

The most disturbing fetish EVER...

Sock monkey fetish[edit]

Sock monkey fetishes are closely related to the sock puppet fetish, and the sea monkey fetish. It is largely believed that some highly disturbed individual combined the two, and that's how the sock monkey fetish was born.

No one has studied the sock monkey fetish closely, however, we do know that people suffering from said fetish are more likely to commit monkey related crimes, more specifically, breaking Curious George out of captivity.

People with sock monkey fetishes aren't attracted to monkeys themselves, they are however attracted to soft, smelly, shit flinging toys or stuffed animals. But since sock monkeys can't fling shit themselves, they have to fling their own shit for them, and pretend the sock threw it. Needless to say, it's awesomely disgusting.

Sock fetish cure[edit]


A cure for the dreaded sock fetish has long been researched but only recently discovered. It was discovered by a Russian redneck (I didn't even know they have rednecks over in Russia, but hey, I guess they do), who was trying to create a new drug by mixing crack, weed, meth, and a McDonald's Happy Meal together. While he was doing this, he accidentally dropped a sock into the concoction.[2] After an ensuing explosion, the redneck looked into the pot he was cooking his gross masterpiece in, and voila, the cure for the common sock fetish had been discovered.

Do you really want to be attracted to THAT for the rest of your life?

Side effects[edit]

While taking Dr. Imadrugdealer's cure for sock fetishes, be aware that there are multiple side effects, some of which include: Burning or itchy eyes, uncontrollably shitting yourself, growing a extra pair of testicles, and an uncontrollable attraction to Rosie O'Donnell. In retrospect, the cure is far, FAR worse than the disease.

Sock fetish images[edit]

I realize there might actually be some people out there with a sock fetish reading this. Well then, in that case I have a surprise for all you perverts. I have compiled a section of sock fetish related pictures for you to enjoy!

Oh, right!


  1. When trying this, make sure you aren't using your mom's computer. She'll find out, believe me!
  2. On closer inspection, we believe he was just doing his laundry.

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