Miserable Son of a Bitch

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You are truly a miserable son of a bitch, old photograph.
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“Johnny!!! You Miserable Son of a Bitch!”

~ Johnny's mum on Johnny

The Miserable Son of a Bitch (abbr. MSoB) is a member of the Puppis Tiniatus genre of the Doggin animal group. He is a central figure in dog and wolf mythology and may even feature in Beowulf and Werewolf mythology. The Miserable Son of a Bitch is thought to be the Dalai Lama of the Western canine group.

There have been 147 recorded Miserable Son of a Bitches since the MSoaB list was started in 1565 by Sir Cornelius Mastersicle out of Tweed. New ones are continually being discovered. The average life-span of the Miserable Son of a Bitch is 12 years, usually due to the lack of veterinary insurance with the job of the Miserable Son of a Bitch. Osama bin Laden is a member.

A dog with the title of Miserable Son of a Bitch is to be called 'His/Her Bitchiness'. A human with that name is called something much less flattering. FionnBharr is very safe but when he looks at the full moon he turns into a button.

It should be pointed out that everyone who is a Miserable Son Of A Bitch is not in fact miserable. Some are quite happy, with only everyone else who comes into even the briefest contact with them being miserable ones. In accordance with the advice some idiot lawyer just gave us to prevent lawsuits, we are obligated to point that out, and to discourage stereotyping every Son Of A Bitch as a miserable one.