Fuck fucking fucked fucker fucking fuckups fuck fucking fucked fucking fuckup fucking fucker's fuck

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S = Sentence, E = Exclamation, NP = Noun Phrase, VP = Verb Phrase,
RC = Relative Clause, V = Verb, N = Noun, PN = Possessive Noun,
ADJ = Adjective, ADV = Adverb, AEA = Adjective-Enhancing Adverb,
OVA = Object-Verb Adjective.

"Fuck fucking fucked fucker fucking fuckups fuck fucking fucked fucking fuckup fucking fucker's fucking fuckup." is a grammatically correct sentence first said by Lewis Black which can often be used as an example of how homonyms and homophones can be used to create complicated constructs.

The sentence consists of fourteen consecutive uses of various variations of the word "fuck", a word famous for its versatility. The sentence has been discussed in literature since 1872, when it was first used by Queen Victoria, currently an associate professor at the University of Fucking.

Sentences of this type, although not in such a refined form, have been known for a long time. A classic example is the proverb "Don't bone boned bones until boned bones bone you".

Sentence Construction

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The sentence is unpunctuated and uses eleven different readings of the word "fuck." In order of first use, these are:

  1. The exclamation "Fuck!", often used by someone who is angry, scared, shocked, or experiencing intense pleasure or pain, or any other emotion for that matter.
  2. The adverb "fucking", which is used two different ways in this sentence. In this first case it is used to enhance an adjective. Example: "That girl is fucking sexy!".
  3. The adjective "fucked", meaning drunk, stoned, on fire, or generally doomed or in danger.
  4. The noun "fucker", meaning "unpleasant person".
  5. The adjective "fucking", used to enhance a noun. Example: "Stop fantasizing about your fucking mum!".
  6. The noun "fuckup", meaning someone who is clumsy and incompetent, and destroys everything they touch. See American.
  7. The verb "to fuck", meaning "to screw over".
  8. The adverb "fucking", this time used to enhance a verb. Example: "You fucking shot me!"
    "What the Fuck?!"
  9. The verb "to fuck (up)", meaning "to destroy" or "to ruin".
  10. The verb "to fuck", meaning "to have sexual intercourse with".
  11. The noun "fuck", meaning the act of sex.

Marking each variation of "fuck" with its use as shown above gives:

Fuck1 fucking2 fucked3 fucker4 fucking5 fuckups6 fuck7 fucking8 fucked9 fucking5 fuckup6 fucking10 fucker's4 fuck11.

Thus, the fucking sentence when parsed reads as follows:

Fuck! (The) fucking fucked fucker (whom) fucking fuckups fuck fucking fucked (up the) fucking fuckup-fucking fucker's fuck!
Fuck! The fucking fucked fucker (who is fucked by fucking fuckups) fucking fucked up the fucking fucker (who fucks fuckups)'s fuck!

Complete understanding of the sentence can be achieved by substituting all of the words with synonyms or similar expressions:

Oh my God! The very unpleasant drunk man, who is often screwed over by really incompetent people, badly ruined the bloody incompetent-person-shagging man's sexual encounter.

As well as demonstrating how complex sentences can be made using consecutive repetitions of certain words, this sentence also demonstrates how versatile the word "fuck" is. No other word in the English language can form a sentence as long and complex as this example. Linguists everywhere encourage people to make more sentences like it and use this unique, flexible word as much as possible, as it will increase one's speaking skills considerably. Frequent use of the word also increases the efficiency of data communication, as documents with a high Fucking Fuck Density (FFD) can be compressed by as much as fifty percent; a technique often used in Samuel L. Jackson movies to keep the file sizes of the scripts down to a minimum. This article, for example, has an average FFD of 2.476 Fucks per Sentence, approximately equal to that of the film Pulp Fiction.

In conclusion: Fuck you all.

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