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"Spork" is a term for taking bogus articles from bogus sites such as Wikipedia, placing them on Uncyclopedia, and fixing them up. GameFAQs is an article that has been sporked.

Full sporks[edit]

Sporks can be shown off by adding {{spork|(source name)}} to the spork's coding, like this:

Spork.jpg This page was originally sporked from some site.

The example was {{spork|some site}}.

Partial sporks[edit]

If parts of the article are sporked (but not the original incarnation of the article), this template indicates sporking/sporkage:

{{Partialspork|some site}}

Interwiki map[edit]

A number of pre-defined shortcuts are available for quicklinks from Uncyclopedia to articles in other wikis, in the format Wikicities: Main Page or Wikipedia:Pirate decryption, without specifying the fully-qualified URL. See Wikipedia:Meta:Interwiki map or Interwiki map at Wikia for the full list.

See also[edit]

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Spork.jpg This page was originally sporked from Uncyclopedia.