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Comedyology is the study of the craft of Comedy. Comedy is a communication system for people to make other people realize how stupid some things are. Be they stupid people, places or things. Comedy is usually expressed by Comedians which may be Canadians, individuals, teams or troupes. Animators and illustrators may also qualify as comedians, as their product serves the same purpose. Certainly, Propaganda, pornography and laundry detergent advertisements may be funny, and serve as de facto comedy, but they are not officially comedy.

Internet comedy, called Lulz, was initially just about cats and a few other cute animals. It was introduced in the 1950s, with dogs introduced within a year, after much demand in the UK. It also used the terrestrial internet through ground-based modems. Later, high speed via overhead and/or underground wiring and then 3G were introduced. More recently in the 21st century, lulz has increasingly moved from analog to digital technology.

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The creation of the knock knock joke can be traced back to England, around 1032, near the end of the "Comedic Dark Age". Many court jesters were losing their popularity around that time; the latest addition of fools (disfigured people rambling like complete idiots) quickly replaced them due to their lower import price. Much like in modern times, the crazy, random, and stupid had beaten the witty, mature, and hard working.

Anyways, two unknown jesters of the period needed some quick cash and thought up the routine known as "Ye Olde Knocke Knocke Joke". The following is a transcript of the joke. It should be noted that many Bothans died to bring us this information.


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"And yea, God did provide Happy Meals unto them, for they were the hungry 5000. And blessed were the free toys...And on the third day the burgers and fries were reheated and served again...and he saw that it was good. [McCheese 15:24]"

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Chapman (right) with John Cleethorpes (center) and Benjamin Disraeli, 1st Earl of Beaconsfield (left) discuss the finer points of dressing up as old women and screeching a lot
Sir Alfred E. Neuman, OAE is both founder and pundit-numero uno of the absurdist political publication, Mad Magazine. Since Mad's inception it is famously ridiculed for containing non compos mentis maxims of great wit and lunacy attributed to Alfred, who the magazine often refers to as "Mad's maddest cartoon." Alfred’s credo of “What, me worry!?” has both dumbfounded and confounded the lives of his fellow earthlings for decades. But, the mirth be known and laid aside, Alfred's Mad Magazine identity is simply an elaborate ruse to conceal his international secret. Not that anyone would believe it, but Alfred E. Neuman is the real power behind the office of U.S. President, regardless of what decoy appears to win the elections.


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"What is this, some kind of joke?"

The more you drink, the funnier this is • Comedy was invented by God when he created the Duck-billed Platypus? • A priest, a rabbi and a minister walked into a bar and ordered a drink. • Karl Marx is considered the father of Comedism. • In Poland, Polish jokes are just called jokes. • What is more disgusting than a pile of dead light bulbs? • Jesus is coming, so try and look busy. • No bumper stickers were harmed, making this list.




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