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Vehicle characterized by its ability to go over 400 km/h and if able to take a curve thanks to its light weight, never demonstrated by those McDonald's idiots of McLaren this car it is almost impossible to get since only 375 units were made.

the car promises to be so efficient and fast that it could run against the very sun.

The McLaren P1 is a car made in Sunk Kingdom by the company of the same name, which is a particularly difficult model for many to come by, as only 375 units were made. , of which the Sultan of Brunei has 300, his son 50, Elon Musk 2 and the Presidents of all the member countries of the European Union share one, which they bought by making little cow with the accumulated GDP of their countries and they share it in shifts of 3 days a year each. As for the rest, there isn't enough money even in Darth Vader's pocket to pay for them. It is considered one of the best cars of all time, despite the fact that, in reality, those who think that way cannot even buy a Fiat 600 and, therefore, never tried this auto nor did they get to see someone who has used it live and direct. Maybe it has to do with the fact that he's really pretty and looks like the handsome brother from The Transformers.

The deadliest and fastest weapon of mass destruction that exists on the corner market.


Speedometer (kmh).JPG

is electronically limited to 350 km/h but without limiter it is 408 km/h more or less or maybe 411 km/h

Original model[edit]

The hulk in question.

The first public presentation of this glorious specimen was at the Motor Show in the country of guillotines, in the year the world was going to end but nothing happened. The car was something like the spiritual successor to the McLaren F1[1], as well as being the latest trend among the rich who love to want to collect these cars as if they were Hot Wheels.

As for how it works, it is an electric car. To charge it, you are going to have to consume more electrical energy than Venezuela in 10 years to fill 1% of the tank, but nobody was worried about that because people who can afford this kind of vehicle can buy 4 nuclear power plants and 6 power plants, so you can charge it properly. As for the power, it is said that its speed is very high, even too high to be handled on planet Earth, because it reaches such speed levels that by gently stepping on the accelerator for 1 minute you can change the gear. rotating orbit of the planet and go back 1 year in time.

The latter meant that few buyers really dared to even bid.

  • The Sultan of Brunei, Muda Hassanal Bolkiah, bought 350 units to use as a weapon against those who want to overthrow him and take his throne[2], giving 50 to his son the soccer player so he can have fun painting them as if they were coloring books.
  • Elon Musk bought 2: one for himself and one for his wife. He wanted to use both to copy the engine for his car of the future, but in tests he ended up driving in the water and causing 15 tsunamis in Bolivia and Paraguay, limiting himself to driving it in the field with his mistress so as not to kill anyone.
  • Those from the European Union saw such potential destruction of the vehicle and decided to use it as a weapon to protect themselves from Putin's children, having in mind hiring Pastor Maldonado to drive for a while near the borders of the country with the vehicle in question. The plan was scrapped because Maldonado is more communist than Stalin's mustache, so they better tried someone more inclined to hate Russians, so they tried using the failed Asian [[Formula] drivers 1]] for them to practice. However, neither they understood Chinese nor did the Chinese understand English, so they wait until Grosjean decides to retire from racing to call him.

McLaren P1 GTR[edit]

It's the same as above, but the Geneva convention doesn't prohibit you from driving it... that much.

The fat light and yellow version of the P1, has more power but that seems to have made it much slower than the original model, being used in car races... or it is supposed to be used, since not even the McLaren people want to use it for fear of scratching the paint in the race because it was so beautiful, and the other human beings realized that it was going so fast that it could exceed supersonic speed, achievement obtained only by Flash driving the car of The Flintstones when he wanted to get home to go to the bathroom.

As for its owners, only those who already had a unit of the original vehicle could access it, making 35 units. This made no one want to buy the GTR units. After all, why would they buy the same car but for racing if no buyer was a racer? Also, it was impossible to drive on the streets because it was so fast, making it illegal, and where's the joke in buying a super expensive car if I can't drive it in front of people to envy me?

Ferrari LaFerrari[edit]

'The Ferrari LaFerrari giving a Rock concert to celebrate its 70 years

The second slowest car among the three rivals since it reaches 372 km/h. This car is characterized by being the second Ferrari car to exceed 360 km/h, although those Ferrari assholes did not know that it reached 370 km/h.

Porsche 918[edit]

People say this car is sexy but nothing is sexy without boobs to me.

The slowest car of the three since it only reaches 353 km/h.


in conclusion it costs a lot of money

More than that of a Ferrari without being a Ferrari.


The McLaren P1 was created when McDonald's ran out of F1 McLarens and they sent their McLaren slaves to make one faster and deliver their hamburgers now and there came the great McLaren f1 p1 as fast as the speed of light, speed only reached by flash in homer simpson's car when he wanted to get home to go to the bathroom to urinate.


Here the car that elon musk destroyed

The McLaren F1 a shit beauty of junk car that is slower than the p1 where did I get that from I don't know I just know what is faster this car was the first Maclaren car and that is why they love it so much this car is characterized especially by destroying the Bugatti EB110 record and bankrupting Bugatti for the th time in terms of its speed it reaches 391 km h quite differentiated against the p1


note that this car looks a lot like the mclaren p1
'Here the supposed fastest car from McDonnal's McLaren

The supposed fastest mclaren car or at least that's what those assholes say McLaren Speedtail reaches 403 km/h an achievement obtained only by the flintstones driving homer simpson's car when his son wanted to get to school to go to the bathroom no come to me with that it is faster than the p1 that they will die .


the p1 is totally nerfed because they limited it to 350 km/h to say that the Speedtail and the f1 are faster than assholesthan intelligent that even for a moment I believed that that was their speed that until I cried because when I saw it I said omg what a great car it must be much faster than a 2004 bugatti veyron.

McLaren P1 LM[edit]

the original model and the gtr run against the sun but this one doesn't even beat a miata

It's the same as the P1 GTR, but street legal and it's black, and this one they wanted to buy, whether it's for racing, normal car, garage decoration, or hooking up with attractive women. In fact, even this version was freely usable in racing, and could even break a couple of track records. However, they only made 5 plus a prototype because they're not convinced about the price and want to cram in something else that can put a hole in the wallet of any spoiled kid who wants to own it.


  1. No, it's not the one used by McLaren in his Formula 1 team, it's a car that looks like the Delorean of Back to the Future but with plastic surgery and liposuction.
  2. Just imagine an army using those beasts to overwhelm their opponents... I assure you that the leader of the riot can't even find it with a microscope.