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~ Ice Cube on Pimpmobiles

“Now that... that shit is pimp.”

~ Oscar Wilde on Pimpmobiles

“Hey chump, chumpette, I'm gonna catch the next pimpmobile out of here.”

~ Bender on Pimpmobiles

“In Soviet Russia, ride pimps you!”

~ Russian Reversal on Pimpmobiles

Pimp that Morris Minor

The Pimpmobile is the car that Your Holiness the Pimp rides in when he makes his rare public appearances. Pimp Paul II was the first Pimp to ride in a Pimpmobile, and since then every Pimp has ridden in nothing but the Pimpmobile.

An aspiring young Pimpmobile attempting to attract females.



Each Pimpombile must have bulletproof glass, to prevent the Pimp from being assassinated in a drive-by shooting by a bunch of stupid motherfucker bitches who try to step. Pimpmobiles also have features such as racing stripes and spoilers, so that if an assassination attempt does occur, the Pimp can get the fuck out of there. Due to the Pimpmobile's high speed, a speaker is attached to the front that blares "Move, bitch, get out da way! Get out da way, bitch!" repeatedly, so as to alert anyone to avoid the Pimpmobile's path. This feature can be disabled, however, should the Pimp desire to execute a stupid ho for not paying the appropriate tithe.


Due to stress caused by the noneasiness of pimpin', the Pimpmobile must be comfortable. Seats are made of Italian leather, which is convenient because the Pimp lives right next to Italy. The Pimpmobile also features electronics including a DVD player and a xbox 360 so that after the Pimp has done his daily job of communicating the word of sex to the people, he may watch Full Metal Jacket and play some Grand Theft Auto: Vatican City. Naturally, the Pimp is also fond of fucking The pimp mobile may also have fur to feel when the hoes ain't cummin'.