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the flash in cuestion.

The Koenigsegg Agera is a hypercar lauded by car-sick people. Produced by the Swedish heads of Koenigsegg (Hoe-big-sex) who make many exclusive cars only for shit, people with silver and anyone who spends all their savings to have a race car locked in their garage, and for the same reason not many have been made. Koenigsegg and Bugatti compete to sell fast and expensive cars of all colors and flavors, which is why both companies often sacrifice their employees and make good luck charms out of cast tires to see which one does better. A lot of lifeless people like to compare the cars of both, specifically the Bugatti Veyron with the Agera so don't be surprised to see both cars fighting to the death in some abandoned club while both of them heads of companies suck the blood of the employees of the competition.


In 2010, on the company's 15th anniversary, the Koenigsegg employees not only sewed the quinceañera dresses, but also showed their new model at the Auto Show, the Koenigsegg Agera, which was full of blood, sweat and tears of the 400 Koenigsegg employees.


the squared heads

the square heads came up with the best idea for the design of their new car.... to reuse the design of their first car and just change the headlights a bit and tune it up enough to exceed 425 km / h and be destroyed by the Bugatti Veyron.

The inside[edit]

the inside of the future

the interior of the koenigsegg agera is like those of trunks' future car interiors in case trunks wants to drive one to travel back in time and on his steering wheel he has everything padded for gays like you July from the simpson and with little blue lights and light blue for those who are afraid of the dark and who no longer travel with mommy and daddy.


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