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~ A tourist after spotting the 8th toll booth in the past 15 minutes on the Turnpike

Pennsylvania: The Quacker State
Flag of Pennsylvania.png
Flag of Pennsylvania
State Flower: Mountain Laurel
Official Languages: English
State Toy: Slinky (100% true)
State Fish: Whatever New Jersey has, we'll take
State Motto: "You got a purdy mouth..."
Nickname: Pennsyltucky, The Key Stoned State
Currency: U.S. Dollar, Cheesesteak, Amish dollars
Principal Imports: Trees, Quackers
Principal Exports: Rednecks ,Jail Bait,Granny Porn, Shoes, Flies, and Pie
Climate: Warm Summers and Freakin' Cold Winters
AKA: The Amish Commonwealth that's still better than a state

Pennsylvania is one of four states of the United States that try to conceal even that simple fact by claiming to be a "commonwealth." The devout, religious citizens of Pennsylvania include the Amish, Quakers, holy-rollers, Muslims and black-separatist churches, and a few parishioners who are actually normal, though they are outside the scope of this article.

Pennsylvania consists of urban grime in the east, and proud coal-mining and steelworking grime in the west, with stretches of pastoral bliss in between, if you don't consider the religious kooks. These regions are united by a system of Turnpikes, which is almost as good as the thoroughfares in neighboring states, except that these cost money.

Pennsylvania is sometimes referred to as The Keystone Empire by the six living Pennsylvania Nationalists.


Foundation of the Kingdom[edit]

William Penn, the founding father of Pennsylvania, was a very successful man. He grew up in England a productive and prosperous man. He was a Klingon warrior who wanted nothing more than to have people of all faiths (especially Protestants and Catholics) to live side by side in peace.

Unfortunately, many people thought he was a Romulan.

“He would secretly hold meetings with some other Quackers who were really undercover Romulans. During these meetings, children were burned, women were tortured, and the language of the Devil was spoken. As you can imagine, the neighbors were not thrilled by the noise. They sent a complaint to the neighborhood association, and warned Penn that if he continued to hold wild parties (they were quite obtuse), he could be kicked out of the neighborhood, and even England itself.”

~ George Rotteringhamburgshire on William Penn

Rotteringhamburgshire, the leader of the Romulan rumor, was accidentally shot in the back by Hunter, his lover, and the entire movement collapsed. Penn would not be Satanist for a long time.

Anyway, Penn couldn't stay in England, because he was being persecuted for being something OTHER than some random church, so one night he and his fellow Klingon warriors discussed the situation while roasting marshmallows over the corpse of Rotteringhamburgshire. They realized that there was plenty of land available in the New World, and that they could even try to establish a Holy Empire there. So, they decided to appeal to the King, Charles II, for a charter that would grant them land there. They agreed that their land, if granted, would be called "Pennsylvania" which would be in the face of Dracula, saying "This is Penn's land, and you're gay."

In the year of our Lord 1681, King Charles granted Penn a charter for land from the Delaware River to the west in addition to a Land Before Time DVD. Needless to say, Penn was overjoyed by this, because he could now claim land all the way to the Pacific Ocean. However, realizing that this meant claiming land in Kansas, Wyoming and Utah, Penn decided to stick only with the land that is today the state of Pennsylvania. He might have been a Quacker, but he was no Creationist.

The Dark Force Rises[edit]

Shortly after their charter was granted, Penn and his followers moved to their new land. They knew that their scheme of gathering Quackers to take over the New World had to start out covert. Penn knew that an overwhelming majority of Aimish and Quackers were pretty freakin' insane. He hired advertisers to promote Pennsylvania to these people. Within a year, more than 1 million Aimish and Quackers had moved to Pennsylvania. The problem was that an estimated 25% (250,000) were secretly Satanist. If left unchecked, they could easily defeat the remaining 750,000 that didn't believe in fighting. They quickly formed an occult and even got William Penn, formerly rumored to be Satanist, to join. Thus the Satanists were now in charge of the entire colony.

[Satanists create distraction from actual plans by fighting with Maryland over border.]

Ben Franklin, The Savior[edit]

[Ben Franklin rises to overthrow the Satanists.]

Oh, The Irony[edit]

Before they were thrown from power, the Satanists wrote into Pennsylvania law that no money may be used from the state budget to construct road signs. They believed that this would eventually fuck Pennsylvania over by discouraging people from driving through the state. And then, when things were in a state of chaos, the Satanists could come back and take over the state once again.

However, much later, in the 1950's, a group from Westylvania brought steel from Pittsburgh and constructed thousands upon thousands of road signs, along with the Pennsylvania Turnpike. The beauty of this Turnpike is unmatched by any other road in the entire Universe. Its awesomeness reigned over so many people that they could not bear to leave it, so they settled in Pennsylvania. As a result, Pennsylvania's population and economic growth can largely be attributed to that road, causing people to settle in the middle-of-nowhere and start a family or business. This is how places like State College, Pittsburgh and Allentown were established. It actually makes sense. Really, who would want to live in these places otherwise?


The Western counties surrounding the city of Pittsburgh and Altoona are full of God-fearing whites cligging to their bibles and guns. The region extends from a spit of land on Lake Erie to bordering on Williamsport (the nation's meth capital) to Harrisburg (the real state capital) to the people in Sunbury who for some reason hate Spicks and New Englanders.

Another regionalism is in Northeast Penn. facing the tri-state area of New York-New Jersey. Scranton or "Scrap metal" as it is known by critics, is the east end of the nation's rust belt, included are Mount Pocono full of jobless unemployed bums (blame Corbett) and Stroudsburg where everyone is HIGH. Don't forget to check out a town called Jim Thorpe named for the "world's greatest athlete" who was almost stripped of all his olympic gold medals.

The People[edit]

900% German, 74% Italian, 33% Black-American, 33% Mennonite and 23% every other nationality in the world. There are also a few angels as well.


The Amish who got their name because they start most conversations with I'm aim'in to.... (like: I'm aim'in to go gig me some crawdads or I'm aim'in to learn ya a good one if ya don't settle down, etc.). Mostly harmless, because they don't have any prank calls to defend themselves. Seriously, no electrics. But at least they have awesome land to live on.


You might think that this article has misspelled "Quaker" every time. In fact, it is you who has misspelled Quacker every time. You see, the misspelling of "Quacker" originates from the French during the French and Indian War in the 18th century. When the Quackers were advocating peace between the French and English, the French only became more enraged by their efforts, and decided to call them "Quakers." That made the Quackers so angry that they decided to side with the English and kill any French or Native American who crossed their path. Unfortunately, it is a very old spelling and is only used on this article to portray Pennsylvania's awesome history.

Native Americans (Indians)[edit]

The Indians knowing which side of the bread was being buttered immediately fled the area or hid . Those that hid are still there today disguised as acorns, chestnuts, tree stumps, mud puddles, poison ivy and a few other things.


Franklinites are a diverse group of followers of Ben. They remain low key and in the background.

Obese Morons[edit]

They cover a wide geographical range & make up -6% of the commonwealth's population. They enjoy partaking in the gourmet delicacies offered throughout the state, such as: cheesesteaks, Primantis, Hershey's chocolate, pierogies, Auntie Anne's pretzels, potato chips, ketchup, apple sauce, milk, butter (did you SEE the butter sculpture at the farm show??), scrapple, cheez whiz straight from the can, Yuengling, Yuengling Lager, Yeungling Light Lager, Yeungling Bock, Yeungling Black & Tan, Yeungling Octoberfest & Lebanon bologna. Now you know why everyone in the state is fat, no vegetables are in the Pennsylvania diet except potato chips & ketchup.

The Cities, and Other Locations of Interest[edit]


Obviously the most awesome city in the entire state, and that's a record you want to have. Sporting the best football team in the country,The Pittsburgh Steelers. The Steelers are 6 time super bowl champions and its fans will always remind you of this. The fans are know for being the best fans in the league. They are know as 'Steeler Nation' and their flag is the famous Terrible Towel, invented by the Legend himself, Myron Cope. However, the fans are also some of the most obnoxious in the league, but with good reason, I mean 6 time super bowl champs. A famous quote from the fans is,"Got 6 rings?. I didn't think so. But we do". The Steelers are named for the massive amounts of steel Pittsburgh produced back in the day The city of Pittsburghs sports steam all share a common bond, Black and Gold. Black and Gold, the colors that unite Steelers and Pirate, Pirate and Penguin, father and son, mother and daughter, Black and Gold the colors that unite the city, the Nation the People. Anyway, there are many things to do around Pittsburgh, including Kennywood, The Strip District, and I do believe there might be a few micronations scattered here and there. Pittsburgh also has the best skyline in the state. Anyway, yinz wanna visit.


It floods here all the time. In 1889, 1935 and 1977, like a 40-some year curse has on them. Johnstown keeps rebuilding itself in such a place where the river was supposed to be rushing. Move the town uphill or something, you must be on crack?


The spirits of redskins in Pennsylvania used to all gather in this area to moan and howl. When a city was build here it was called Erie for the erie noises. When Ben Franklin sent exorcists here, they were never seen again. Now, Canada sends its ambassadors here to shop. Aside from this, there's nothing much to do here.


People mistakenly believe this was named as a port for William. In fact It was named for the fact that William used it as a hunting preserve: William's sport (that sport being hunting unbelievers and were-wolves).

It is home of the Little League world series, where teams represent your local kiddie ball team take on a foreign country known for hiring fake midget players in their rigged games. What a sport it is, too bad the innocence of the game is ruined.

Lycoming County[edit]

This is the area around Williamsport named for the stray Lycanthropes that got off the hunting preserve. However they were all killed 300 years ago.


William Penn set up his mistress, "Witch Hazel" with her own town. God knows who she was or what she did.


Steel was incorporated in this town. The first water-works to pump water for public use was built here. Home of the Moravians and some Xmas Star shining on the mountain. A town named after Jesus Christ.

Jim Thorpe[edit]

There was an old prison here that has a ghostly handprint formed by a Native American. Molly Mcguires, coal miners and Italians reside here.

South Central[edit]

4 Chuthullu Churches, 2 burning incents or innocents on the bank of the Susquehanna. Otherwise known as nuclear towers because no one's clear on how safe they are.

Susquehanna River[edit]

Interestingly this river is named after one of the elder chuthullu gods, who coincidentally shares the name with a local Injun tribe. Heck, they probably got their name from him. History shows others had the same idea as Penn and settled in what is now Pennsylvania to worship without interruption by annoying neighbors. The things reported to live in this river scare even the wolves.


Named after Harry S. Burgmann the legendary Chuthullu worshiper who relocated his cult here. The skirmishes between the Chuthullu Cult and Penn's satanists were dark, dirty, nasty and ugly. No, they're all gone. Today it's a hellhole run by Tom Corbett to be a pit for all the money he sucked from the public schools in Westylvania.

And don't forget to join a sightseeing tour of Three Mile Island. Watch the cooling tower reactors burn down and glow at night.


Crime-filled, the entire city is under public surveillance cameras. Home to mostly Puerto Ricans, Mexicans, Cubans and other Hispanics in a battle for turf against the black people and white people. The local history is Germans and Dutchmen were thrown out by the Irish and Italians before they too were thrown out by Southern whites (See rednecks) or green Russians (see Jews) over time.

All locals have been trained to spot non-locals on the sole basis that non-locals will unintelligently say LAN-caster instead of Lang-KIS-ter. Anyone who says LAN-caster will have their vehicles broken into while they take the kiddos to Dutch Wonderland for the day, but it's their own damn fault for leaving the GPS & credit cards in plain view with the doors unlocked like they were still in their cozy gated communities.


The acclaimed hometown of Jon Gosselling and his wife Kate who have 8 kids on a reality show and have a bad marriage fall apart in the public eye. How embarrassing is that? Jon is a dork, Kate is a white trash ho and all the 8 kids will fall into foster care.

Enough about that, Reading is a rusty-old town without work and all of a sudden, New York yuppie types want to live there? The city's symbol is a Pagoda- don't they know they're not in Asia?

The city is most famous for its railroad, which was once used to transport flightless birds and porn across the Atlantic Ocean. Today, the Reading Railroad is only used to piss people off in a game of Monopoly.


Not New York, but just as urban blighted. They had a race riot in 1968 when they had it up to here with niggers. The war of the races (black roses win). A real-estate boom brought tons of New Yorkers, New Jerseyites, New Englanders (go home), Puerto Ricans and Central Americans (you know, those MS13 Salvadoran gangs) to make York into an extension of the Philly metro area megapolis.


In the north end of North Montgomery county of North Penn Colony with a Northeast angle of former New Yorkers, Californians and Floridans want to live here. Souderton is the hub of a housing boom-and-bust commuter bedroom-and-bathroom community in Bucks (or Buttfucks) County.

Souderton A.k.a Yuppie central, town-and-country folk and enough Home Depots aside Wal-marts and Bed-Bath-and-Beyonds to make your head spin. The locals can afford their daily drive to work and back home on the not-so-cheap turnpike.

The town is 90% Caucasians, except 9% Asians and 1% token black folk, but lately the composition has became 40% Hispanic and 30% Semitic. However, Souderton is now 50% brown, 45% yellow and 5% grey. No white folk within city or "township" limits.


This was not originally part of Pennsylvania, it was settled by some Greeks that were blown off course. They were worshipers of Aristaeus, the god of cheese. What Philadelphia actually means in Greek is lost to the ages. The most common form of worship is the eating of the cheese steak (and the soft pretzel.) Penn, being a lover of cheese steaks, went to war (the war lasted 7 3/4 seconds) and captured Philly from the Swedish, who wouldn't know a good cheese if it bit them.

The city went apeshit when the Philadelphia Phillies won their first world series in 28 years. They will go apeshit again if (and I do mean if) the Philadelphia Eagles go to their first super bowl in 28 years (they wont, there terrible just like the city.) Its sports profile includes: Flyers hockey, the 76'ers basketball, and Union soccer teams. Now, these teams won more than the Phillies, Eagles, and the bygone former Philadelphia A's ever won. Although in the Flyers' case, that means division and Eastern Conference Championships and not Stanley Cups, which would take Hell's freezing to happen.

Philadelphia is also known for its own brand of the greatest from of human expression--BEER!

The burbs of Philly[edit]

The Suburban Sauron ring of Philadelphia covers from 10 to 50 miles (no metric, this is America) from the statue of Ben Franklin and is known for the sports curse it leaves on the metropolis' fan base.

They live in places like: Norristown, home of illegal Cheech landscape grubs, King of Prussia, known for the overpriced Mall that covers 50% of the town, Chester and its West side, Upper Darby, where the people are known for their putrid smell of rotting kimchi, Willow Grovem known for a closed-down air base, Doylestown, Bensalem, and Levittown, one of the two first of millions of post-WWII cookie-cutter, upper-crust home tracts.

The burbs have expanded rapidly due to the douchebags from Philly wanting to get away from the crime, but also wanting to live near every store you can name. In the end they brought both stores and crime. And traffic, which is the main cause of potholes.


An average place, not really awesome but not the last place you'd want to go either. It is located about 12 miles from Sheeptown(Noxen). Notable for noobs that probably wouldn't last 5 minutes in Alabama. The only attraction is the popcorn shop downtown and NAPA auto parts. It is home of the Tigers, a football team that went 16 years without making it to the playoffs. We do have Robinsons Martial Arts so that's a plus. The school curriculum consist of getting kids to stop chewing even though there are more chew cans in the parking lot than cars. If you're old, it's perfect for you here. If you're not it's a hell-hole that you are trapped in until you graduate from high school. The police are corrupt. It's on a who knows who basis. If you know the right people, you can get away with anything. You don't you're screwed. If something happens in the school and you contact the police, the station a few blocks away says they don't handle the school and tell you to go to the staties about 5 miles away. How fucked up is that? Then the staties tell you to go to the town cops even though you just came from there. Nevermind, yeah this might be the last place you'd want to go.


Is small retirement community in Pennsyltuky which consists of 279 people according to the 2000 Census, all of whom are related.The median income for a household in the borough was $21,875,90% of which was spent on crystal meth and Cialis, with the remaining 10% being poured into the up and coming homosexual geriatric porn industry that thrives in Ashville. There are 100.7 men for every .7 women. This rag tag bunch of soldiers have been living for the past 20 years under the impression that Red Dawn is actually happening and that they are America's last hope.


This place is a literal hellhole. Squarely within the state's coal mining region, mine fires which began here in the 1960s have driven most residents out of the town and left behind a still-smoking heap of eerie rural decay reminiscent of Silent Hill. Notable highlights include the "Lost Highway," a now abandoned section of Route 61 which has warped and split dramatically from the ongoing subterranean fires. It serves as a world-class center of graffiti art, if by "world-class" you exclude anything that is not a giant penis or reference to drugs. The few remaining structures not consumed by chthonic fire gods include an eery cemetery where the dead regularly arise as zombies (the inspiration for Romero's Night of the Living Dead) and a Cthulu Cult headquarters masquerading as an Orthodox church. If you visit, avoid stepping on the sulfurous fumaroles. Never ones to miss an opportunity, Pennsylvanians have harnessed the rising heat released by the fires to power wind turbines on the surrounding hillsides. These also serve as a Quacker object-lesson in the ultimate futility of the fossil fuel industry and the urgent necessity for sustainable energy.

Mile Run[edit]

A small community smack dab in the middle of the state. The signs on the highway warn, "No services," as you approach this exit, which you should read as, "You're fucked if your car breaks down here." May possibly not have outlawed inbreeding yet, much like most of the rest of the state.

Pothole Highway[edit]

Pothole Highway covers every inch of paved and unpaved road in Pennsylvania. Every summer potholes are patched up with bird poop and leftover cheez-wiz, only to reappear the following January. It's like hoo-doo magic! There are some extensions of Pothole Hell Highway that you have to pay to drive on. This payment (called a "TOLL") is for the extra potholes on which you have the privilege to drive. After all, any self-respecting amusement park would charge you for a ride on the roller coaster, so why not the bounciest road too??

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