Worst 100 Reflections on 2022

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This is the official list of Uncyclopedia's Worst 100 Relections on 2022.

100. Is the virus licked?
Medical data appears to show the Omicron variant spreads wider but kills fewer. The world tries to celebrate. Masks are cast off in some countries but retained by others. People begin to hug and kiss. The worst is over!
99. The History Channel goes live.
Russia's 'hold my beer moment' as it wants us to remember 2022 as best year yet by invading Ukraine.
98. Unsignpost returns!
After Missing in Action since 2019, UnSignpost returns to publication under the editorship of OnePunch.
97. Arrive unexpectedly, break the furniture and kick the dog.
Yes, Nigel Scribbler is back in Uncyclopedia town and wants to kick some ass.
96. User name changes.
The artist formerly known as Abacab333, HolUp and Chip Brown changes his name to OculusWild. Who is/was Oculus Wild? Old timers are puzzled. Who or what is an Oculus Wild? Any relation to Oscar Wilde?? Too many question marks???
95. Wiki hopping.
Tunnelling under the fence and avoiding our guide dog defenders, Fork contributor WohMi is anxious to cross pollinate his article with the Spoon. Verdict? Woe is Me indeed.
94. Job creation.
A forum decides Uncyclopedia needs users willing to wade through deleted articles to see if they contain hidden gems or rotting memes from years past. More quality time is spent arguing what to call them.
93. Zana Dark, To ban or delete?
The self styled 'Queen of Uranus' who had long ago emptied her locker at the Spoon is banned for life from the Fork for apparent child grooming. Serious stuff! WohMi asks if we will copy. Romartus says this will be considered if Zana ever comes back here. So far. No sign of her returning.
92. The Wizard of Sog.
Is nothing sacred? Brit user Sog tramples over another childhood memory with Wacky Racists.
91. Letter to Mom.
WohMi receives a third and last free mention this year.
90. The Captain Oakes Award is handed out.
The ink barely dry on the username change, OculusWild invokes the Right to Be Forgotten and leaves the Uncyclopedia tent. May return.
89. The Wheel of Time additions.
Romartus's recent interest in fantasy fiction interest spreads to The Wheel of Time book series. He is currently on an audio book version of the 15 volume work. Hopes to finish by mid 2022.
88. Soggy's creative bender!
Long time contributor Sog turns into a Volcano of article activity. He has this and this :featured in one month with this and this coming up fast on the rails!
87. 'Uncyclopedia cost fake South Korean pop star a job offer' claim.
Jeff1980 says his article about a fake version of South Korean K-pop singer Tony Ahn cost the latter a job when his bosses googled Uncyclopedia. There is a real Tony Ahn. He likes photographing policemen in diapers!
86. Is Llwy-ar-lawr alive?
85. Unnamed Space arrives and sets out his stall.
He is an alien!
84. Sog1970 is going through a very purple phase.
VFH is becoming the Soggy show!
83. OculusWild discovers what Al Pacino said as Michael Corleone is true.
'Just when I thought I was out, Uncyclopedia just pull me back in!"
82. Uncyclopedia does a combined number on singer and 'terrorist' Annie Lennox.
A bizarre article about the Scottish singer by possible drive-by contributor Fangadavenstormvind inspires contributions from the normally sober Romartus, Sog1970 and Spike.
81. OculusWild becomes Uncyclopedia's official Jack-in-the-Box contributor.
Where is he? Out he pops to add more to the Yes article and all musicians associated with the band and then disappears again.
80. Romartus expects to finish the Byzantine emperors series in around 2030.
Uncyclopedia's longtime contributor is optimistic he will finish it and then retire.
79. DWWH goes on holiday.
Whilst she is away Uncyclopedia ends up looking like a dorm room. Dirty plates, smelly underwear and much else litter the place as a result.
78. Romartus suggests Unnamed Space change his name to UnUsed ARandomPage.
It's agreed. He becomes ARandomPage to match his Fork persona.
77. Australian content from Australian contributor OnePunch increases the hits from Down Under.
OnePunch seeks to re-balance Uncyclopedia's current Anglo-American biases.
76. Simsilikesims adds a note about Spidery Politics here.Talk:Arachnism
Do tell more!
75. Saddam Hussein is alive and active again? This time on Uncyclopedia!
Iraq's former dictator makes a surprise appearance. So Iraqi QAnon is right! Saddam Hussein faked his own execution.
74. Queen Elizabeth II dies. British editor Romartus writes a moving tribute to his former queen.
UnNews:Old lady dies of old age.
75. Romartus proved right.
Pity the Supprot guy didn't limit his avarice to $40,000.00 — That's "walking-around money" for Uncyclopedia Admins.

74. "Hello this is the Indian tech Supprot. We have detected Type X4-N2 virus from West Africa terroriss that can destroy the Uncyclopedia. Please pay one million right now."
'Indian Tech Supprot' peddle their services for 'one million'. Don't say in which currency. Administrator Spike turns down the offer and bans the account.
73. The Wheel of Time article is finished after Romartus gets to book 14 (or is it book 15?).
Verdict: Romartus considers re-listening to the epic again in case he missed something important.
72. OnePunch joins the Uncyclopedian 'Spoon' Administration for 'geographical reasons' according to Romartus.
Uncyclopedia's oldest living admin wants to claim world wide coverage for the site as the writer-pugilist lives in Australia. OnePunch thought he was getting emails from a Nigerian Prince about shifting dodgy money to his bank account.
71. Saddam Hussein isn't who we think he is.
It turns out user Saddam Hussein isn't the former Iraqi dictator back from the dead, writing funny stuff for a satirical website. He is Kiko4564 asking for long time ban for creating sock accounts to be lifted.
70. Host owners of Uncyclopedia.com Llwy-ar-lawr and Snarglefoop have a new wizzo server in the basement to maintain the site.
The big 'switch on' is promised once they both find time to set it up.
69. OnePunch informs the readers of this site with a feature on Nonce words.
How did he know so many?
68. Newish user Paibalboy2 from the mists up north celebrates his first feature with a highly accurate description of the pub chain Wetherspoons.
If you hate beer, go there! (UK residents only).
67. Names they keep a changin'.
Paibalboy2 becomes Paybill. Kill Bill Paybill or is he secretly a menu option when paying your latest credit card debt?
66. Ahoy! Ahoy!! Me Mateys!!!
After a longtime away on his sea travels, Captain EStop sails into port with an article about treasure. Has the good captain struck gold on the high seas?
65. Phrank Psinatra returns his Peeway.
Phrank is back and Meat is on the menu.
64. Feliz Navidad!
Uncyclopedians get back in the spirit of writing holiday-themed UnNews articles.
63. China wants Uncyclopedia!
The newest Admin asks the most senior about an important missive sent to Uncyclopedia (by the emergency expedient of section-blanking and vandalizing the Indonesia article). You see, a business on mainland China wants to help us register Uncyclopedia domain names for their market — in a country that has banned contact with Uncyclopedia since the Wikia era. The cub Admin is advised that plumbing Uncyclopedia for consulting fees is a generic and recurring con job. The virtual Great Firewall of China remains unbreached.
62. Then Macedonia wants its licks
The ban stick is still sharp.
In November, I.P. Anon complains to Spike about the management of the Macedonian Uncyclopedia, notably that an Admin "MK01" deleted two articles and banned him. This usually implies something between serial unfunniness to incivility (like asking us to join a wiki war?), but Spike merely assured him that we have no pull there. Then in December, another I.P. Anon, this one claiming to be "MK01", goes from Admin to Admin asking them to contribute to the Macedonian Uncyclopedia (using Google Translate, which always makes you look your best). Admins declined to learn Macedonian to help him out.
61. Suddenly no one trusts us
Our badge of honor/honour.
Several users are startled to have their browsers complain that Uncyclopedia is an untrusted website. It seems that we missed the deadline to renew our trust certificate for another three months through the venerable agency Let's Be Cryptic, or something. All is better now — unless Romartus follows an inspiration and keeps the "untrusted" meme alive as a gag.
But perhaps this is all a ploy, and Llwy-ar-lawr and Snarglefoop are really out to get our passwords and credit card information!
59. Mikey you can drive my car.
Michael9422 provides a handy Idiot light guide to all those flashing icons on your dashboard. Don't ever one say Uncyclopedia is not educational!
58. Romartus piles in on Idiot light with additions.
Spike wonders if I Romartus has sporked his humour from elsewhere. Turns out it is all his own work. He reverts his edit and instead creates Warning lights. Spike adds more text to beef up the contribution.