Worst 100 Reflections on 2018

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This is the official list of Uncyclopedia's Worst 100 Reflections on 2018, a site that can nearly see the light at the end of the tunnel.

100.Romartus checks the calendar.
This will be his 10th year as an Uncyclopedian if he makes it to December. How time flows down the plug hole...
99. Spike remains absent from Uncyclopedia due to issues over his steam powered internet browser.
He lives in the woods on a diet of raw racoon which may be also an influence on his continued absence.
98. Romartus is surprised to see a former leader of East Germany join Uncyclopedia.
The new user signs himself as Honecker and proceeds to add a lot of Communism to the website.
97. Nigel Scribbler joins the administration team.
A check by the Cabal that he is a 'Boner Fido' user (damn auto correct. That was no typo).
96. CavaX's contributions to protect the website receive their due rewards.
He joins the Cabal but declines the Nicole Scherzinger option and instead prefers something with a lot of flashing lights and whooping sounds.
95. Bombshell! The Weevils of Evil at Wikia - sorry the Fuckwits at Fandom - inform the Spoon that it will have to go full on Oasis in May 2018.
No more Uncyclopedia skin, not even MonoBook. This is connected to a European Union directive - 666 - which prohibits American Websites hoovering up all your personal data and selling them to quick rich merchants. Cue, a forum of horror. Forum:R.I.P. Monobook - any aftermath plan? See also: The average Uncyclopedian's reaction to the new Uncyclopedia layout
96. The Great Dame, Prettiestpretty briefly drops by to say a big hi.
She left a few years back where her talents as a writer were financially appreciated by other people. Other fools like Romartus continue to supply free copy.
95. A flurry of returnees gives the website a jerk of activity (no, not that bloody loose bowels vandal).
These include Llwy-ar-lawr and Miley Spears. Another former shining light at Uncyclopedia Why do I need to provide this? returns with a new name - Alden Loveshade. A friend of Miley's in the Discordian Universe (don't ask), he now signs himself as 'Father Alden Loveshade'. The Cabal considers this means Loveshade has been ordained by the Catholic Church but a pair of posted photos of animal organs in bowls suggests Alden is putting the 'Wicca' into 'Wikia'.
94. The Cabal agrees to elevate Llwy-ar-lawr and Miley Spears as administrators.
This triples the number of women administrators on the site. #MeTwo starts trending.
93. Uncyclopedia users encouraged to install the 'Liam' skin (a modified Pseudo MonoBook without Noel Gallagher).
However Llwy-ar-lawr is busy under the hood changing the plugs on the website. Covered in grease, she has come up with 'Fake Vector'. Uncyclopedians look cheerful for the first time since May.
92. Snarglefoop re-emerges from hibernation and is active collecting nuts around the website.
Miley Spears supplies a bowl of milk.
91. Wageslav from The Fork appears offering a 'safe haven from Weevil-FANDOOM'.
As ever in the Uncyclopedia Universe, people cross over and then cross back, then cross over...you get the picture. The rivalry between the Fork and the Spoon continues but without undue drama.
90. Romartus get to tilt at windmills when FANDOOM sends a bot to duel with him.
Soon to be a major motion picture or a Spongebob cartoon.
89. The Weevils of Wikia complain about Llwy-ar-lawr's Fake Vector skin.
Llwy-ar-lawr's resigns her admin status. Disappears back into the ether. The Fake Vector skin remains.
88. GINA Is Not an Acronym appears on the Uncyclopedia stage.
She turns out to be a big fan of Alice in Wonderland.
87. Llwy-ar-lawr returns to her practice of the dark arts.
The site actually becomes whizzy beyond all expectations. Trolls get grumpy.
86. Romartus celebrates his 10th anniversary at Uncyclopedia by putting himself in hospital.
He finds Bedlam Hospital has been turned into the War Museum and wanders out after taking in the "Ducks in the Napoleonic Wars" exhibit.
85. Simsilikesims continues to pop in from time to time, making minor edits.
Still hasn't figured out the new feature queue process.
84. The two major political parties of the United States agree to split custody of the House and Senate.
Nobody claims custody for the cranky fussbudget in the White House.
83. The United States Government shutters its doors until the President and Congress can agree on some things.
But not before guaranteeing timely pay for top government officials.
82. Nigel Scribbler finishes overhauling and adding to "On this day/Anniversaries" and starts bumbling around the UnBestiary.
Little does he know that "Anniversaries" is also being redone over at the fork. After 8 years of pretty much no edits in either world, this is a good thing for both. Suddenly, a bad Oscar Wilde quote is made by Chuck Norris in Paris. Rioting ensues. Meanwhile, in Soviet Russia, anniversary edits you.