Worst 100 Reflections on 2011

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This is the official list of Uncyclopedia's Worst 100 Reflections on 2011, a site which has lasted far, far too long.

100. Last year's list is finished on time.
Second year in a row we got this shit done on time.
99. Yah......men's turds!!!
98. Some faggot puts up a shitty entry and then changes it more than two months later.
97. PuppyOnTheRadio starts actually fixing games.
Attempts to huff the entire namespace are put on hold... for now.
96. Zombiebaron and Lyrithya turn Uncyclopedia into facebook for a day.
People panic until they realise it's just a reskin.
95. Show off your art!
94. Wikia updates the MediaWiki.
Stuff breaks. People complain. Olipro has some fun with a bug. Blah blah blah.
93. The well-known jazz-fusion percussionist and CEO of Tenacious Records Alphonse Mouzon casually refers to an Uncyclopedia article in an interview.
So remember kids, famous people do read the stuff you write about them here. Well, Alphonse Mouzon and the white guy in All-4-One do.
92. Uncyclopedia is racist towards Niggers.
91. New television show SO YOU THINK YOU CAN SLEEP bores the world. Insomniacs love show saying it's far more effective than counting sheep.
90. Yet another brilliant idea courtesy of Socky.
89. He's the man in a van with his pud in his hand!
88. A shitty, boring band wins some boring, shitty award
Millions cry out: "WHO?!?!?"
87. The truth at last: Diddy did 9/11.
86. Temporary admins!
Mordillo resists. rcmurphy goes for it.
85. A bunch of dead admins are deopped.
Users look at the log and say, who?
84. Some guy says we're getting shut down.
R.I.P. Uncyclopedia 2005-2011
83. Everyone knows what happened next.
The end.png
82. But seriously, other stuff happened.
I'd say what, but I wasn't paying attention.
81. Zombiebaron and Lyrithya delete a crapload of images.
It was supposed to just be unused images, but some of them weren't.
80. Lyrithya deletes VFD.
Ironically, it was deleted without a vote.
79. SPIKE keeps leaving inscrutable messages on people's talk pages telling them they've made the 4-Spot.
Few have any idea what what he's talking about.
78. Olipro puts up Wikia's shitty Oasis skin on April Fools Day.
Millions weep. The catastrophic damage is reported on by Bill Shatner the next day.
77. Socky gets unnecessarily anal about distinguishing between the Oasis and Monaco skins.
What a tool.
76. Hyperbole gets unnecessarily anal about someone having edited his Sparta article.
Blasphemy, madness, etc.
75. Socky mixes up a template and a link!
Oh, wait, he fixed it. Nevermind.
74. WINNING!!!!
More like bi-WINNING!!!!
73. Bleach
It is worse than Naruto.
72. ChiefjusticeDS
Fuck that guy... please?
71. Uncyclopedia is merging with Buttfuckpedia.
As of April 25th, it is know as UNBUTTFUCKPEDIA!
70. It's fucking hot.
why oh why is it so hot it's not even summer yet
69. Our so-called "rival" wiki, Encyclopedia Dramatica, goes away.
Virtually nothing changes around here.
68. a bunch of stupid adorable and hilarious ponies are all over the place
Pinkie Pie blinking.gifRarity wearing a beret.pngS7Smp.gifRainbow Dash derp face.pngFluttershy blinking.gifTwilight Sparkle blinking.gif
67. Socky decides to quit the site for a couple hours.
This totally upsets the community.
66. We have two new admins.
They are both considerably worse than any of the admins we already had.
65. The Return of.....whatever
keep on chooglin'
64. Primus, a band that only losers and stupid hippies care about, have a new album coming out.
In September.
63. I just took a dump
62. Dr. Trollthumper pretends to quit and acts like he's all smart when he really isn't.
An unobservant idiot vows revenge for being tricked and begins nominating him for Useless Gobshite of the Month again, just like the good old days.
61. Lyrithya tries to think of something that happened recently to add to this list that didn't involve her, but can't come up with anything.
So she doesn't add anything after all.
60. Ljlego is very pretty.
He is, honest.
59. My dog is also pretty.
Yes he is.
58. Bacon
Everything is better with it.
57. A couple people leave, and some get banned and disappear.
What else is new.
56. But that limey nigger faggot is back!
Not really.
55. The return of Cajek!
But not really.
54. Dr. Skullthumper becomes a bureaucrat.
Dr. Crat.png
53. Thekillerfroggy and Zombiebaron are made into bureaucrats.
And have managed to last longer than Dr. Skullthumper.
52. Uncyclopedia, this is unacceptable!
But seriously, what isn`t unacceptable?
51. The Worst 100 Reflections on 2011 page sucked for many many months.
And not a single person cared.
50. I've had a lot of fiber so I'm probably going to shit my guts out
49. Halfway there!!!!!!!!
48. The Beatles re-unite.
Necromancers finally do good. God bless you necromancers.
47. We had a Forest Fire Week in July.
Yeah, that's why your page was deleted.
46. RAHB and Andorin Kato returned in August.
Betting on when they would leave again started the day after.
45. Somebody gets offended.
Over a page. On Uncyclopedia. I know!
44. Lyrithya declares war on Uncyclopedia.
Discovering default admin tools insufficient for the task, she sets out for more firepower.
43. BUTT POOP!!!! makes a return to mainspace.
I eat apples with Mike Tyson.
42. Some jackasses flood UnNews with inside jokes about bears for days.
But everyone is more interested in Sockpuppet of an unregistered user being tried for treason.
41. Uncyclopedia's Fantasy Football League starts up its 3rd year.
People who can actually play football not welcome.
40. Uncyclopedians still can't keep straight when to use its and it's.
Although who can, really?
39. Grammar Nazis invade the beaches of Uncyclopedia.
That was a joke. Please don't hurt me.
38. Uncyc's resident Italian invades Italy.
This being the third country infected, all others fear for their lives.
37. 31 entries later, ponies finally hit Uncyclopedia in earnest.
Those who fell for our little Australian jokers trick are revealed to be the manchildren that they were long suspected of being.
36. My girlfriend sent me to get a container of milk today. Wanna hear about it?
You don't? Then why don't you shove your head up your ass if you don't wanna hear about it?!
35. Lyrithya's ass was slapped by Iwillkillyou333 and she returned the favor with a smack from the banhammer.
He should have chosen a better ass to slap.
34. Magic man is a male gymnast.
33. An army of Nyan Cats attempted to invade earth on October 21.
But the damn heathens got their directions wrong.
32. Speaking of which.
th_NyanCat.gif th_NyanCat.gif th_NyanCat.gif th_NyanCat.gif th_NyanCat.gif th_NyanCat.gif th_NyanCat.gif th_NyanCat.gif th_NyanCat.gif th_NyanCat.gif th_NyanCat.gif th_NyanCat.gif th_NyanCat.gif th_NyanCat.gif th_NyanCat.gif th_NyanCat.gif th_NyanCat.gif th_NyanCat.gif th_NyanCat.gif th_NyanCat.gif
31. In November, the community decides that it would be quite logical to actually have more admins than writers.
The coronation is feverishly awaited, while some users don't give a crap.
30. Wikia breaks MediaWiki's ability to log actions properly, resulting in many sysop actions having no record.
I'd link an example, but it's hard to link to an absence of something. Besides, I'm kind of glad it wound up off the record anyway.
29. Due to a technical mishap, some special pages quit working on certain formats of titles, resulting in an entire unmovable namespace, among other things.
Some cry conspiracy, others say we need to find an new host; most don't notice.
28. An admin is quite irate over something Wikia has done, and probably rightfully so.
Sadly, most don't notice.
27. There are 26 Reflections left for the next 46 days.
And this is most certainly not filler.
26. We had a great Uncyclopedia Christmas reunion!
Until we left Oliphaunte unattended for a little while and he ate the Christmas tree.


25. Uncyclopedia starts a vote on whether or not we should let some girl from Wikipedia mediate our conflict with Wikia.
Users start evading bans and becoming active after years of inactivity just to vote yes.
24. Wikia finally gives us new namespaces.
Also, new errors!
23. December - Shock sets in - "There's a new UnNews editor!"
It's been like 2 months but some people are just starting to notice, while some don't even know, which goes to show that the new editor is really working hard.
22. Two new admins!
Two less writers.
21. Zombiebaron champions Marys lamb on VFH
And is accused of writing it shortly after.
20. Bots take over Uncyclopedia.
Really. We've taken over.
19. Roman Dog Bird watches every episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000 in four months.
17. Lou_Reed_and_Metallica_-_Lulu.jpg
16. The UFFL has reached the playoffs.
Aimsplode is currently leading, despite being blocked.
15. America begins to hate Rick Perry.
Still not as hated as Uncylopedia.
14. Beavis and Butt-head return! (yay!)
It gets paired with an ugly, unfunny turd of a show with an ironic title (boo!)
13. The Simpsons refuses to end.
R.I.P. 1989-1997
12. America isn't doing too well.
11. Total amount of active users on Uncyclopedia: 3
10. Magic man is really, really awesome.
And humble, too.
9. After implementing the useful "hide minor edits" option for Recent Changes, Uncyclopedia incorporates another option
The "hide MadMax's edits" option.
8. Things start to brake.
seriously let's just end this travesty of a website already
7. We have surpassed 30,000 articles.
6. Roman Dog Bird goes nuts because we need 6 more entries for this list.
Have some faith in Uncyclopedia's worstiness, man. Oh, and make that 5 entries.
5. Kim Jong Il dies before we get around to writing an article about him.
Selfish prick. Could have given us a heads-up at least.
4. Osama bin Laden is shot.
3. Someone writes a serious reflection above.
This is outrageous!
2. Zombiebaron {{fix}}es Uncyclopedia.
Armed only with monthly maintenance tags and a whole lot of chutzpah, he begins his crusade to delete 15,000 articles. Why stop there, the rest of us wonder?
1. The Worst 100 Reflections of 2011 is completed more than a week before the end of the year.
0. Hey guys, did you hear Christopher Hitchens died too?
...Wait a minute. I'm a little late, aren't I?