Worst 100 Reflections on 2013

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This is the official list of Uncyclopedia's Worst 100 Reflections on 2013, a site that can nearly see the light at the end of the tunnel.

100. Uncyclopedia splits
Worse, this means twice as much Uncyclopedia. Only one has a goatee, though. It's the evil one. True story.
99. ChiefjusticeDS is promoted to 'crat.
Like many admins before him, he disappears a couple months later.
98. SPIKE and Simsilikesims are opped, Aimsplode quits in protest.
Simsilikesims suddenly becomes busy, SPIKE takes up the slack, offering helpful advice for newbies to ignore at their own peril.
97. The "sequester" in America
February: Despite inexplicable unanimous inability in Washington to stop a rogue law that makes spending increase only 6% instead of 8% for the next ten years, the only people kicking and screaming harder than the pro-spending party are the anti-spending party. December: Both parties get together and pass the first budget in five years. It claims to force the Congress of 2023 to limit spending--in the same breath as it discards the restraints made in 2011.
96. A new pope is elected.
Uncyclopedians celebrate by writing a feature about the new pope.
95. Frosty and RAHB's April Fools day prank goes horribly wrong.
The fork is blamed, as usual. Rumor has it the spoon actually did it.
94. ScottPat and Dannyboy1209 resurrect the UnSignpost.
Dannyboy1209 is banned for a week shortly thereafter, because he thought his page was better than we did.
93. A few admins deop themselves, since they are no longer active on this wiki, but the other one.
A forum to deop the remaining inactive admins fails to gain consensus.
92. Spike bans a user solely for inability to spell "Siege".
User DungeonSeige [sic] is unmasked and never returns. But Another admin repeats the misspelling shortly thereafter. A dare?
91. A user edits while drunk. Gets banned for two weeks by a "not drunk" admin.
The mistake is fixed the next day, but editing doesn't resume until after the hangover is gone.
90. Wikia invites Romartus and Simsilikesims to their evil headquarters in San Francisco to discuss stuff.
Free imprinted coffee cups are offered as temptation to corrupt them and they are never the same again. We hardly knew ye... They both settle for iPads.

89 - 70[edit]

89. VFD Goes into overdrive; thousands of shitty articles are huffed by popular vote.
The fork doesn't even try to identify shit articles, they just steal from our list.
88 Australia holds a federal election
At the final tally, it is evident that Australia lost the election in a landslide.
87 Smurfs came out with their sequel
After a while, the creators of Smurfs decided to make their own sequel to the film of the blue cocks.
86 The content warning is lifted.
Users argue on whether to hold a parade or dance in the streets, and on what to argue about next.
85 PlayStation 2 discontinued
We know. It was swapped out, PlayStation 3 is still existing, and PlayStation 4 is now being released.
84 The content warning is brought back for a week to parody the U.S. government shutdown.
Spammers and IP's typing random strings of text are confused and stay away from the site.
83 ChiefjusticeDS retires with style, passes bureaucrat hat to Romartus.
Joke bans Mordillo as a going away present.
82 VFS rules have a major overhaul.
The Village Dump goes into overdrive, with two forums and one archive. Once the rules are settled, they are never used.
81 VFD changes completely.
A forum is created at the Village Dump where everyone consents.
80 SPIKE rewrites much of HTBFANJS.
The resulting silence in the Village Dump is deafening.
79 UnSignpost becomes its own namespace.
It's mentioned in passing in the UnSignpost, for both Uncyclopedians who know where to find it now.
78 YouTube holds its first annual music awards.
Meanwhile, YouTube links in articles are discouraged at Uncyclopedia as "unoriginal".
77 The IRC link to the fork is severed.
But not before a few users are misled by it first.
76 A trend of rewriting 100 Worst lists begins.
In some cases, Uncyclopedia steps back from its promise that there will actually be 100 in each list. Will this trend continue into next year?
75 Romartus and Simsilikesims meet Sannse outside the Gates of Hell, Evil Wikia HQ in 'Frisco'.
Sup with Satan, Beelzebub, Damien, Hades, Pluto, Mickey Mouse and other digitally enhanced demons. Romartus and Simsilikesims report back on their new iPads.
74 Dark Interiors and 'The Horror'.
Uncyclopedians are angered, puzzled and strangely aroused by the low levels of Mhaille-related activity on the site, particularly during the latter half of the year. Many blame austerity measures imposed by Wikia whilst others believe he was traveling in the dark interior of Africa in search of MrN9000, they presume.
73 There were absolutely no vandals or banned users worth mentioning this year.
Conspiracy theories abound.
72 Long usernames break the New Users Log.
Read Worst 100 Reflections on 2014 to know if it was fixed. It was actually, at least - partly.
71 Simsilikesims celebrates her five years Uncyclopedia anniversary.
70 It was a long celebration.


69 Romartus celebrates his five years Uncyclopedia anniversary.
68 It was also a long celebration.
67 BHOP activity slows to a crawl.