Worst 100 Reflections on 2017

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100. Fandom introduces "Discussions"
This "new and trendy" innovation is promised to replace stodgy old "horse and buggy" Forums, such as Uncyclopedia's venerable Village Dump. Despite massive feedback not to discontinue the old Forums, Fandom insists that Discussions will "evolve" into something new and shiny that everyone will want, and that absolutely nothing from the old Forums will be lost, such as the Wikicode in hundreds of old Forums, no matter that it won't work any more.
99. Swiss educational establishment look to add fake article to Uncyclopedia.
We're checking them out to see if they're fake.
98. A number of former prominent Uncyclopedians have gone missing. If you find them, there is a $5 dollar reward or €4 Euros. £1.00 if in the UK.
Sheep will do if you have no money.
97 Spike goes M.I.A. in July. Blames Evil HQ for no longer supporting Firefox (Steam Engine Edition)
Search parties confirm he is working for Donald Trump.
96 NXWave appears after a long absence to accuse Spike of being a Neo-Nazi Supremacist for voting in favour of Donald Trump.
The absurd post brings RAHB back to the Spoon to argue in favour of Spike and Sycamore as an anon. Simsilikesims tells everyone to :pull their pants up.
95 Spike resigns from the White House
Uncyclopedia goes 'Spikeless' for longer
94 Romartus sounds out the Choir Invisible to help out patrolling Uncyclopedia.
A decision is made with witchcraft.
93 irritable of contents gets a leg up to become an administrator. Simsilikesims is now a bureaucrat.
Irritable and Simsilikesims privately express complete and total shock.
92 RabbiTechno returns to his talk page to inform us he has lost his password.
No further word!
91 Nigel Scribbler joins Uncyclopedia with plenty of ideas and a go-ahead approach as a contributor.
Romartus at first thinks he could be a fan of Nigel Farage (hiss! boo!!) but subsequent edits prove Scribbler is every bit the worse nincompoop who supports the Monster Raving Loony Party despite being a U.S. resident.
90 David Bowie comes back to Earth and joins the Administration Board of Uncyclopedia as StarmanW.
What the 'W' stands for has yet to be divulged by the site's new resident alien.
89 Romartus promotes Simsilikesims as a fellow bureaucrat on the site. Irritable of contents becomes an admin.
Romartus claims he made the decision in case he was run down by a bus driven by a vandal.
88 Spike secretly corresponds with Romartus.
He confirms that his steam powered internet access requires more coal.