Worst 100 Reflections on 2012

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This is the official list of Uncyclopedia's Worst 100 Reflections on 2012, a site that can nearly see the light at the end of the tunnel.

100. Jushafink tries to take the p!$$ out of Uncyclopedia.
Thekillerfroggy settles for a little condescension instead.
99. Zombiebaron makes the front page all about him.
Zombiebaron Zombiebaron Zombiebaron. True story.
98. Joe9320 irritates the users and lobbies and nudges the site to join the SOPA protest.
Frosty has a better idea.
97. Lyrithya, Olipro, and sannse blackout the wiki for 24 hours in celebration of SOPA.
Uncyclopedians all over the world are confused about what "soap" is.
96. Lyrithya covers the site in slime molds.
Or has that not happened yet? Did I just give it away? Damn.
95. ONX sits on IRC stoned and confused watching Lyrithya flail about.
This is really nothing of note.
94. Mirror, Mirror on the web, should we cut links to the dead?
Lyrithya opens the battle against the wiki vandal Alicia Keys over at Uncyclopedia's ugly sister mirror site.
93. Zana Dark unbanned comes back from the dead.
How long will the spell last?
92. Zana Dark banned and returns to the dead.
Something about Turd?
91. Whitney Houston is dead.
The world sucks even more now.
90. How much money can we potentially make from this website? The debate is joined and then
forgotten about.
89. Wikia puts up a warning in front of the site
Sadly, it's a warning about boobies, rather than a warning that we're crap.
88. Between February and June nothing important happened
Or maybe we all just forgot to update this page.
87. We got some new admins: Electrified mocha chinchilla and Xamralco.
An "all time low" is declared in standards for being an admin.
86. The UnSignpost dies and then returns one month later.
In the intervening weeks absolutely everybody stops caring.
85. ChiefjusticeDS grows concerned about the brevity of the list.
So he adds two pointless reflections and goes to bed alone, as usual.
84. Zombiebaron leaves a pointless reflection too.
Then leaves to go have an orgy on his space zeppelin.
83 - 27. Thekillerfroggy lays claim to sixty additional reflections.
He's so vain, he probably thinks this list is more than half about him. Because it is now.
26. PuppyOnTheRadio is allowed back of the kennel after leaving some sock shaped deposits on Lyrithya's kitchen floor.
Prefers to skip about on the mirror uncyclopedia website than play with rottweilers on this site.
25. Uncyclopedia's least communicative contributor Comicat1 prefers to talk only to the animals.
Articles about Sturgeon and Tapir quickly follow.
24. ChiefjusticeDS Disappears. Some nonsense about 'work commitments'. Pee Review starts building up.
The smell starts creeping down the corridor.
23. TheLedBalloon returns. Claiming he is living back home with his parents.
Had he really left in the first place?
22. Matthlock thinks he's cool enough to make a forum about himself.
TheHappySpaceman and Xamralco follow suit.
21. Saberwolf116 becomes a poopsmith.
For the second time! He loves poop!
20. Everyone loves the idea of Wolverhampton upon The Juicy Taste of Diarrhea.
Vandals aren't very original.
19. The Government attempts to make like a million of the same anti-privacy bills which all failed
SOPA, ACTA, PIPA, What's next?
18. Lyrithya starts to add something, sees a giant moth, and then has to run off and chase it instead.
17. July 23 - July 25, 2012, Wikia permabans all the admins.
Database error
SOMETHING HAS GONE TERRIBLY WRONG! If a geek from Wikia approaches you, please provide this information. You can help save Uncyclopedia! ---- A database query syntax error has occurred. This may indicate a bug in the software. The last attempted database query was:
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from within function "User::saveSettings". MySQL returned error "1062: Duplicate entry 'Thingsarefuckedandshit' for key 'user_name' (".

16. The Olympics were on!
And the USA manages to beat Australia for the first time in gold medal count! And Team GB won more.
15. September 2012 - User:TheHappySpaceman wins Last person to edit wins.
14. October 2012 - Zombiebaron declares a New User Month, and a forum is started, suggesting that ICU be scrapped, because it just isn't funny enough, or nice enough to new writers.
Editors resort to using the construction or fix tag instead, and continue spamming welcome messages on new users pages, in the hopes that someone new will stick around and actually write quality articles.
13. Frosty becomes an admin, somehow.
He is declared a national hero in Australia as their most accomplished citizen.
12. Wikia forces all photos and drawings with Nipples or Penis to be censored. The userbase begins to dwindle.
11. Lyrithya promises to move the wiki.
10. Hipster admits to being Another n00b. Nothing happens.
9. Yrtneg is revealed to be Mnidaydwisww. Once again, nothing happens.
8. Shabidoo claims that SPIKE is his alternate personality.
Frosty offers to ban the next person making an X=Y post.
7. Call Me Maybe
Do I need to say anything else?
6. The World Did Not End!
5. Zombiebaron tries to bury the corpses of old admins but one twitches back to life.
4. Many 2012 fanatics saddened by the delay of the apocalypse.
Meanwhile a certain user won his first feature.
3. Outbreak of rampant noobery as newcomers Leverage, Bill Melater, Murder Frog, and Kamek98 see their first articles featured.
Thekillerfroggy says democracy is killing his feature rate and so promotes this to the front page with one vote. North Korea approves.
2. We can all believe in SOG again? Uncyclopedia's most prolific writer returns.
Turns out he was playing Monopoly (game) for the last two years.
1. Romartus and Zarbag still haven't finished History of the United Kingdom
although it's been on the cover of "Newsweek" and the Globe.
0. Will there be one Uncyclopedia, two Uncyclopedias or...none?
A Great Schism beckons. The knowledgable stock up on forks, faggots and firelighters. Others wonder who 'Uncylcopedia' are/were?