Worst 100 Reflections on 2019

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This is the official list of Uncyclopedia's Worst 100 Reflections on 2019, a site that can nearly see the light at the end of the tunnel.

100. Uncyclopedia 2.0 hatches on Miraheze in January.
So many forks, though this may be the snail fork, having its troubles with Miraheze and with only 12 articles by April.
99. Impersonators of spoon admins appear on 2.0 trying to get admin status there.
The movie Face Off must have been on TV. Spoofers pop up on the fork and spoon as well.
98. Contributions pick up with TyetheBlockhead and FactFinders510 beavering away.
Other newer writers turn out to be rather decent and funny. Now if we can only get some of them to vote, VFH or VFD.
97. Nigel Scribbler and Romartus mess up history by adding to Uncyclopedia:Timeline articles.
After a respite, it will be on again to see who can cite the most obscure events that no one else cares about.
96. Simsilikesims iPad mini acquired from Wikia with a Wikia app helpfully installed on it, dies about the same time that FANDOM consumes the carcass of Wikia.
A harbinger? Not that the manufacturer, Apple, was even offering support updates anymore anyway.
95. February 26, FANDOM files divorce papers on the grounds of icky content.
Notice is served by Sannse using the royal or me-and-my-tapeworm "we". Since FANDOM is apparently Mormon, all sista sites still on wikia are also given the boot.
As a farewell boost, Sannse cites the article Child porn as an example of Uncyclopedia knavery, making it the most popular Uncyclopedia page for a couple of weeks. The eviction was probably overdue in retrospect considering the non-help given after the coming of Oasis destroyed a lot of functionality. And Uncyclopedia unwilling to be plastered all over with adverts never had anything to do with the decision. Nahhhhh.
94. A general vote is held with 4 host/server candidates – CarlB, Llwy-ar-lawr, Lyrithya (now Athyria on Uncyclomedia) and Miraheze.
With a deadline looming and after the usual foofaraw, a re-vote is necessary. Lyrithya/Athyria/Uncyclomedia wins 10-8 over Miraheze. Hardly resounding, but if we can't get a respectable number of votes for VFH or VFD, there you are. Nigel Scribbler fails to control the election with his 1000-strong sock army as he was too lazy to build one.
93. Talking of socks...a terrible secret is revealed. Miley Spears is really a 61 year old sad nudist called Alden Loveshade.
Other socks are revealed...Uncyclopedia will only be left with pants to wear in future.
92. Zombiebaron and some others from the fork visit and suggest merger.
The fork offers spoon admins equal seats and conducts a vote including all except the "Hell, no, not that place" faction. The willing are elected as fork admins. Yet, after considering how much spoon and fork have gone on different paths over nearly 6 years, merger is rejected. The plan is then to find a new home for the spoon.
91. Lyrithya sets up a site on the fork's servers on her own time as a subdomain to host the separate files.
However, nobody is able to log into that site. The spoon cabal - (you never saw that, there is no cabal) privately debate whether this was a mistake or by design.
90. Simsilikesims real life job goes from part-time to full-time, demanding most of her attention to the point that she is barely able to even check her emails.
She is known to leave unimportant emails unread, especially promotional emails, so that they accumulate over time. This is why she is now using a different email address than before: because 50,000 emails is just too many to deal with, especially since only about 1000 can be deleted per day.
89. Llwy sets up a prototype site on her own server, and invites everyone on it.
Oddly enough, everybody is able to log in without any issues. The debate continues, and the skeptics win the debate, having successfully argued that inability to log in and use the other site that was set up voids the results of the vote earlier in the year.
88. Irate that nobody had contacted her first, Lyrithya deletes her site without a trace, and the split between fork and spoon grows wider.
This surprises....no one.
87. The already banned user Aimsplode explodes from self-combustion due to too much live porn consumption.
He earns the rank of "Queen's Reader" on both Uncyclopedias after this sad tale, and we shall not speak his name again, just like he wanted last time he rage-quit the site about 5 years prior after losing a run for admin.
86. FANDOM drags their feet on transferring the domain.
Supposedly due to lack of technical personnel to finish the job, after they took the site offline.
85. Carlb sues FANDOM for copyright and control of the domain.
FANDOM uses the lawsuit as an excuse to further delay transfer of the domain.
84. FANDOM transfers the uncyclopedia.org domain to Simsilikesims.
Simsilikesims, having majored and graduated with a degree in accounting rather than computer science, has absolutely NO knowledge of HTML, no knowledge of PHP, no knowledge of web design, no knowledge about how back end servers work, no knowledge of how to attach a website to a domain, and spent the rest of the year trying to figure this out.
83. A lot of deadly sneezing in China?
The price of Kleenex hits the roof. Lot of people are dying from something that appears to be highly infectious. Should we worry or not??