Worst 100 Reflections on 2020

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100. Candidates gear up for the mud fight in November in the USA.
Bernie Sanders loses the primaries once again, because he is too nice a guy.
99 Conservatives and Liberals continue to argue about the definition of Socialism.
Simsilikesims receives a gift of a plumbob USSR symbol on her talk page. She finds it amusing and leaves it there.
98. Coronavirus is "all the rage".
Emphasis on Rage.
97. Everyone frantically cleans everything.
Hand sanitizer flies off the shelves. Soap still available in abundance.
96. Survivalist stock up their bunkers.
Toilet paper is the first basic commodity to run out.
96. Political leaders encourage unorthodox medicines.
Clorox sales bleach out the opposition.
95. Everyone grows further apart.
The official excuse is Social Distancing, or GTF away from me.
94. Public dancing and live music are outlawed.
Dance clubs, and bars are forced to close, and restaurants are temporarily restricted to take-out.
93. People start protesting.
Protests and rallies are deemed to be an exception to the prohibition on large gatherings.
92. Face masks become trendy.
Health authorities go from advising to save masks for medical personnel to requiring everyone to wear one.
91. More people start a protest of their own.
Black Lives Matter tee shirts, corporate affirmations, and hats become popular.
90. States start reopening businesses and recreational areas.
Florida has a massive beach party, sponsored by local hotels. Two weeks later, the pools are closed.
89. World closes down. This could be the end.
Donald Trump tweets against the spread of COVID. Rich people complain about their private jets being grounded as international airports shut down flights, and hotel and casino owners complain about being closed for business and lack of tourism.
88. Borders are closed.
Nobody actually wants to commute in from the southern border to the U.S. anymore due to high infection rates. Not even Canadians want to commute to the U.S. since they will not be bankrupted if they go to the hospital in Canada, but most certainly will in the United States.
87. The United States Congress passes financial aid legislation via remote internet meetings.
Citizens complain about not having their stimulus checks deposited into closed bank accounts.
86. Donald Trump loses the election, and sues.
Due to lack of evidence, he loses all the lawsuits.
85. The votes are recounted in every state.
Then they are recounted again, and again, and again in every traditional "red" state that Trump lost. Trump insists he only lost because there were not enough recounts, not enough of his people physically present to influence the recounting, and the voting machines had a glitch.
84. The voting machine companies countersue Donald Trump.
The cases are still pending appeals a year later, due to coronavirus related delays.