Worst 100 Reflections on 2021

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100. Last year's list is unfinished due to the Coronavirus.
This year is the worst yet. Its reflections are unfinished as well. National leaders keep devising new mandates, while Uncyclopedians keep devising better things to do than log in and finish articles — though we have never required editors to be vaccinated — particularly not against rabies.
99. The 12 days of Christmas end in the USA with the Storming of the Capitol.
A new national holiday will mark this day in 2025.
98. Uncyclopedia gets a software upgrade.
Site administrators wisely time the upgrade to take place during a vacation week. (They view tweaking configuration settings as leisure.) What could go wrong? everything, as MediaWiki made drastic conceptual changes that trash our templates and require manual editing of the database. A week later, administrators realize that the 'bot they had working overnight was spinning its wheels. They turn the website back on...as its editors return to their day jobs.
97. Fandom allows a 'new uncyclopedia' to occupy our old URL.
Romartus is so concerned that he gives the Fork the news. Is this the launch of a new competitor?
96. Fandom deletes this new Uncyclopedia.
Admins contribute token content but now everything is gone. Was Sannse involved in this decision? Because she still loves us? or fears a new flurry of nip-slip photos she will have to assign personnel to chase after and excise? Finally, she puts her corporate evil hat on and says that it won't return in future. We know we can trust Wikia yes!?!?!
95. Uncyclopedia changes its address.
From uncyclopedia.ca to uncyclopedia.com. Because... it could. Canada is anguished. You would be too, if you regained Justin Trudeau in the "snap" September election but lost Uncyclopedia!
94. Hats.
From the mists of the Dark Web, Uncyclopedia's portals are discovered by Dark Web, White Hat. 'DWWH' quickly gets to work on the website. Romartus remembers a 1970s film about the Great White Shark titled Blue Water, White Death. Is DWWH going to eat the website??
93. G'day!
For the first time since PuppyOnTheRadio grew up and became a shaggy dog story, Uncyclopedia has an active Aussie on the team. OnePunch joins the team. We don't know what the moniker means. Is he a one handed writer? We're not sure.
92. Regular virus updates.
With the ever mutating Covid-19 virus showing no signs of going away, Romartus writes a Son of Coronavirus sequel.
91. Where angels fear to tread.
OnePunch proposes to undate a long dormant part of Uncyclopedia, the UnBestiary project. Volunteers stand by your keyboards!
90. Arrival of ElectricGirl123.
Based in Ghana, Electric Girl wants to write articles about her home country. She is 10, apparently.