Worst 100 Reflections on 2010

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This is the official list of Uncyclopedia's Worst 100 Reflections on 2010, although it's possible Uncyclopedia will end this year.

100. The previous list was actually a success.
It took two years to get it right, but we're back on track.
99. Awards of the Decade!
For convenience sake, a "decade" has been redefined to mean 5 years.
98. UnDebate is here.
If Uncyclopedians are known for anything, it's their Mass Debating skills.
97. Uncyclopedia celebrates its 5th birthday!
Again, we cannot stress this enough: We're so, so sorry for unleashing it onto the world.
96. Mhaille is quasi-featured.
The bastard doesn't deserve anything better than that.
95. Some douche on the internet thinks we suck.
We do, but that's beside the point.
94. MEATOH.png
93. "Boop!" takes over Uncyclopedia.
"Boop". Classic.
92. A gay vandal accidentally VFDs his own gay article.
Hilarity ensues.
91. Some dumbass Crawlinggnat.gif spams an Crawlinggnat.gif animated picture Crawlinggnat.gif of a crawling gnat Crawlinggnat.gif all over the place Crawlinggnat.gif and gets his nigger ass Crawlinggnat.gif banned for a day. Crawlinggnat.gif
AUGH! GET 'EM OFF ME!!!!!!!!! Crawlinggnat.gif
90. After almost 2 years, 245 headers and 410,844 bytes, Spang archives his talk page.
Users with low bandwidth connections the world over rejoice.
89. CheddarBBQ complains about not being on last year's list
And is disappointed by his low position on the 2010 list.
88. I LIKE PIE!!! proves to be the biggest noob of 2010 and, after being warned multiple times for his jackassery, is eventually banned indefinitely by Roman Dog Bird
R.I.P. little buddy, we'll never forget you.
87. In memory of the late I LIKE PIE!!!, an article on monkeys throwing their poop is made.
86. Naruto
It is still trash.
85. DrStrange, MrN, and Modusoperandi try to talk sense into an angry Christian on the talk page of Gay Jesus.
Lions 1, Christians 0
84. The Pee queue has no articles on it.
A forum topic is created and, as usual, that sorts everything.
83. DJ Mixerr votes against a VFH Feature nom thinking that he's voting to save a VFD nom, and enthusiastically pleads the case why the article should not be deleted.
Wrong-way Mixerr scores a touchdown!
82. Then, a few days later, a deleted article left by a vandal to harrass Roman Dog Bird, Barack Obama's Statement, stayed on VFH to be voted upon. A Festivus miracle!
A deleted/feature can only stay on the Main page for 12 hours.
81. CheddarBBQ is nommed for all five major awards in one month, none of which he deserves.
He loses all five, as expected.
80. VFD holds a purgathon of shitty games.
The real fun was getting rid of them!
79. Dexter111344 nominates The Neopian Calendar for deletion.
Everyone and their mother votes to delete it. Fucking Neopets.
78. Roman Dog Bird discovers hip hop, convinces self that he really is black.
Also, that fucker continues to fail at leaving this place for like the 50th time, staying away for only a mere 11 days. This is a far cry from his current record of three months.
77. Uncyclopedia's UnTunes makes their first compilation "music" album available for torrent.
Nobody downloads it. Ever.
76. VFS changes without warning and everyone votes for new admins.
It takes 4 weeks, most people lose interest after 1.
75. A wizard attacks Uncyclopedia
Afterwards, many are haunted in their dreams by wizards with volcanic dragon dicks.
74. Minor changes to the wiki cause fear, uncertainty, and despair!
Who knew that Uncyclopedians were so easy to confuse?
73. Filial Piety is featured. Properly this time.
After more nominations than any other article in the history of VFH, the waiting game finally pays off for TKF.
72. An Uncyclopedia Facebook page is created by actual Uncyclopedians.
Nothing particularly interesting about that, but it has a link on the sidebar so we may as well put it in.
71. UnSkype goes on a recruitment drive.
They promise a quick and easy way to prank call phone sex lines and talk to real, sexy uncyclopedians in your area!
70. An important discussion about NSFW images on the front page.
Modusoperandi promises never to feature himself again.
69. A totally amazing guy wants to be an admin.
Pictures of his penis are quickly requested.
68. Modusoperandi reaches 40 feature credits.
What a guy...
67. ChiefjusticeDS grows concerned at how many numbers are left to go on this list.
Adding this one makes him feel better.
66. Wikia r teh suxxorz
Old news really. Some people actually seem to care, but they are foreign types so nobody else does.
65. Killers face-off in the Killing Fields
Thekillerfroggy bans Iwillkillyou for a day.
What a hunk. And his brother too.
63. Dr. Skullthumper conceives a brilliant new way to waste time.
Only Americans can take part... so Mordillo hosts a European edition.
It is half and hour later than promised due to his poor grasp of UTC, but is overall a success - a real shame as we were all looking forward to laughing at him.
62. Olipro makes Uncyclopedia tiny.
61. News Flash! - Some jerks in Flaxmere don't like our page on their town.
They're just defensive because Flaxmere sucks. At least the people of Sioux City have a sense of humor about how much it sucks.
Saberwolf116 proceeds to nominate it for VFH.
60. TheKillerFroggy gives Romartus a three-day ban for using a asterisk * instead of a hash mark #.
While voting on a VFD entry, an asterisk was used. Investigative units dusted the scene, pinpointed the culprit, and due justice was applied.
59. The Uncyclopedia databases still suck.
Or Wikia still sucks, I dunno. Probably both.
58. Some serious shit goes down.
40% of the active userbase leaves in a huff, only for everything to blow over be swept under the rug a day later.
Socky went through a lot of trouble to revert all of JGordon's edits
57. JGordon leaves & won't return, so all of you go fuck yoursel-wait a minute
Who? Did this guy seriously think anybody gave a shit about him here? Or even knew who he was (besides being a shitty contributor that is)? What a maroon!!!!!!!
56. A proposed UnNews main page overhaul causes despair, irritation, and anger.
Some people try and sort it out and EugeneKay suggests banning all users, reverting all edits and huffing all articles, but then he always does.
55. VH1 makes another stupid, pointless list about the 100 Greatest something or other featuring regular VH1 guest whores Sir Mix-a-Lot and Scott "Greasy Jew" Ian.
And the Bee Gees are only No. 88? BLASPHEMY!!!!!!!! And where's Creedence?
54. He's back! The man behind the mask! It's.......
53. Dexter111344 reckons noob of the month is pointless
He's just sore because he never won.
52. The Pee queue is so full a competition takes place.
PeregrineFalcon999 wins but says he wanted to come second... I hear his new Vagina is growing quite nicely.
51. VFD is completely cleared of nominations for the first time MadMax can remember.
Millions flock to holy ground as the Pope predicts the end of days.
50. This list is half finished a whole four months after the year was half finished.
Pointless entries like this may be our only salvation.
49. The Pee queue is still full, will a discussion help?
Reviewing articles is not suggested as a remedy, but then writers aren't particularly bright.

“We deleted a lot of articles on Captains”

~ Captain Obvious

47. Zombiebaron wants everyone to go on IRC
ChiefjusticeDS hurts his hand scraping the bottom of the barrel for list entries.
46. A newspaper article on Uncyclopedia is written by an Uncyclopedian.
It is censored due to its disgustingly positive nature.
45. Lyrithya tries to get new admins opped by asking an admin to start a VFS and is laughed away.
Lyrithya is now satisfied that she is properly represented on the reflections page.
44. Aleister tries to get new admins opped by starting a forum thread and has his thread hijacked.
43. A vandal goes on a blanking spree.
Good to know some things never change.
42. Roman Dog Bird's testes finally drop.
41. TV Tropes
It's full of faggots.
40. Why is it, that every time I turn on the radio, I hear the same five songs, fifteen times a day, for three months?
Yo man, FUNK DAT!!!!
39. ...........
37. The Turkey Day Ball starts up again.
Everyone cares even less than usual.
36. The Philadelphia Eagles gain the lead in the NFC East.
Fuck the Giants.
35. Lyrithya creates a sitenotice that's not only nice to look at but also an abstract painting of Javascript and CSS code.
Epicness ensues.
A-A-A-GUUUUH (fap)!
33. Nigel Scribbler is suck a noob.
At least it's not sock a noob.
32. Roman Dog Bird beats EarthBound....twice.
He requests that he have his username changed to "No-Life Fatass Fool".
31. CheddarBBQ ate a turkey leg.
It was from a turkey.
30. Miley Cyrus has been 18 for 3 days now.
Still no titties.
29. Mike Tyson arrives in search of Funnybony to beat his ass.
I eat apples with him.
28. FUCK THE JEWS!!!! lol jk
But seriously, those jews need to back the hell off.
27. Gay Luigi
Itsa Luigi Time.png
26. Adolf Hitler rises to power in Germany, and World War II begins.
25. It's fucking cold outside.
Fucking Cold.
24. Wikia breaks the site.
So they're incompetent. What else is new?
23. There's 13 more days to do 23 more reflections.
Well, 22 now...
22. Riker is done here.
21. UFFL Championship Game: Oklahoma Boomers vs. Doritians Take II
yay football.
20. 19 reflections left, 9 days...
People start to panic and argue about whether or not stuff on this list should actually have something to do with Uncyclopedia.
19. Still not even close to a million.
And still, nobody gives a shit.
18. Sockadelia puts herself on the list again because she can't think of anything else to add.
Also, she whores one of her articles.
17. 17 100.jpg
16. Zombiebaron goes on a crusade or something against the Game namespace.
A bunch of games get VFDed, but nothing really changes.
15. The UnSignpost hits 100 issues.
Splendid, if only you could be so productive.
14. I like big butts and I cannot lie.
Ya'll other brothers can't deny.
13. Henry Rollins and Glenn Danzig call off their 26 year wedding engagement.
12. The greatest user on Uncyclopedia starts up a list on the infamous underground record label SST on Rate Your Music.
I normally wouldn't do this kind of shameless self promotion, but this list needs more entries, damn it!
11. Also, I have a cold.
This sucks.
10. It is Christmas Eve.
For some reason, less than 80% of this site is currently wasted.
9. Riker is still hanging around, despite telling us he was done with Uncyclopedia.
He calls a truce and Meganew fights back.
8. Just think about it for a minute.
7. All of the usual pee reviewers mysteriously vanish for several months.
These two chumps pick up the slack.
6. The site's slowest reviewer finally reaches the Top ten of all time.
Check back next year to see him ascend to position #9.
5. The Oklahoma Boomers win UFFL championship.
"Oh. Well fuck me then." - Doritians, Take II
4. Romartus gives a featured guided tour of his home.
Enabling Uncyc's frat to claims its first victim.
3. Roman Dog Bird replaces the main page with a shittyhilarious reference to Death Wish.
2. Dexter111344 makes it so that we need two more instead of one.
1. I have $5.09 left in my wallet.
Before Christmas, I only had $2.04.