Worst 100 Reflections on 2016

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100 Simsilikesims experiments with something called a "Curated Main Page"
Wikia said once created it couldn't be undone, then changed their mind when they found out what was "Trending" on this site.
99 Uncyclopedia hosts its first Uncyclopedia Super Bowl writing competition.
Awards have been handed out for top-notch writing, but the Vultures have yet to show up to claim their awards.
98 Remarkable contest entries.
Admins restrain themselves from banning contestant Creativegenius2004 despite a series of snarky posts — as he submits two passable articles — until he volunteers that he cribbed them off the mirror website.
97 Yorkshire dominates all...
Articles are created on Skipton, Helmsley and Keighley. Harrogate is featured, and Placeholderusername makes a navigation template for the whole county. Meanwhile, the Lankies become envious.
96 ...But Peru crashes the party too
Spike mostly sporks a page on Iquitos, Peru from the Spanish Inciclopedia, and uses a few concepts for the intro of Trujillo, Peru, to go with existing articles on Lima and Arequipa. The Peruvian creator has nothing to add.
95 ...And Tamaulipas checks in
In May, a schoolteacher from Ciudad Victoria, Tamps., Mexico assigns his students to create Uncyclopedia accounts they do not want and write articles we do not want, mostly about going to the bathroom and finding no toilet paper, which previously seemed to be an exclusively Venezuelan thing. None responds to various talk-page inquiries about whether this was another Southern Invasion. If it were, Jeb Bush would have said something about providing them with a "pathway to" being funny.
94 What if we gave a contest and nobody came?
The Springtime contest attracts two completed entries. The writers did their bit but the judges (step forward/stagger onwards Codeine, ChiefjusticeDS and Romartus) are declared missing, presumed drunk by not reviewing anything. Both entries are declared winners and eventually voted to the main page.
93 The Real World pays notice
And the Freemasons send our webhost a DMCA notice to remove their logo from our article on them. Rather than hair-split over "fair use," Romartus sets out to make the article even funnier and more scathing without the logo.
92 And it won't go away
Then the Parish Clerk of Stradbroke insisted that the article on the town, dangling on the edge of cyberbullying, be edited and its history be purged in order to "represent the village well." Admins gently informed him how things work here and EStop stepped up to do a rewrite.
91 Kids from Poland
A bunch of Polish Uncyclopedians come back or get more active. The most active, Expert3222, becomes the newest Admin when the other Admins get tired of his insistence that they clean up the website and simply hand him the mop and broom.
90 Second Front Pages
UnNews Second Front Pages return and fill the niche that Specialty Sections did around 2011 when Zim ulator was Editor-in-Chief. The first, in 2015, concerned the British General Election, then the latest Greek economic crisis. This year, Brexit and the campaigns of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump got Second Front Pages, structured like the UnNews Front Page but using DPL to extract only news stories from the desired category.
89 Donald Trump wins the 2016 Presidential Election
You never know when something you are joking about will actually come true, as this was predicted by The Simpsons around the year 2000.
88 Hacker crisis just gets worse
Webhost Wikia still fails to stand down after the August 2015 incident where a hacker used JavaScript to phish for user passwords. Instead, it increases the number of system pages that are off limits even to Admins despite not being in JavaScript at all. Spike, who added to MediaWiki:Anonnotice a note about Wikia changing people's user names, months later finds he cannot delete it. Wikia says they'll "study" it.
87 Wikia rebrands itself as Fandom (powered by Wikia).
Yay, Bronies! Wikia says the name change improves our standing in Google searches. Google itself may bear this out, once Fandom Powered by Wikia Accounts Payables cuts them that large check.
86 Prince finally is released from his contractual obligations to perform songs he has become sick of.
But the radio stations will go on playing them forever.
85 David Bowie releases the album Blackstar, with the single "I Can't Give Everything Away".
But then after his final album's release, he does: through a last will and testament.
84 Phife Dawg reaches the afterlife.
Rappers don't live long lives.
83 Glenn Frey passes on.
Meets Paul Kantner for coffee in the afterlife.
82 Maurice White, Natalie Cole, Keith Emerson, and Denise Matthews have a party in the afterlife.
Meanwhile, it was a very dismal year for music back on Earth.
81 User:HolUp stumbles on (and over) Uncyclopedia.
Decides to stick around.
80 Donald Trump insults a bunch of people and institutions on Twitter.
Gets elected anyway, because nobody actually thinks before tweeting.
79 User:Expert3222 is given a shiny new admin hat.
Instead of a rabbit, this hat comes with wiki cleaning supplies.