Worst 100 Reflections on 2014

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100 Mordillo shows up
Joke bans ChiefjusticeDS, then disappears again.
99 Simsilikesims' home team, the Seahawks, win the Superbowl for the first time in history, by a large margin.
Since she was working, she didn't get to watch any of it.
99-A Spike's home team, the 2013-champion Boston Red Sox, finish under .500.
His story will be that he was following amateur leagues and only now heard about it, and he's sticking to it.
98 The revert war and arguments on the talk page of the Uncyclopedia article on Wikipedia continue.
A Wikipedia editor argues that Uncyclopedia is an unreliable source of information on itself.[citation needed]
97 Simsilikesims begins writing the 2014 list before the 2013 list is complete.
Hopes somebody else will finish it for her.
96 ChiefjusticeDS shows up
Remarkably undamaged by the paint-stripping.
95 New Users Log comes back, then leaves again.
Or maybe it is a small of amount of newcomers?
94 Thumbnails are broken.
Administrators accuse Wikia. Wikia accuses thumbnails.
93 An IP editor is blocked for pasting the contents of his favourite Uncyclopedia article onto his talk page.
How careless of him/her!
92 To chat, or not to chat?
It is decided that a mostly empty chatroom would be basically useless.
91 Uncyclopedia is the subject of a bake-off challenge between Greggs the baker and Google over an issue of interesting logo alteration and pie fillings.
Mhaille and Romartus have an exchange of opinions - and chickens.
90 Wikia tries harder to get out of Wikipedia's shadow.
Uncyclopedia scrambles to put new style hacks in place to remain in its shadow.
89 The writing competitions are revived
Following an actual inventory and discussion of all of them, surely the most rigorous study conducted here in years.
88 Israeli Uncyclopedians propose an inter-wiki writing competition
...timed to coincide with the next World Cup — in 2018. They receive encouragement and appear to have disappeared until then.
87 Xamralco returns after a long absence. So the story of him and the Yeti wasn't true after all.
The Yeti is still missing.
86 Llwy-ar-lawr is found on Romartus's doorstep. In her basket is found Snarglefoop, curled up in a tight ball.
Let bygones be bygones or Beyonce.
85 Members of Imperial Colonization are nowhere to be found
...to defend their 2009 decision that the most promising comedy themes for a collective rewrite of Barack Obama would be "black versus white" and "his opponents are paranoid."
84 The RationalWiki blog opens fire on AmericanThinker.com
And uses the Uncyclopedia article as ammunition, calling the site "sometimes-excellent" -- unusually charitable, for the Real World.
83 ChiefjusticeDS shows up (again).
On a Power trip this time.