Worst 100 Reflections on 2005

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According to Sophia's true word, the following are the worst 100* things to happen to Uncyclopedia in 2005.Readers are required to have their sporks to hand.

* Sophia does not care to count this list too closely, and believers are wise not to criticise divine numeration policy.

100. The Zork Expansions
Zork and Game expand to make up approx. 57% of the articles on Uncyc.
99. Undictionary
It seemed like a good idea at the time... mea culpa. --Carlb 05:25, 7 February 2006 (UTC)
98. Adding (rewrite) to a redone page when putting it in Template-Recent
I'm sooooo sorry for that guys.
97. Worst 100 Lists
I'm not sure if this was ever a good idea.
*I am deeply sorry for even starting this. porn movies just seemed like a good spin-off, I seriously did not see it expanding from there.--Jsonitsac 17:58, 4 February 2006 (UTC)
96. Kakun's VFP Happy Fun Time Explosion
At least he's resilient.
95. The Short Vandalous Life of Bozoboy and Caboose
Two of the earliest mass-vandalization...vandals.
94. Splaka offers to help Volte achieve his new "Super-Gay" Status
You have no idea how emotionally scarred I am.
93. WikiTestament
The first of many front page defacings reskinnings.
92. RuneScape is a first person *blank* *revert* shooter *blank* *revert* that *blank
91. Did you know
I fucked your mom.
and your dog.
Yeah, well, I fucked your sister.
Fuck you.
90. The summer of Romania
I still have .
89. Euroipods II
Its back, and its badderer.
88. Vote for SysOp Dirty Ad Campaign
Who can forget GS's barbed attacks that brought an end to Uncyclopedia's political age of innocence.
87. Reasons not to become a devout Christian atheist list writer.
86. Tourette's FIST FUCK Syndrome.
What the BELGIUM???
85. Slashdotting #1 - Pirateopedia
Other Wikicities get a complimentary pirate potato logo for the day.
84. Slashdotting #2 - Chron scores a Slashdotting with a 200gb iPod
OMG is it the real? No, I think its fake!!
83. The truth about John Seigenthaler Sr.
82. The advent of NRV
Christmas comes early for the admins.
81. High_pressure_system.jpg
Make all the Katrina jokes you like but 9/11 is sacred.
80. Alphabetized 100-entry long VFH
No wonder AAAAAAAA! got featured and ZZZZZZZZZ! didn't.
79. 13.27, 13 November 2005 Famine deleted "Main Page" (Why would I do this? To see if I can. It's human nature.)
Father I cannot tell a lie. I did it with my little hatchet.
78. The Red Shirts debate
what could be more amusing than debating the definition of satire? Oh, and partisan bickering too.
All this just to tick off an anonymous AOL user...
76. Uncyclopedia moves to Wikicities
Our popularity could not be contained.
75. UnNews:New "voice chat" feature proposed for mobile phones gets creamed on Kuro5hin
Voice chat??? You'd think they'd notice an idea this ridiculous and annoying had to be a joke.
Don't forget that the article was empirically proven to pwn. Just in case you thought those people were smarter than a sack of hammers.
74. Have you shot your fuck up today?
Those crazy Poles and their drug innovations.
56. Lists that have their order fucked up.
73. Sauron is Lord of the Dance.
72. Hymie on Wheels!
71. Paulgb's use of bureaucratic powers
Who else could accidentally admin the wrong user, bureaucrat a user just ment to be a sysop, admin a user before they had the proper number of votes, and de-bureaucrat themselves.... twice. Bonus points for transforming oneself into a 'bot, Ultra Jesus-style.
So, do I get an award or what? Thanks to RC for saving me several times. --User:Paulgb 02:05, 12 February 2006 (UTC)
70. PantsMacKenzie stealth-opping Splaka because he reported too many QVFDs
It was just like rape but without the sexxorz.
69. Uncyclopedia doesn't care about Kanye West...
...at least after seeing his name on eight thousand pages.
68. Uncyclopedia's going to fucking kill Steve Ballmer...
after seeing his name on eight thousand pages.
67. Meow! Woof! No! Developers! Fanta!
all of this born out of an attempt to tick off an anonymous AOL user...
66. Administrators claiming, "Every single article from the above list is a clone of AAAAAAAAA! and an enemy of the cabal."
65. There Is No Cabal
64. There is therefore no list of enemies of this non-existent cabal
No need to worry about ending up on this non-existent list for saying the emperor has no clothes. Just keep smiling.
63. Furthermore, there is no random bannination generator.
No sirree. We're nothing but a shining beacon of wikilove.
62. Nonetheless, the requests for pictures of Hitler as various foodstuffs continued.
61. Jesii, Jesii and more Jesii
60. FSMism
Sure, it didn't originate here - but who got the Fark link? That's right. Nyeh nyeh.
59. Member not being informed of special rules that only apply to them, and getting banned for it.
58-7. Unfinished articles and incomplete lists.
55. Your Mom catches you editing Your Mom on Uncyclopedia.
Boy, was THAT ever embarrassing...
54. Lists of pointed comments.
Yes, I'm talking about you.
53. Gay4.gifGay4.gifShrooms.jpg Shroom!.gifShrooms.jpgShroom!.gif Gay4.gifGay4.gif Gay2.gif Use r!!!Gay4.gifGay4.gif Gay2.gifShrooms.jpgShroom!.gif Shrooms.jpgShroom!.gif Gay4.gifGay4.gif 00
57, 9 February 2006 (UTC)
52. <Mandaliet> what part of Russia do you live in? the uninhabited part?\
51. Uncyclopedia goes multilingual
Utter nonsense now available in French, German, Polish, Hebrew, Esperanto, Italian and Catalan.
50. Streamlined, clean, aggressive
What happened?
49. GOD! appears at Uncyclopedia, but doesn't fix ANYTHING.
48. Fisher Price
What else needs to be said? The credo of a generation.
47. Russian Reversal
In Soviet Russia, worst-year reflection lists YOU!!
46. Chron eats a live scorpion on prime time television as a publicity stunt
45. The Village Dump lives!
44. Uncyclopedia:Bios
43. “It's a sorry man who cannot invent an Oscar Wilde quote to fit his situation.”
42. Babel fish
Welcome to Uncyclopedia, the content-free encyclopedia that anyone edge edit. Sophia has inspired custom to work one 17,143 articles since opening in January 2005.
41. Kitten huffing
Innocent recreation or feline soul-murdering?
40. Cthulhu gives advice on Sundays.
Give up your souls!
39. UNIQ3786727972766f3b-choose18a243cf71e0ac4700000001
38. Wheelofmisfortune.jpg
37. Even more Jesii, like the first three collections weren't enough
36. The Life and Death of a Template
An epic poem by Oscar Wilde.
35. Emailing every single admin at once to protest a 24 hour ban for uncivility.
Or: How to light up your talk page and get the ban extended to 24 days.
34. The Official Uncyclopedia Theme Song
Wait, we don't have that yet.
33. Stephen Colbert coincidentally uses "Jesi" (not "Jesii", but close) on his show. Everyone forms an angry mob until they realize it was a coincidence.
32. Wikipedia's worst trolls discover Uncyclopedia
And write really good stuff now they're here. Huh?? Just don't let 'em near the weaponry and they'll be fine. Really.
31. This battlestation is fully operational.
And so is this one. And this one. And this one. And this one.
30. The Saga of Carlow Crab
Truly a modern tragedy.
29. Selcitra nettirw Sdrawkcab
28. There is no Cabal. Really.
27. Remember when Lincoln shot JFK in a Ford?
Like, repeatedly?
26. Category:Stupid bands from Myspace who think Uncyclopedia is their personal vanity space
You have It consumes (and Splaka) to blame.
25. Huge amounts of junk, trash, and rubbish.
24. That whole Atheism thing...
Remember that? Yeah...
23. The short, regrettable life of Rangley
22. The silence of Emmanuel Chanel.
#Uncyclopedia founder by night, useless inanimate waste of text by day.
21. "Yes, that's right...
...anyone who edits my incredibly offensive/stupid/unfunny/mean-spirited/unoriginal/shitheaded article to be less incredibly offensive/stupid/unfunny/mean-spirited/unoriginal/shitheaded must be a vandal!"
20. "Wow, I'll bet there isn't a single article on Uncyclopedia that wouldn't be improved by...
...adding a crudely-produced swastika or Hitler image to it!"
19. "Wow, I'll bet there isn't a single article on Uncyclopedia that wouldn't be improved by...
...dropping an enormous template that attempts to marginalize the author as a liberal/conservative/religious/terrorist/communist/fascist conspiracy nut onto it!"
18. "Wow, I'll bet there isn't a single article on Uncyclopedia that wouldn't be improved by...
...adding some ultra-clever variation of the words 'all your base are belong to us' to it!"
17. "Wow, I'll bet there isn't a single section of the Village Dump that wouldn't be improved by...
...adding a blatantly-repetitive series of list items to it!"
16. The UnMerchandise vapourware
15. Video game wars
...it was funny at first...
14. The numerous Euroipods Crusade references, sometimes direct puns
13. Great Namespace Reform of 2005
...thrudging through gazillions of broken redirects is no fun.
ub-GThis user does not speak Userbox and furthermore believes Userbox to be an embarrassment to language. This user desires genocide of all speakers of Userbox.
11. Uncyclopedia's Google rankings go through the floor.
Are they trying to tell us that "misinformation" isn't useful to the average netizen?
10. For the last time, there IS NO INBRED CABAL.
9. Sock puppetry as performance art.
8. MediaWiki Search.
What do I do now? WHAT THE SUGARTITS DO I DO NOW?!?!
7. Insertwackynamehere's Response to Chronarion's State of the Wiki Address.
The next A Million Little Pieces in the making. Try getting your feel-good story past Oprah now!
6. Chronarion's State of the Wiki Address.
Does this guy ever do ANYTHING right?!?!
5. Chronarion slashdots Uncyclopedia. Twice. In two weeks. Dupe.
4. Kakun
Is there really any need for an explanation? We love him, really!
3. The Order of Uncyclopedia and Awards
Collect all 144, including the award for creating the largest number of new and useless awards!
2. Encyclopædia Dramatica threatens legal action
Could have become the trial of the century. Instead it was just kind of sad.
1. Euroipods
The scandal that rocked a nation.