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Change Management is a function of Business Management that deals with change. It is the one thing that Evolution, Intelligent Design, Unintelligent Design, and New Intelligent Design have in common. 'Change happens, so deal with it', is the motto of Change Management. Change Management day is October 30th, and was founded in 1214 by Loki and The Great Pumpkin.

List of certain things[edit]

The only things certain in life are:

Of these, change is the most important thing to consider.


Change management humor is quite random but funny. Only serious people do not get it and find it annoying or boring. It goes right over their heads, and they find it unfunny. Those who are smart find it funny and very exciting. It is often called Random humor and some people hate it and find it boring.


Followers of Change Management are Christians but are confused for cult members or pagans. This is because of confusion over an angel named Loki that was stolen by various pagan religions and cults that they claim is one of their gods or a giant or something. The whole goal of the Christian Change Management movement is to spread the truth of the gospel of Loki that was removed from The Bible by people too serious to understand its meanings. Jesus has the biggest sense of humor ever, and appointed Loki in charge of Change Management for his followers. All Christian Change Management believers want to do is spread peace, joy, love, and understanding via random humor. They are constantly harassed, abused, and ridiculed and called unfunny, and religious persecution is used against them in a bigoted way. Many of the articles they wrote on Uncyclopedia were blanked, or their entries deleted, by those who are bigoted against them.

The Inventor of Change Management[edit]

Since Jesus created the Big Bang, God, the Universe and everything, an angel confused for one of the original elder Norse Gods that served God (a part of Jesus) named Loki invented Change Management. This allowed Jesus and other beings to exchange quarters for lives via the 99 Lives theory. This made the other Gods upset at Loki, and they made up a lot of myth, fiction, rumors, and lies about Loki.

Opposition to Change Management[edit]

Loki was very smart and the Norse Gods who lied about him were Morans. Loki became very successful in business dealings, and created a lot of inventions and provided venture capital to many companies to help found them. This so angered the Norse Gods, so they told their followers to take up drugs, sex, and other evil things. Loki was not impressed, but cited it all as evidence that he was more intelligent than all the Norse Gods, and had a hand in creating God-Fearing Republicans with Supply-side Jesus to combat Liberal Terrorists who spread misinformation about Loki.

Loki is really friends with Jesus, but Bizarro Jesus made the Christians oppose Loki, because Bizarro Jesus is an enemy of Loki because Jesus is Loki's friend, and Bizarro Jesus always does the opposite of that Jesus does. This lead to the forming of Non-God-Fearing Democrats by Bizarro Jesus to oppose Loki and his God-Fearing Republicans.

What Change Management is not[edit]

Many people confuse Change Management for other things. Among them are:

Change Management is none of these things, but seeks to replace them through change, for the good of the universe.

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