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Evilness at its finest?

Evilness is one of the three universal elements, (Fluffiness, Evilness and Holiness) and a universal attribute that can be applied to anything. Evilness is the common throughout the universe, as most things, both those in existence and those not in existence, are at least somewhat evil. There are two forms of evil; one which is awesome, and one which is nasty. (note: not to be confused with the exceptionally evil person Evil)

The Nature of Evilness[edit]

There are two different kinds of evil: positive evil and negative evil. Positive (pure) evil is holy, while negative (impure) evil lacks in holiness. Pure evilness is simply awesome, and is prevalent in all things maniacal. Impure evilness, on the other hand, is nasty, and should be either converted to pure evil, or extinguished through whatever (preferably purely evil) means necessary. Truck nuggets are evil!

Terms and usage[edit]

The terms "evil" and "evilness" by themselves can refer to either positive or negative evil, depending on how they are used. For example, the phrase "You terribly terrible, evilly evil bastard!" indicates that the bastard in question possess impure evil, while the phrase "Oh, you are so wonderfully evilly evil; let me worship you!" indicates that the evil person in question possess a remarkable amount of pure evilness.

The Evil Cow

Evilness and you[edit]

People who possess a significant amount of pure evilness tend to have an unexplainable desire for laughing maniacally, a most wholesome activity. In addition, exceptionally evil (in both senses) people tend to strive for world domination. If either of these characteristics apply to you, there is a good chance that you possess a significant amount of evilness.

As pure evil is divine, to possess a high amount of pure evil means possessing a high amount of holiness as well, something often referred to as maniacalness. Being maniacal automatically brings with it a desire to gather evil minions to be worshipped by; if this is the case for you, then it is recommended that you begin gathering followers to turn into your obedient, maniacally giggling slaves as soon as possible.

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