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"Great sports, all!"

~ People who Make up the Quotes on People for whom Quotes are Made up

"What a great honor!"

~ Mark Twain on Being One of the People for whom Quotes are Made up

"The people of Uncyclopedia deserve to know what we probably maybe said."

~ Deadpool on people who are frequently quoted on Uncyclopedia

"You see, it's light, and you Die"

~ Morsereg on Samurai Fighting Techniques and Katanas

"Likes to make fun of me, the people at Uncyclopedia do."

~ Yoda on quote making

"Uh, what??? Could you say that again?"

~ Captain Oblivious on oh, just forget it

"Well, I'm sure one or two won't hurt..."

~ Winston Churchill on Being One of the People for whom Quotes are Made up

"Nobody ever makes up quotes that I said"

~ Oscar Wilde on never having a quote made up about him and irony

"Do not try and make up quotes. That's impossible. Instead... only try to realize the truth: there is no quote. Then you'll see that it is not the People for whom Quotes are Made up that are being quoted; it is only yourself."

~ The Matrix on making up quotes

"In Soviet Russia, People make quotes on YOU!!"

~ Russian reversal

"we're all just like dust in the... ah... screw it..."

~ keanu reeves

"734976495793536///.././syntax:r_a_diohe///?a?error.d.half of this this of half --- t.h.e.k.i.ttiescomeouttoplay"

~ Radiohead on coherency

People make quotes?.....why is this? The answer is simple. It involves many things, such as testosterone, oestrogen, and kittens, but mostly kittens. The answers lie below...


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