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Here at Unquotable, we know all too well that consistency is the bugaboo of small minds. That's why we insist on standard, consistent formatting for all pages posted here, including yours. Sorry, but that's just the way it is. Thankfully, however, we've set things up to make formatting these pages very, very easy. Just start by copying the wikicode below into a new page:

{{Q|Try to keep it to one top quote. It looks better, and I will love you for it.|Unquotable:QUAKK|top quotes}}
[[image:Faced.jpg|140px|thumb|left|"This is something I said."]]
[[image:Yoda.jpg|thumb|right|"Format quotes pages correctly, we will."]]
'''Quoting Some Guy''' is a time-honored tradition, but introductory paragraphs are too. Perhaps even more so.
<br clear="left">

This produces:

“Try to keep it to one top quote. It looks better, and I will love you for it.”

~ Unquotable:QUAKK on top quotes

"This is something I said."
"Format quotes pages correctly, we will."

Quoting Some Guy is a time-honored tradition, but introductory paragraphs are too. Perhaps even more so.

Once you've done that, just substitute your own image, top-quote, caption-quote, verbiage, and so on. (Please leave Yoda there, though, because he's cute). Someday we might even turn this into yet another template, but that would be pushing it.

Other than this, no help is available at this time. Sorry, but all of our operators are currently busy! However, your click is important to us, so please keep this page in your browser window until we change it to something that looks a little nicer, and doesn't attempt to mess with your psychological well-being quite as thoroughly.

Easy, huh? Of course it is! It's not supposed to be hard, you know. It's a wiki!

How to Format Quotes Nicely[edit]

Some people seem to insist on using the top-quote "Q" template for quotes entered within the bodies of their quotes-pages. This is unacceptable! Again, we have small minds, with many powerful bugaboos. but more importantly, the "Q" template makes it harder for people to add new quotes, and these pages are supposed to be "participatory." Instead, please use bullets - which on a wiki is done simply by starting a new line with an asterisk (*). And yes, here at Unquotable we do know how to correctly spell the word "asterisk."

Also, please avoid entering the name of the person being quoted after the quote, unless of course you feel like it, or more accurately, you feel like having your careful edits summarily reverted by a Wikipedian sock puppet lynch mob. Formatting of such quotes is up to you, but please try to be consistent within the page do exactly what we tell you to do at all times.

  • "The quality of mercy is not strained; it's sifted, then folded into the batter with a French pastry-cutter."
     ~ Julia Childless


Try to use sections wherever it's appropriate. Just remember, moderation in all things. Too many sections make the page harder to read; too few make it harder to look at. Find the "happy medium" when it comes to sections. When it comes to sex, of course, just find some.

Other Helpful Suggestions[edit]

There are no other helpful suggestions. However, we'd just like to take this opportunity to remind you that pages here at Unquotable are subject to the same stringent quality-control standards as other pages on Uncyclopedia, which is to say, things just get deleted, seemingly at random. It's usually nothing personal, and nothing to lose sleep over. Nevertheless, be sure to keep a backup. Just in case.

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