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“A true pilot must of necessity pay attention to the seasons, the heavens, the stars, the winds, and everything proper to the craft if he is really to rule a ship.”

~ William Shatner (TekRepublik p. 487)

William Shatner is the de facto philosopher king of the Utopian nation of Canada.

His wit and wisdom became intrinsically intertwined with his generation, and with those that followed; not by any political coup or other terrorist act, but rather through dramatic extensions of his own personality played on stages the world over. But mostly on television.

Often the object of ridicule by those intimidated by his characteristic oratory style, Shatner responds to critics thusly:

My. Only intention. In. Speaking this way. Is. To. Make absolutely sure. That. You! The listening audience. Are. Able to. Hear my words! Clearly.

Famous Quotes by William Shatner[edit]

Shatner on Relationships[edit]

  • "I love women. I also derive a great deal of pleasure from horses and dogs..."
  • "As much as I love the cast of Star Trek - you can't put a saddle on Jimmy Doohan! Well... not twice, anyway."
  • "You really don't know what loving is, until you've gotten it from some chick wearing green body paint and plastic antennas!"
  • "No, I don't regret anything at this point. That may change on the next phone call, but at the moment I don't regret anything. (Aside, to his secretary) Hold all my calls."

Shatner on Literature[edit]

  • "I enjoyed reading all the classic authors like Edward Bulwer-Lytton, Ann Coulter, and Madonna."
  • "I used to be quite an avid science fiction reader. I haven't done much of it of late, and the reading I've done has been other things. Like whatever chapters my ghostwriter is—uhm, like the chapters of my new ghost story I'm working on."

Shatner on Railway Transport[edit]

  • "We apologise for the delay. The 10:54 to Nuneaton is due to arrive on Platform 6 at 11:03. Thank you for your patience."

Shatner on Star Trek's Captain Picard[edit]

  • "Pansy."
  • "I'd hit that with my phaser."
  • "I've had him."
  • "The advantage of being taller and then making love to a bald man is the pleasure in being able to see my self reflected off his head."

Shatner on his Music career[edit]

  • "I had no idea of humor and self-deprecation those many years ago, so I took a very serious approach on The Transformed Man. Good, bad or indifferent - it didn't work because the cuts were too long, not because I can't sing. I can sing. Can I sing to you now? I can, you know."
  • "I've got rock 'n' roll in my blood."

Shatner on Acting[edit]

  • "If you make a fool of yourself, you can do it with dignity, without taking your pants down. And if you do take your pants down, you can still do it with dignity."
  • "Captain Kirk has been a source of pleasure and income for a long time. You'd be surprised how much work a guy can pick up doing stag parties and working his phaser."
  • "Rock Hudson was a man who did very much what I do on a set, and that is, he comes down and he does his job, and then he goes back to his dressing room and tries on a few négligées and makes pouty faces in front of the mirror ."
  • "Khaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!!!!!!"

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