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"Before engaging the enemy in battle, be sure to stock up on cookies, men's briefs, scented candles, laundry detergent, and hair spray, all at low, low prices."

Among students of Chinese history, making up Sun-Tzu quotes is considered a form of homage and a sign of great respect to the legendary Chinese general, who is often credited with a variety of military innovations such as the frumple-gun, the exploding ratatouille sandwich, and the terrifying boogiesuit. In addition, his world-famous tome on military strategy, the Shih Chi (Art of War) has been badly mistranslated numerous times by users of cheaply-printed Chinese-English dictionaries, yielding such "bastardized" works as The War on Art, The Chart of Warts, and Portrait of the Artist as a Young War.

Various readers,enthusiastic of attaining oriental education to attain strategic success, have complained of the difficulty in comprehending the tactical meaning of his quotes,since it has been correctly observed that almost all his quotes seem identical,boring and consist of non existent entities like "soldier", "chariot", "general" ,"army", "activity", "inactivity", etc.

Some linguists like Lionel Giles have proudly boasted of unlocking the Sun-Tzu code but have only presented a translated version of The Art Of War witha supplementary of ancient boring Chinese military history.

Sun-Tzu's Most Quotable Quotes[edit]

  • "You must listen to the words of Sun-Tzu. If you will not listen to the words of Sun-Tzu, one third of your army will die, one third of your army will desert you and one third of your army will point at you and accuse you of being obsessed with dividing everything by three."
  • "It is not a victory unless you say `Jumanji´."
  • "The general who heeds the words of Sun-Tzu shall be victorious. The general who does not heed the words of Sun-Tzu shall be defeated. The general who has never even heard of Sun-Tzu and just wants to blow things up indiscriminately shall be elected President of the United States."
  • "To win, you must know yourself, know your enemy, know your weapons, and know how to blow those motherfucking bastards up."
  • "The greatest victory is when all the enemy's base belongs to you before you set up the bomb."

Sun-Tzu on The Pursuit of Knowledge[edit]

  • "Know your Sun-Tzu quotes. Also, know your Sun-Tzu per-seat licensing strategy, and your Sun-Tzu support and maintenance plan."
  • "Know what your enemies are afraid of. They will retreat, and you will destroy them without fighting any lawsuits."
  • "Know your enemy, know yourself, know your girlfriend's ex-con husband's abusive temperament, know his work schedule, and most importantly know the fastest way to get the hell out of there if he decides to come home early."
  • "What does not kill you will hurt a lot."

Sun-Tzu on The Oldest Trick in the Book[edit]

  • "When push comes to shove - just what does that mean, anyway?"
  • "Do not let your upright soldier fall into the steaming hole within view of the enemy, lest your soldier become worn down and limp, and your armies imprisoned."
  • "When fighting an enemy that insists on taking constant bathroom breaks, take advantage of the breaks to catch up on your favorite soap operas."
  • "Wise is the man that knows when to fight. Wiser is the man that knows when to just shut the fuck up."
  • "Keep your friends close, but keep your M&M's closer."

Sun-Tzu on Strategy in Warfare[edit]

  • "To subdue the enemy by sticking them with a "kick me" note is the acme of skill. Unless they pull out a yo momma insult, then cap his punk ass."
  • "Always remember, pikemen defeat horsemen, but archers defeat pikemen."
  • "Hold out balls to entice the enemy. Feign mental disorder, and crush balls."
  • "The key to victory lies in killing all the Koreans, then all the Mexicans, possibly even all of the Japanese".
  • "To win a war, you must kill all of the enemies pylons, not just his gateways and his forges, not to forget those *$@#%^$ proton cannons".
  • "The key to victory is to produce and accumulate a large number of medium-sized tanks. Do not waste your resources on other technology; it is useless."
  • "The key to victory is to ignore all that I have just said, and to build as many anti-tank guns as possible. They are cheap, being only 20 metal, Powerful, having a 6/70 direct attack, and have no techs, meaning you don't have to build inordinate amounts of Labs, and can use the Points generated by your Labs to research Space vehicles and Plague Bombs".
  • "The high ground is easier to defend, and easier to attack from. The low ground, on the other hand, is often wet and full of mosquitoes. The underground is often too full of goth kids and emo bands to be worth attacking or defending."
  • "When your enemy has the high ground, it's over, so never wage war on Nepal or Zeon."
  • "All warfare is based on deception. Hey, what's that behind you?"
  • "There's no 'tra' in 'Strategy'; but there is in trap!
  • "Enemies are bad, we are good - therefore nobody will mind if we do horrible things to them."
  • "Choose rock every time. It is unbeatable. Except for paper."
  • "War will be far easier in the future, when lasers, spaceships and suitcase nukes are invented."
  • "A full-house beats a flush. A sword beats a full-house. A jockey going nowhere fast beats a dead horse."
  • "In the practical art of war, you must be prepared to fight at any time in the future. In the impractical art of war, you should have been prepared quite some time ago.."

Sun-Tzu on Victory and Defeat[edit]

  • "Losing a war is the surest path to defeat in war."
  • "You shall not win a war by reading The Art Of War alone. You must also assemble an army, do some fighting, that sort of thing."
  • "Victory cannot be achieved by swanning about and reciting bad poetry, unless you are fighting an enemy that gives up or simply dies outright upon being exposed to swanning and bad poetry."
  • "If your enemy wins the war, you did not. Or, more likely, you were probably reading a copy of my book that you didn't pay for."
  • "To win one hundred victories in one hundred battles is not the greatest skill. The greatest skill is to win one thousand victories in one thousand battles."
  • "To find a way into someone else's country without saying please, accuse them of having WMDs."
  • "One must prepare for war, unless fighting the French, in which case just showing up at their border should do the trick."

Sun-Tzu on picking up Asian chicks[edit]

  • "What the ancients called a clever fighter is one who not only wins, but excels in picking up Asian chicks."
  • "To know your Asian girlfriend, you must become your Asian girlfriend."
  • "With the cute await the ugly, with the feminine await the transsexual, with the drunk await the sober, with the orgasmic await the painful. This is the way to train the mind."
  • "Pretend inferiority and encourage her arrogance."
  • "He who knows when he can flirt and when he cannot will get laid."

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