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Fried eggs go well with avocados. They also go well with apples, pineapples, mangos, different kinds of chili and bacon. Do you have an avocado? No?

Frying an egg is the simplest thing you could ever do. Frying an egg is as simple as eating an egg. Any human being, if given an egg and a pan, would manage to fry it (the egg, not the frying pan). It is so easy that I bet you toddler over there will be able to do this. Yes, that one, who thinks his mother can’t see him when his eyes are closed.

I would certainly bet on that if I had money.

I don’t know what could be less complicated than frying an egg. Boiling an egg, perhaps? No, that would require the knowledge about how much time the egg needs to be boiled and do you know this? Me neither. That’s why we are frying it.

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