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Cheeky chap

Eros was the Greek God for 'Getting Your Legover' in the mythological pantheon. The Romans identified Eros with their god Cupid, the go-to deity for fat kinds who drink too much Coca-Cola for lunch.

Eros was usually depicted as a round shaped child with wings and a bow and arrow. He was often seen hanging around his mother Aphrodite and would go off on her command to inspire romance, illicit love and perverted passions (see The Minotaur for that grim story). Eros was later said to have grown up and found his own partner, a woman called Psycho who was latter stabbed in the shower by Aphrodite.


Eros's father was the bone headed Ares, the Greek God of War. Eros was conceived in adultery (just outside Athens) when Aphrodite deceived her husband Hephaestus, the Greek God of Ironmongery to lay with Ares. Eros was therefore the fruit of the loins of love and war.


Eros's business career.

Eros didn't always follow what his mother wanted. The cheeky kid discovered that his magical arrows also worked on the immortals even to include Zeus. This explained why the latter was always dropping in on Earth to get his lusty hands on any woman he saw from Mount Olympus. This always tickled Eros who one has to state was something of a bastard kid.


'Got to fly Psycho'.

After the failure of his marriage to Psycho, Eros decided to go into the Pornography business. This somewhat degraded his status for pure love. So instead Eros used his 'Cupid' name to appear as the smiling child on cards announcing the birth of a new baby. It did also mean he had to cut in a few storks to make this work.

Child Protection Services[edit]

Eros's dabbling in hard core porn got his mother into trouble. Aphrodite lost custody of her child. The little urchin is currently in care with the Greek Myth Social Services department.