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Ms. Greene giving reality the treatment it deserves.

Marjorie Taylor Greene (born May 27, 1974), also known as The Notorious M.T.G.,[1] is the Republican U.S. Congresswoman for Georgia's 14th Congressional district[2] since 2021. She is known for her brashness, attraction to conspiracy theories, and unwavering support for Still-President-in-Her-Mind Donald Trump.


A beauty salon and gym owner, Greene is an up-and-coming Republican Party star. She easily defeated her party rivals to stand as the Republican flag-waver and took her seat with 75% of the vote in her district. Once in the 117th Congress, she promoted the QAnon conspiracy theory and talked about George Soros holding cannibal barbecues for the Democratic Party.

Greene received direct praise from President Donald Trump and was rewarded with seats on the House committees dealing with education, conspiracy, and Jewish laser guns. Later, however, the House removed her from all her committees, as its first order of business during the National Emergency was picking off embarrassing members of the minority party, and seeing whether Republicans wilted as quickly as they did in the prior Congress. No suspense there. Greene praised her colleagues for this sanction, as being free of committee work gave her more time to undercut them.

Republican leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) protested that it was outrageous for Democrats to vote on whom Republicans should appoint to their slots on committees — this being easier than defending Greene.

Views and style[edit]

Made in Israel?

Greene, not quite saying but heavily implying that she is actually a member of the Trump Party, sees herself as the only sane person in the entire American government. While such a worldview bubbles up from the ferment of the legislative process now and then, it usually dissipates upon extended contact with reality. Greene has adopted the strategy of her mentor, ex-President Donald Trump, by disregarding the troublesome contradictions of reality and simply repeating what she would like reality to be. Besides, if you have enough guns, you may just defeat reality. Greene is big on guns. Really big guns.

Apparently, her previous crowd-pleasers (Jewish space lasers and government-organized school shootings) hit their best-by date and new scenarios will be brought forth. Appropriately, this will be timed around the Lunar New Year so that any lead balloons can be blamed upon the influence of said satellite. A substantial proportion of the Republican Party is closely watching this, in the manner of people fascinated by those who do stupid and dangerous things in pursuit of glamorous and profitable fame.

After all, the military in Myanmar (formerly known as Burma-Shave) just pulled it off, catapulting it from one of Trump's "shithole" countries to a shining example of "taking charge".


Around the time of Trump's 2021 impeachment (the impeachment for the MAGA riot in the Capitol, not the impeachment over the phone call), Greene attracted attention by moving to impeach Joe Biden, on the grounds that Biden was the President and Trump was not. This tit-for-tat flagrantly ignored reality — not the reality that decades of grift and payola are simply business-as-usual, but the reality that Greene's Republicans were not the majority in the House and were not going to get a hearing on anything they moved. Undaunted, Greene seized on the precedent of impeaching the non-President and moved to also impeach Barack Obama, Woodrow Wilson, and Oliver Cromwell. Further silence ensued.

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  1. This continues a habit begun on behalf of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. However, thanks to her opposition, M.T.G. has become damn-well notorious.
  2. Why Georgia needs so many districts is outside the scope of this article.