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A bulging front approaching.

Stormy Daniels is an American pornstar-politician who had high hopes of receiving the Sex Party presidential nomination in 2020 but they endorsed Matt Gaetz instead. According to website tastes, she is either 'a lying hooker' or 'the saint to cleanse America'. Her previous lovers include Jack Frost, Windy Miller and Snow White.

Sister of Hurricane Katrina and Blizzard Mueller, Stormy has made a steady career advancing up the Beaufort Scale since she started in the adult film industry. Going from Vanilla, Double Anal and Facial Awareness status, Stormy is now close to reaching her soaring ambition. To become the next President of the United States. Few doubt she will succeed and this has become about because Donald Trump and his attempt do deny she ever existed. It has now become very personal for Stormy.

Early Life

Stormy (L) at home with her sisters Typhoon Teaser and Earthquake Elke

Stormy was originally born as Gusty Gale in Kansas. She struggled to grow up in a cyclonic family where your success was measured in how much destruction you had managed to achieve. After big sister Katrina left to live in New Orleans, young Stormy was able to finally grow up and fill out. Seeking enhancements, Stormy combined a career of interesting weather patterns and experimental sexual experiences which she could bottle and sell to right handed nerds living in basements with ankle bracelets.

The chance meeting

Stormy (or 'Blowy' as she was now scaled on the Beaufort Chart) met the love of her life at the Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida:Donald Trump. She was just his kind of woman. Big breasted and very very white. The relationship caught Trump at a low ebb. His wife Melania Trump was selfishly looking after their son Barron and had no time to spare to give her husband a massage or anything else physical. Trump reacted the way he always took physical rejection. He bought love with a string of promises and then always refused to pick up the bill after

Stormy didn't care. She was in love for the first time. She would be able to major at Trump University. As a bonus, she was now officially listed as the weather pattern "Stormy'. The blowing could wait for later.

Mrs Trump Number Four?

The relationship continued. Trump said that he would marry her. Wife One (Ivana) and Three (Melania) were foreigners and had appealed to his man-of-the-world status. Wife Two (Marla) had been more earthy and American but then got professionally jealous. Since Donald knew she was a pornstar and could be seen in on-line videos and she would happily let Trump indulge in his sexual adventures elsewhere, it seemed to him to be a perfect match. If Stormy could just hang on for awhile, she would get the wifey status.


Trump University.

The first people to learn about Stormy and Donny were not the CIA or the FBI but the then Russian president Vladimir Putin. He had spies working at the resort and they soon provided evidence that a relationship was going on. Putin received film and photographs from one of his operatives there. When Trump later turned up in Moscow, Putin doubled down and got more footage of Trump - this time with other women.

Stormy meanwhile had finished her course at Trump University. She was now apparently a Bachelor Party Graduate in Advanced Pornography. But no certificate arrived, in fact a final bill for 'course expenses' came to $1 million dollars a sheet. Stormy was appalled. She wanted Donald to keep to his promises. Instead he blanked her the next time they meet and got her escorted off the resort.

Stormy offered her story to the press. Eventually one magazine bit but then didn't run the story. Stormy got paid double. No one else was keen to write about her and Trump. Something wasn't adding up.

Election and the Erection

Stormy meanwhile had taken the wise precaution of off-shoring her film data of Trump. She carried on with adult film career but was now looking ahead to secure a pension off someone.

Being with Trump had given her one important lesson. The guy was a cheat all the way through - from money, love and laundry. She also knew how badly he wanted to become USA President. She therefore once again offered to go to the press with an updated version of her love affair with Trump and this time with photos and notes. Trump's lawyer Michael Cohen was on the phone within minutes.

Stormy Force Daniels

Stormy: Waiting for the next cash settlement.

Trump dispatched his lawyer Michael 'Fallguy' Cohen to make the payoff. The dumb SOB emailed Stormy and offered her a settlement of $100,000. She wanted $200,000. They made a compromise. Stormy had the money and watched in silence as the man with the shrivelled penis become president.

For awhile all seemed quiet until a researcher at the magazine In Touch that they had an unpublished interview with Stormy Daniels. Now that Trump was president...what could he do if they published it? Stormy asked to be paid (again) but got beat back by the magazine. They published. Stormy now went on TV to hint she had a lot more to tell.

Stormy on Television

Stormy appeared on the Anderson Cooper tv show. She revealed that Trump was into having his bottom spanked, with a magazine carrying his name and photo. The long defunct 'Trump Magazine' will now be republished as a special handy 'Spanky Edition' for anti-fans of Trump.

Revenge Is Served!

Donald Trump watches Stormy Daniels take the oath of office. It's time for his prison visit from Barron Trump and Tiffany Trump. The rest of the family are in Sing Sing.

What is she doing now?

Directing porn films. Working on her memoirs. Sueing - and winning - against her former laywer Michael Avenatti. Stormy's next step will be to appear in a film/tv series based around the Trump years.

Oh dear Stormy. You took Trump to court and LOST! Deflation...But wait...What's that coming up over The Hill?

Stormy vindicated!?

On the March 30, 2023, Trump was told he needed to turn up in court to face charges.