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Something adorable this way cometh.

Hello Kitty was the main export of South China during the third and fourth centuries CE. Limited edition models were created to trade to Northern Chinese millet farmers so they could hang special posters and such up in their yurts. This was wildly successful and eventually the Southern Chinese craftsmen were able to found the modern nation of Tibet. In later years Hell o' Kitty became a propaganda device utilized by the central intelligence division of the Japanese government, S.A.N.R.I.O. (Sacled Ancestol Nihonjin Rove Itarian Octopus) made entirely out of pureed cat corpses and Play-Doh. This is the most common use of Hello Kitty today.

Hello Propaganda

Promotional poster for Hello Kitty's presidential campaign.

Since Hello Kitty first appeared, she has been used in numerous propaganda campaigns of the Japanese government.

Attempt: Make women more submissive

Background: In 1939 a man in the crowded Ginza district of Tokyo was openly admonished by a woman in a loud voice that the man "raped her brutishly", when she had in actuality desired to be raped more gently, and wanted more dramatic buildup before he began. Not surprisingly, the man committed suicide out of shame two days later, prompting the Japanese government to implement Hello Kitty for the first time. Hello Kitty, with her lack of mouth, demonstrated in a series of posters and women's magazine advertisements the virtue of "bitches shutting the fuck up". She thinks all of u are SEXY!!! ☺

Result: Mild success.


Attempt: Ease the hunger pangs of a starving wartime Japanese population

US Marines looking at a deity - When Japan deployed one of it's mechanized JIANT ENEMY KITTIES, the "island hopping" strategy was rendered useless for the Allies.

Background: During WWII the mouthless aspect of Hello Kitty was emphasized once again, this time to represent the empirical Japanese ideal of not eating food, and rather putting money toward the production of a gigantic robot to be piloted by a pre-pubescent boy to annihilate the Allies.

Result: Failure. People were still hungry. The finished product of the giant robot didn't look cool enough and thus was scrapped.


Attempt: Make women temporarily uninterested in sex with men

Background: In the American Occupation era, Japan was visited by throngs of horny white men who wanted nothing more than a little sushi action. In order to preserve Japanese Purity, the Hello Kitty Vibrator was developed by the Japanese government in hopes of satiating the carnal desires of their women.

Result: Failure. Most Japanese women opted for doubling their pleasure by using the Hello Kitty Vibrator anally while getting banged the baby-makin' way by MacArthur and friends.

Hello Kitty deploying her anti-testosterone.
Even young Japanese boys were targeted with "Hello Mass Destruction Kitty."

Attempt: Eliminate excess testosterone in the Japanese male

Background: In the Bubble Era of the 1980's, a Japanese man invented bukkake, which soon became rampant across the nation. Soon even top government officials were not able to obtain a bukkake virgin for a wife, and thus Hello Kitty was deployed once again. This time heavy propaganda campaigns were carried out by putting up testosterone-crushing Hello Kitty posters in public men's bathrooms, and offering snappily adorable Hello Kitty goods complimentary at horse racing tracks, and other bastions of male leisure.

Result: Success? Androgyny UP! But birthrate DOWN!


Attempt: Get mad money to fund capture of U.S. military bases (theory)

Background: In the present day, Hello Kitty products are a worldwide hit and their pure and undeniable cuteness alone is enough to brainwash the Japanese and Americans and push absolutely inane products featuring her likeness. Proceeds are believed to be going towards the creation of a series of gigantic bio-mechanical robots, each holding the souls of past Japanese emperors to take over the world. Soon American base are helpless like baby.

Result: ???

The Statue of Kitty was built in Hong Kong, in order to catch Mickey Mouse.
Hello Kitty is found on countless products worldwide. This is an example of the Hello Kitty AR-15.
Recent photo of Hello Kitty's father, Hello Vader

Further reading

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