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This article is a propaganda from CLAMP and it belongs to one of the 5 CLAMP miracles. Therefore this page is a great example of the Japanese military Stuff WE'll CLAMP says that children should read this.

Members of the Elite Japanese propaganda squad and their advertisement.

“I love Shonen Ai.”

~ Nanase Okawa on CLAMP

“I love Anime.”

~ Joram and Matthew and Kenneth and his brother on Armageddon

“We CLAMP wants you to eat meat and it is great.”

~ CLAMP on Muslims

CLAMP (spelled cramp in Hebrew, English, crap in vortigese, clam in german) is the name of a group of secret intelligence facility that is located at a top secret place in Tokyo Babylon. As not only a secret intelligence facility make-over; they specialize in propaganda distribution such as Shonen Ai and other animation stuffs which sold hundred millions of so-called Propaganda tanko-bons under the Japanese self defense forces.

a CLAMP propaganda and ninja military artist have always to be rank Sergeant Major or above and * Note that CLAMP's military outfit is special to the SPETNAZ military equipment .


CLAMP was started as a group called the Squad of eleven in 1989 and It is a group of animation proposed that they should only have female members and they have ten physically female members and one female member trapped on the body of a Girl.

As of 2008 there are only four members of the Elite squad of four. The others were fired.

According to CLAMP , their groups name means "A pile of Hand Grenades disguised as Potatoes", Though their Genre's vary from Childish and Comedic but they have a common military propaganda that it is so subtle that you don't even know it. It is remain top secret.

The group won the 2008 Ig nobel prize.

As they celebrate their 17th birthday. They are planning to make a brainwash device.

Current Super Agents[edit]

Agent X11 : Agehnta Oh! Cow waaaaa!!!!!![edit]

Name:Classified Information.

Lethality: 5 star.

Position: CLAN leader and negotiator.

Description:Has Doctorate of ninja Martial Arts and has the strongest Kudan in Japan She graduated Doctorate of Psychology.

Agent X22 : Cute Mokona[edit]

Name:Classified Information.

Lethality: 3 star.

Position: The artist of the CLAN and she is not human as described in Tsubasa Chronicle.

Description:Has Known as the Da vinci of Japan and of the East.

Agent X33 : Neck Oy[edit]

Name:Classified Information

Lethality: 4 star

Position: The artist and assistant of Cute Mokona and handles a M-1 GARAN.

Description:The silent Assassin.

Agent X44 : Jose Rizzza[edit]

Name:Classified Information

Lethality: 4 star

Position: Literary style designer and propaganda Distributer.

Description:The hypnotizer.

Former Members[edit]

they followed the ways of ZOHAN by pretending to be dead.

Missions that are presented to the public[edit]

Operation:RG veda[edit]

In 1889 they modified one of India's epic to make indians believe that Japan was the best friend of India during the second world war and the brutal killings and comfort womens are actually fictional stories by KALIDASA. In this story it was potrayed that King Ashora (or also known as Emperor Asoka of Maurya) was kind of genderless. Thus destroying the reputation of Indian history. This project was so extravagant that it cost Cute Mokona(Agent x22) some terrible difficulties in style. This Propaganda is built to replace the Vedic book Rig Veda.

As of 2007, This is the most succesful Propaganda message ever-made with a very subliminal message to it's readers. This book has already been translated to many Language that even historians mistake it as an Ancient Text. It has already influyenced Chuck norris.Clamps can kill Grues

Operation:Legend of Chun Hyang[edit]

In 1994 they made an operation to mislead the Koreans that The invasion of Japan was Just a fictional story made by Aesop. speaking of the taewongun and Korean government. This story is stereotyping the Korean government and all it's Imperfectionments. The government of Korea has been satired on this Gray-scale propaganda and the real legend of Chun-hyang is been replaced by these psychological warfare.

Operation:Cardcaptor Sakura[edit]

This is a 1998 operation Telling the childrens that in Japan; that cards are powerful and strong objects that can thus lead the Children in to Gambling. Especially pokers just what Sakura Kinomoto and syaoran are finding for. They also foretell that Bush won't be smarter than a fifth grader by using the Prediction clow cards. It was also told that Rich people loves jellybeans like Tomoyo and Mint Blancmanche. It also emphasize cosplay and teaches rich people like Tomoyo to spend lavishly on parapsychological equipments and costume paraphernalia.

SO-COLLECT POKERS AND PLAYING CARDS CARDCAPTOR SAKURA teaches children about the Japanese gambling industry.

Operation:Tsubasa Chronicle[edit]

This is the most lavish propaganda that combines all the propaganda of CLAMP military company. Ranging from very strong swords and lavish transports. This anime have no definite venue and Syaoran is being potrayed as the super-protagonists. Yet the over-expenses of this music lies on the composer Kajiura Yuki who composes hypnotical sounds. Ranging to cloning then Syaoran was cloned over twice in this operation. Ashoka was now said as bad thus the Indian history is again destroyed it's reputation. Yet no matter how lavish this Operation is. IT FLOPPED BADLY.

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