Work the Line

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Work the Line
Work the Line.JPG
Directed by Bitch Vug
Written by Kurt Cobain
Starring Owen Wilson
Paris Hilton
Ben Stiller
Adam Sandler
LL Cool J
Produced by Love productions
Distributed by Love Bros.
Release date 2074
Runtime 0.19:07 sec.
Language Grunge speak, English
Budget 50 Cent
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Paris Hilton made me cry when I watched this. Oh wait... sorry, that was her music video.”

~ Oscar Wilde on Work the Line

Work the Line is a successful movie spanning the life and death of Kurt Cobain, focusing on his marriage to Courtney Love, his romance with Dave Grohl and his special condition which caused him to swallow words (mostly even complete songs) while singing, and eventually lead to his tragic death. The title is taken from Grohl's comment when he first heard the song "Smells Like Teen Spirit" and said to Cobain after only hearing the first line, "this line needs more work", but gave up as he heard the rest of the album.

The film was nominated for several important prizes on the MTV movie awards, including "Best bleach" (Owen Wilson), "Worse bitch" (Paris Hilton) and "Worst speach" (Kurt Cobain). Hilton won the prize for "Best actress named after the place she was conceived in", the film's sole MTV award winner.


The movie starts as 3-months-old Kurt Cobain (Wilson), son of a kitten huffer in Seattle, kills his cat after not watching over it and letting it get eaten by a grue. This upset his dad very much and made him drown Kurt in the bath while shouting at him: "You smells like terpenteen N' spirt, I have to drain you". In other occasions, Kurt's dad made his son eat dollar bills, which caused great damage to Kurt's speech.

The next scene shows Cobain playing with a barbie doll shaped as the then 10-year old Courtney Love (Hilton). His dad is heard calling him a "fag" and saying to him that blond people are hollowed and that they worth nothing. Later in the film, Cobain meets Dave Grohl (Ben Stiller) and Krist Novoselic (Adam Sandler) and they are all getting killed after seeing the naked Love in the shower by mistake and getting into a Nirvana.

The film ends with the memorable performance of Kurt from within Love's womb, entitled "In Utero". This became possible after Love made dead Kurt fall in love with her through witchcraft, which helped Kurt getting in Love.


  • Wilson and Hilton performed with their own natural hair. None of Courtney Love's pubic hair was used in the film, even though she didn't really mind.
  • Kurt's daughter appears in the film for 4 seconds, in a scene where Courtney is shooting a can of beans to practice her shooting skills.